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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 52 prime cattle, 3 young bulls, 16 over thirty month cattle, 2,382 prime lambs and 4,423 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 25th July 2013.

prime cattle

A larger show of prime cattle saw heifers hard to sell, although good bullocks continued to sell at recent high rates and topped the sale at 259.5p for a Limousin shown by A & W J Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen with heifers selling to 239.5p (x2) both from DJ Garthwaite, Wyseby Hill Cottage.



British Blue 254.5p Dashwellgreen, 225.5p High Stenries

Limousin 259.5p, 257.5p, 256.5p Dashwellgreen, 254.5p, 252.5p The Gill, 251.5p Dashwellgreen, 250.5p The Gill, 249.5p Dashwellgreen, 246.5p, 239.5p Houghton House, 237.5p Hallburn, 235.5p Houghton House, 229.5p Brisco Hill

Charolais 257.5p High Stenries, 255.5p Dashwellgreen, 229.5p, 227.5p High Stenries, 225.5p Sceughdyke, 224.5p High Stenries


Limousin 239.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 237.5p Hallburn, 231.5p Brydekirk Mains, 229.5p Brisco Hill, 226.5p Brydekirk Mains, 225.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, Bloan & Brydekirk Mains, 224.5p Bloan, 221.5p Riggfoot



British Blue £1590 Dashwellgreen, £1330 High Stenries

Limousin £1832 The Gill, £1660.88, £1635 Dashwellgreen, £1628, £1578 The Gill, £1577 Houghton House, £1564 Dashwellgreen

Charolais £1,789 High Stenries, £1,662. Dashwellgreen, £1565 Sceughdyke, £1444 High Stenries



Charolais £1120 High Stenries

Limousin £1398, £1,290 Bloan, £1245 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1218 Riggfoot, £1197 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1192 Brydekirk Mains, £1183 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1177 Brydekirk Mains, £1169 Sceughdyke, £1116 Hallburn

British Blue £1132 Becton Hall

Friesian £1203 Becton Hall

A small show of bulls sold to recent rates topping at 210.5p for a Britsh Blue from AS & CE Coulthard, Justicetown.


British Blue 210.5p Justicetown

Black & White 185.5p, 179.5p Justicetown


British Blue £1115 Justicetown

Black & White £964, £915 Justicetown

Cast cows continued to sell well although plainer sorts were slightly easier. Top price of 155.5p for a Limousin cow shown by WH & DA Gass, Nunscleugh..


Limousin 155.5p Nunscleugh, 151.5p High Stenries & Ladyhousesteads, 133.5p Ladyhousesteads, 131.5p Harehill

British Blue 146.5p, 145.5p New Hummerbecks, 133.5p Greensburn, 130.5p New Hummerbecks

Black & White 153.3p, 143.5p Becton Hall, 113.5p Brisco Hill

Angus 147.5p Smallholms


Limousin £1,045 High Stenries, £1003 Nunscleugh, £878, £821 Ladyhousesteads, £789 Harehill

British Blue £1,142, £1040 New Hummerbecks, £841 Greensburn, £769 New Hummerbecks

Black & White £1074, £961 Becton Hall

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

A smaller show of 2,382 prime lambs was forward to the usual full ring of buyers with a very different attitude to buying sheep compared to last week. All firms keen for lambs with the average levelling out at 190p up some 15p on the week. With Ramadam coming towards an end we hope that the lamb trade is going to level out at a sensible rate for everybody.

Top price of 238p per kilo for Beltex from W Gribbon & Co, Waterside and to £102.80 for Texels from Colinton Mains & Roundbush and Charollais from Roundbush.


Beltex £95 Waterside, £89.80 Cardew Hall, £85 Waterside

Suffolk £92.80 Barnglies, £90.80 High Wreay, £89 Beeches

Texel £102.80 Colinton Mains & Roundbush, £101.80 Colinton Mains & Cherry Garth

Charollais £102.80 Roundbush, £100 West Glengyre, £96.80 Snowsgreen

Greyface £100 Roundbush, £76.80 Bleatarn, £75.80 Bowershield

Cheviot £73.80 Terrona

Blackface £86.80 West Glengyre, £72.80 Brocklewath, £66.80 Bowershield

Lleyn £79.20, £64.80 South Bowershield

Easycare £60 Lowmoorhead

Bleu de Maine £85.80 The Firs

Halfbred £74.80 Earlside, £73.80 High Moat


Texel 225p Compstonend, 218p Snowsgreen, 211p Kirtleton Hill, 210p Thorns

Beltex 238p Waterside, 214p Cardew Hall, 211p The Firs, 207p Waterside

Suffolk 205p Snowsgreen, 202p The Beeches & High Wreay, 200p Sykehead, 199p Bleatarn

