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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 50 prime cattle, 12 young bulls, 36 over thirty month cattle, 4,896 prime lambs and 7,394 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd October 2013.

prime cattle

The prime cattle were short of real quality sorts which saw averages less but trade would be similar on the week. Top was 242.5p for a Limousin heifer from Messrs Rutherford, Bleatarn. Limousin bullocks to 230.5p from JR Nixon, Hallees.



Limousin 230.5p Hallees, 229.5p Newtown, 225.5p Hallees, 218.5p Newby Farm and Hallees, 216.5p Newby Farm

Charolais 215.5p Newtown, 214.5p Sceughdyke

Angus 223.5p Newtown


Charolais 226.5p Sceughdyke, 222.5p Upper Mains

Limousin 242.5p Bleatarn, 228.5p Houghton House, 227.5p Bleatarn, 224.5p Hallburn & Sceughdyke 221.5p Hallburn

British Blue 233.5p, 225.5p, 224.5p, 221.5p Brydekirk Mains, 217.5p Sandbed



Limousin £1,469, £1445 Newtown

British Blue £1,626, £1561, £1545 Sandbed


Charolais £1,501, £1,487 Upper Mains, £1,372 Sceughdyke, £1,312 Upper Mains, £1291 Sceughdyke

Limousin £1,347 Sceughdyke, £1,321 Bleatarn, £1,319, £1,268 Houghton House

British Blue £1,337 Sandbed.

Another good show for quality in the young bulls saw trade slightly easier on the week topping at 245.5p for a British Blue from J Retson & Son, Gardrum and Limousins to 241.5p also from Messrs Retson.


Limousin 241.5p Gardrum, 235.5p, 233.5p, 230.5p Netherton

British Blue 245.5p Gardrum, 221.5p Netherton


Limousin £1,545 Gardrum, £1,447, £1,429 Netherton

British Blue £1,571 Gardrum

Some plainer cows on offer which were again hard to cash, but younger fleshed cows better sold. Top price to 168.5p for a Limousin shown by A & A Ewing, Dumbretton.


Limousin 168.5p Dumbretton, 129.5p Stonehall & Slealands, 123.5p High Ramshaw, 122.5p Longrow

British Blue 145.5p Longrow, 132.5p Stonehall

Charolais 149.5p Jefferson Cottage, 117.5p Potholm

Shorthorn 123.5p Minsca

Angus 137.5p Drumbretton, 119.5p, 117.5p High Ramshaw


Limousin £1069 Dumbretton, £839 High Ramshaw, £828 Slealands

British Blue £954 Stonehall, £873 Longrow

Shorthorn £913, £876 Minsca

Angus £881 Greystoke, £834 High Ramshaw

Charollais £1196 Jefferson Cottage

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

A larger show of 4,896 prime lambs and a far better show for quality sold to a full ring of buyers and averaged 170.5p per kilo which was well ahead of most auctions this week.


Texel £96, £92 Burnside, £90 Mosshead, Burnside, Watchhill.

Charollais £96 Tonehall, £90 Watch Hill, £88 Streethead

Suffolk £96 Mosshead & Tonehall, £95 Tinnis Hall, £93 Tonehall

Greyface £75 Barnglieshead, £74.50 The Throp, £73 Houghton House, £72.50 Coldshield

Berrichon £80 Sceughdyke.

Leicester £64 Tecket, £60 The Side & Woodhouse, £55 Snowsgreen

Hill Cheviot £77 Guardsmill, £69 Adderston Shiels & Bush of Ewes, £68 Taldale

Blackface £73 Roughet Hill, £70 Lanehead, £55 Greensburn

Cheviot Mule £68 Crossdykes & Taldale, £63.50 Adderston Shiels

North Country Cheviot £65 Archwood

Herdwicks £60 Mossband House

Beltex £74 Bankhead

Oxford £64.50 The Ash, £60.50 Guards

Kerry £73 Whitcastles


Texel 213p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 210p Crops Hall, 205p Burnside, 200p Keith Farm

Beltex 206p Bankhead

Suffolk 188p Keith Farm, 186p Taldale, 180p Fenton, 179.5p Snowsgreen, 178p Coshogle

Charollais 201p Snowsgreen, 180p Watch Hill, 179p Cherry Garth, 177p Scalehill

North Country Cheviot 171p Archwood

Blackface 166p Roughet Hill, 162p Lanehead, 160p North Burn

Hill Cheviot 200p Winterhope, 178p Supplebank, 174p Eastfield of Wiston & Taldale

Berrichon 167p Sceughdyke

Greyface 171p Westloch, 167p Hallburn, 164p Minsca, 163p Tecket, 162p D’Mainholm, Craig & The Throp

Cheviot Mule 158p Taldale & Crossdykes, 148p Adderston Shiels.

Lightweight lambs short of buyers requirements and met a similar trade. Top was £70 for Cheviots from Winterhope, £61 Eastfield of Wiston, Suffolks £65, £57 Taldale, Texels £63 Bridge End, £57 Scalehill; Charollais £57, £55 Scalehill, Blackface £49.50 North Burn; Swaledale £37 Softley; Beltex £60 Bankhead.

A larger show of 7,394 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade for strong ewes dearer on the week but smaller export type horned ewes steadier. Plain ewes looking dear in comparison.

Rams sold to £150 for North Country Cheviots from Commonside; Texel £126 Crumhaughill, £108 Hillcrest; Charollais £80 Roadside; Leicester £74 Neewbiggin; Blackface £70 Boreland; Swaledale £68 Elmtree; Jacob £80 Boldon Gate; Beltex £86 Wick; Zwartble £108 Greenfield; Oxford £82 Willimoteswick; Easycare £68 Mossfennan.

Heavy ewes to £120 for Texels from Mossband House, £118 Snowsgreen & Roadside, £115 Mossband House; Suffolk £100 Mainside, £98 Hillcrest, £97 Wick, £90 Jonesboro, Severs & Hillcrest, £88 Roadside, £86 Boreland, £82 Gate Farm, Harelaw Hill; Charollais £110 Severs, £98 Severs, £95 Roadside, £94 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £90 Severs & Roadside; Halfbred £79 Mainside, £76 Hillcrest; Cheviot Mule £79 Hillcrest, £75 Lanark Burn, £74 Mains of Machermore & Cooms; Leicester £85 Westend, £82 Newbiggin; North Country Cheviot £81.50 Keith Farm, £80 School House & Keith Farm; Beltex £100 Mains of Machemore; Zwartbles £80 Mossband House; Dorset £66 Severs; Romney Marsh £69 Wick; Millenium Blue £78 Low Lonning.

Light ewes to £68 for Cheviots from Cooms, Crossdykes & Lleyns from Hillcrest, other Lleyns £66 Mossband House & Hillcrest; Blackface £59 Lanark Burn, £55 Todholes, £54 Lanark Burn; Swaledale £58 Hollin Close; Herdwick £34 Kirkland Green; Jacob £30 Hillcrest; Beulah £55 Wick.


Light to 211.5p (211.5p)
Medium to 230.5p (216.2p)
Heavy to 214.5p (209.1p)

Light to 233.5p (201.4p)
Medium to 242.5p (218.8p)
Heavy to 224.5p (215.3p)

Young bulls 245.5p (222.7p)

Light to 188.0p (167.8p)
Standard to 210.0p (170.3p)
Medium to 213.0p (170.6p)
Heavy to 188.0p (166.8p)
O/weight 181.0p (161.3p)

Light to £68.00 (£35.45)
Heavy to £120.00 (£65.19)

Cast Rams £150.00 (£66.45)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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