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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 43 prime cattle, 18 young bulls, 30 over thirty month cattle, 4,000 prime lambs and 6,246 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 29th August 2013.

prime cattle

Some better prime cattle and more numbers forward saw trade sharper on the week. Top price to 259.5p for a Limousin bullock shown by N. Forster, The Haining House purchased by W. Kirkup & Sons, Butchers, Longtown, others to 255.5p and 253.5p A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen. Limousin heifers sold to 233.5p J.W. Slack & Son, Newby Farm.



Limousin 259.5p The Haining House, 255.5p, 253.5p, 252.5p, 250.5p Dashwellgreen, 249.5p Nether Onsett, 248.5p Dashwellgreen, 243.5p Newtown, 238.5p Houghton House, 233.5p Dashwellgreen and Houghton House, 225.5p Newby Farm, 224.5p Newtown, 223.5p Nether Onsett, 223.5p, 221.5p Newby Farm.

British Blue 252.5p Dashwellgreen.

Charolais 232.5p Dashwellgreen.


Limousin 233.5p Newby Farm, 219.5p Newtown and Sceughdyke, 217.5p Becton Hall.

Charolais 228.5p, 226.5p, 223.5p Upper Mains.



Limousin £1,673, £1,653, £1,640 Dashwellgreen, £1,634 Houghton House, £1,571, £1,552 Dashwellgreen, £1,514 Houghton House, £1,492 The Haining House.

Charolais £1,645 Dashwellgreen, £1,589 High Stenries.

British Blue £1,515 Dashwellgreen.


Charolais £1,394, £1,392, £1,371, £1,262 Upper Mains, £1,231 Sceughdyke.

Limousin £1,261 Becton Hall, £1,240 Sceughdyke, £1,229 Newtown.

More young bulls getting into the market which met another great trade topping at 237.5p for a British Blue from J. & P. Routledge & Son, Netherton. Limousins sold to 230.5p also from Messrs Routledge.


British Blue 237.5p, 223.5p Netherton.

Limousin 230.5p, 223.5p Netherton, 213.5p Ladyhousesteads.

Simmental 217.5p Kirtleton House.

Black & White 176.5p Harelawhole and Becton Hall, 174.5p, 171.5p Justicetown.


Simmental £1,479 Kirtleton House.

British Blue £1,472, £1,363 Netherton.

Limousin £1,396, £1,336 Netherton, £1,136, £1,135 Ladyhousesteads.

Black & White £1,094 Becton Hall.

Some plain cows forward saw trade sharper for fleshed cows. Top price to 153.5p for a Limousin shown by T. Armstrong & Son, Sceughdyke.


Limousin 153.5p Sceughdyke, 123.5p Greystoke Castle, 121.5p Desoglin.

Blonde d’Aquitaine 147.5p Oakwoodhill.

Galloway 131.5p, 128.5p, 126.5p Blackburn.

Black & White 130.5p Highmoorhead, 124.5p The Stubb.


Limousin £1,130 Greystoke Castle, £1,020 Sceughdyke.

Blonde d’Aquitaine £995 Oakwoodhill.

Black & White £946 Highmoorhead, £915 The Stubb.

Galloway £835 Blackburn.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

The 4,000 prime lambs were a similar show with best quality and good meat very easy to sell. Heavyweight lambs short of buyers requirements and regularly over £90. Small lambs easier to sell but lambs lacking flesh harder to cash. Overall average 175p per kilo. Top price of £146 per head and to 243.3p per kilo for Texel from Colinton Mains.


Texel £146, £128.50, £126.50, £125.50 Colinton Mains.

Charollais £97.80, £86.80 Barlea, £78.80 Coldshield, £75.80 The Chestnuts.

Suffolk £94.80 Cowburnrigg, £92.50 Becton Hall, £90.80 Sceughdyke, £89.80 Kilnford Croft.

Oxford £87.80 Trailtrow, £61.80 Guards Farm.

Beltex £87.80 Kirranrae, £73.80 Whitstonehill.

Berrichon £86.20 Sceughdyke.

Greyface £78.20 Albierigg, £77.20 Spoutbank £76.80 Minsca, £75.80 The Nook, £75.20 Spoutbank.

Blackface £73.80 Wanwood Hill, £68.80 Minsca, £67.80 Wanwood Hill, £66.80 Bankend.

Cheviot Mule £69.80 Corriehills, £67.80 Gillesbie, £65.80 North House.

Hill Cheviot £64 Drycleuchlea, £61.80 Damhead.

Welsh Mountain £62 High Dovecote.