Hill Cheviot 185p Terrona, 184p Tarnside

Charollais 206p Snowsgreen, 200p Fenton, 197p Greenburn, 193p Pates Hill

Greyface 203p Sykehead, 199p, 197p Brocklewath, 193p Park Nook

Blackface 197p West Glengyre, 188p Park Nook, 181p Bowershield

Bleu de Maine 200p, 194p The Firs

Lleyn 180p, 175p, 174p South Bowerhouses

Also today was a prize show and sale for pens of 10 Suffolk lambs which was kindly sponsored by the Northern Counties of England Branch of Suffolk Sheep Society and ably judged by Mr James Thompson. The championship was awarded to a pen of 44kg lambs from local consigner Mr H Fisher, The Beeches which realised £89 to M. Lomax. 2nd prize M/S Gardner, Glebelands 42kg selling at £80 to Dunbia and 3rd prize M/s Longlands, Tonehall scaling 44kg and selling at £84 again to M. Lomax. Thanks to all those who entered sheep for this show.

The 525 light weight lambs were short of buyers requirements and more could have been sold to an advantage (what a difference a week makes) sold to a top of £75.80 for Texels from Kirtleton Hill, £72.80 Craig, £71.80 Carlenrigg; Suffolks £70.80, £67.80 Snowsgreen, £66 Sykehead; Cheviot £49.80 Tarnside; Bleu de Maine £67.80 The Firs; Greyface £71.80 Brockewath, £59.20 Old Hall; Blackface £63.80 Park Nook, £57.80 Bowershield; Beltex £71.80 The Firs; Lleyn £62.80 South Bowerhouses.

Also weighed this week on a weigh and pay basis were 120 lightweight lambs between 26 and 36 kilos, which are now sought after weekly.

A larger show of 4,423 cast ewes and rams was forward to the usual ring of buyers, trade sharper on the week and larger ewes short of requirements. More hill ewes forward with good flesh easily sold, but lean ewes realisation.

Top was for Texel rams £126.50 Dashwellgreen, £116.50 Roadside, £114.50 Brantwood; Suffolk x £106.50 Severs, £96.50 Brantwood; Charollais £103.50 Drumgrange, £98.50 Wick; Leicester £80.50 Gall; Blackface £88.50 Bowershield; North Country Cheviot £103.50 Brantwood, £86.50 Marchbank; Beltex £108.50 Wick; Lleyn £86.50 Wick; Oxford £96.50 Roadside; Easycare £54.50 Mossfennan.

Heavy ewes to £118.50 for Charollais from Severs, £98.50 Roadside, £96.50 Severs; Suffolk £117.50 Mossband House, £108.50 Severs, £100.50 Clackmae; Texel £116.50 East Farm, £114.50 Townhead, £110.50 Crailloch; Bleu de Maine £94.50 Braithwaite Hall; Rouge £69.50 Severs; Halfbred £72.50 Earlside; Greyface £79.50 Wick & Baillieknowe, £77.50 Snowsgreen; Cheviot Mule £86.50, £75.50 Clackmae; Leicester £82.50 Townhead, £80.50 East Farm; North Country Cheviot £72.50 Gospel Hall & Earlside, £68.50 Hartside, £67.50 Brantwood; Beltex £94.50 Tynefield, £84.50 Severs; Roussin £75.50 Roadside; Oxford £74.50, £68.50 Guards; Easycare £52.50 Mossfennan, £49.50 Lowmoorhead.

Goats sold to £72.50 Lanehead.

Hill ewes to £66.50 for Cheviots from Sykehead, Blackfaces from Bowershield and Herdwicks from Cardewlees. Other Cheviots £54.50 Waterside, £52.50 Snowsgreen; Other Blackfaces £58.50 Bidlake, £57.50 Woodhall & Crowhall; Other Herdwicks £50.50 GoftonFieldhead; Swaledales £54.50 Bullshill, £52.50 Tynefield, £48.50 Kirkland Green; LLeyn £56.60 Wynholm, £52.50 Bridge End.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 259.5p (247.5p)
Heavy to 257.5p (221.8p)

Light to 239.5p (215.9p)
Medium to 239.5p (208.1p)
Heavy to 225.5p (213.2p)

Young bulls 210.5p (192.0p)

Light to 210.0p (181.1p)
Standard to 218.0p (192.7p)
Medium to 238.0p (189.7p)
Heavy to 206.0p (186.6p)
O/weight 192.0p (171.4p)

Light to £66.50 (£35.66)
Heavy to £118.50 (£68.64)

Cast Rams to £126.50 (£72.82)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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