Texel 243.3p, 218p Colinton Mains, 210p Wallend, 208.3p, 207p Kirkton, 204.4p High Parkfoot.

Beltex 209p Kirranrae, 194p Whitstonehill, 178p Mouldy Hills.

Hill Cheviot 189p Ballywilline, 173p Drycleuchlea, 167p Damhead.

Berrichon 187p Sceughdyke.

Suffolk 187p Kilnford Croft and Barnglies, 185p High Wreay, 183p Albierigg, Barnglies and Sceughdyke.

Charollais 185p Barlea, 176p Staffler, 175p Coldshield, 172p The Chestnuts and Barlea.

Blackface 185p Bankend, 178p Black Mountain, 173p Bowershield, 172p Ballywilline and Black Mountain, 171p Black Mountain, 170p Wanwood Hill and High Staward.

Greyface 178.2p Temon, 178p The Old Police House and Albierigg, 175p Minsca, 171p Spoutbank, Nunscleugh and Minsca.

Oxford 176p Trailtrow.

Cheviot Mule 170p Gillesbie, 166p Temon.

Welsh Mountain 159p High Dovecote.

Lightweight lambs were easy to sell so long as well fleshed, other lambs no more than store price and should be marketed accordingly.

Top price was £65.80 for Texels from Milton Mains, £63.80 Balliemenoch; Blackface £64.80 Bankend, £56.80 Ballywilline; Suffolk £63.80 Broadhaugh, £57.80 Craig Dhu Croft; Hill Cheviot £54.80 Ballywilline; Greyface £54 Mouldy Hills and Softley; Swaledale £45 Coldshield.

The 6,246 cast ewes and rams were a much larger show on the week with trade similar on the week. Heavy ewes short of requirements, well fleshed ewes retaining a premium with plainer ewes realisation.

Heavy Texel ewes to £129.50 for Texels from Hassendeanburn, £119.50, £118.50 Hillhead, £114.50 Roachburn; Charollais £114.50, £108.50, £94.50 Hillhead, £90.50 Townside; Beltex £106.50 Watch Hillside; Suffolk £106.50 The Land, £98.50, £96.50 Claycrop, £95.50 Hillhead; Leicester £94.50 Terrona, £86.50 Haithwaite and Low Carry House; North Country Cheviot £92.50 Haithwaite, £86.50 Hillhead, £72.50 Whitstonehill; Greyface £82.50 Monk Farm, £77.50 Hassendeanburn, £76.50 Golden Lane and Crosshill; Cheviot Mule £80.50 Townside, £77.50 Swinside Townfoot, £75.50 North House.

Light ewes to £75.50 for Cheviots from Terrona, £68.50 Girnwood, £65.50 Terrona; Lleyn £64.50 Westerhouses, £63.50 Whitcastles, £62.50 Dolphinston; Easycare £64.50 Hillhead, £56.50 Bairnkine; Blackface £59.50 Low Carry House, £58.50 Cowburn, £56.50 Beachmenach; Swaledale £50.50 Kilnstown, Spoutbank and Crakeplace Hall; Herdwick £40.50 Haas Grove, £26.50 Butterdales; Shetland £36.50 Sycamore.

Cast rams to £128.50 for Charollais from Townside, £110.50 Hillhead, £108.50 Townside; Texel £116.50 Hillhead, £114.50 Kirkland, £102.40 Hutlerburn and Auchengool; Bleu d’Maine £100.50 Hillhead; Hill Cheviot £94.50 Townside, £84.50 Catslackburn, £78.50 Drycleuchlea; Suffolk £88.50 Hassendeanburn and Catslackburn, £86.50 Ryehill; North Country Cheviot £84.50 Beachmenach; Lleyn £76.50 Westerhouses; Hampshire £76.50 Monk Farm; Berrichon £76.50 Monk Farm; Blackface £70.50 High Staward, £55.50 Hutlerburn; Swaledale £68.50 Stonehall, £59.50 Hollinclose.

Light to 249.5p (230.0p)
Medium to 259.5p (231.5p)
Heavy to 255.5p (233.0p)

Light to 211.5p (211.5p)
Medium to 233.5p (217.4p)
Heavy to 228.5p (216.1p)

Young bulls 237.5p (206.4p)

Light to 189.0p (161.3p)
Standard to 210.0p (172.5p)
Medium to 209.0p (177.3p)
Heavy to 208.3p (177.2p)
O/weight 243.3p (177.7p)

Light to £75.50 (£36.09)
Heavy to £129.50 (£67.77)
Cast Rams £128.50 (£80.85)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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