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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 33 prime cattle, 25 young bulls, 34 over thirty month cattle, 5,453 prime lambs and 8,030 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 24th October 2013.

prime cattle

Again a mixed show of prime cattle and quality in short supply sold to a similar trade on the week topping at 237.5p for a Limousin bullock from M. & G.A. Nicholson, The Lake and others to 233.5p shown by J.F. & I. Armstrong, Nether Onsett. Limousin heifers sold to 227.5p from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn.



Limousin 237.5p The Lake, 233.5p Nether Onsett, 224.5p, 223.5p Nether Onsett, 209.5p Low Hallburn.

British Blue 214.5p Sandbed.


Limousin 227.5p, 223.5p Hallburn, 222.5p, 220.5p Houghton House, 217.5p Low Hallburn, 211.5p Bleatarn.

Simmental 224.5p, 220.5p, 209.5p (x2) Sceughdyke.

Charolais 218.5p, 217.5p Hallburn.



British Blue £1,538, £1,523 Sandbed.

Limousin £1,520 The Lake


Limousin £1,345, £1,335 Houghton House, £1,269 Bleatarn.

Simmental £1,347, £1,278 Sceughdyke.

Charolais £1,303 Sceughdyke, £1,267, £1,250 Hallburn.

British Blue £1,331 Sandbed

More bulls on offer saw Black & Whites again good to sell and best quality bulls slightly easier but ahead of national trend, more required to satisfy demand.

Top price of 234.5p for a Limousin shown by J. & P. Routledge & Son, Netherton, others 230.5p from T. & M. Irving, Becton Hall which was also top price per head at £1,705. Black & White bulls sold to 180.5p (twice) from R. Byers & Son, Woodslee.


Limousin 234.5p Netherton, 230.5p Becton Hall, 224.5p Netherton, 221.5p Gallowberry, 219.5p, 217.5p Netherton.

British Blue 213.5p Netherton.

Black & White 180.5p Woodslee, 176.5p, 175.5p, 171.5p Justicetown.


Limousin £1,705 Becton Hall, £1,668 Netherton, £1,484 Gallowberry, £1,479 Netherton, £1,473 Catslackburn, £1,395 Netherton.

Black & White £1,209, £1,010 Woodslee, £943, £938, £935 Justicetown.

A much improved selection of cast cows resulted in a sharper trade for meat cows. Top price of 155.5p, twice, firstly for a Black & White from W.A. Clark, Whins, then for a British Blue from D. Morrison, Home Farm. Limousins to 150.5p shown by Greystoke Castle Farms.


Black & White 155.5p Whins, 115.5p Peterscrook.

British Blue 155.5p Home Farm.

Limousin 150.5p Greystoke Castle, 145.5p, 142.5p, 141.5p, 136.5p Nunscleugh, 135.5p, 131.5p Shaw of Dryfe, 121.5p Baggarah.

Luing 149.5p, 144.5p Geltsdale.

Angus 145.5p Catslackburn.

Simmental 127.5p Catslackburn.


Black & White £1,119 Whins.

Angus £1,040 Catslackburn, £815 Mains.

Limousin £1,018 Nunscleugh, £970 Greystoke Castle, £948, £940 (x2) Nunscleugh, £887 Shaw of Dryfe, £832 Baggarah.

Simmental £911 Catslackburn.

Luing £882, £845 Geltsdale.

British Blue £855 Home Farm.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

A larger show of 5,453 prime lambs which sold to average 181.5p per kilo (SQQ 183.4p). Best quality lambs were keenly sought after especially if in the correct weight category. Top price of £138 per head for Texels from T.A. & R. Laird, Cambwell and to 250p per kilo for Texels from R. Lines, Killocraw, Campbeltown.


Texel £138, £100 Cambwell, £99 The Beeches and Kirkton, £98 Kirkton, £97 Shankbridge End and Cambwell.

Charollais £112, £106, £94 Wester Parkgate, £93 The Beeches, £92 Yeldabrek.

Suffolk £100 The Land, £99 Falla, £98 Guards Mill, £95 Tone Hall and Falla.

Beltex £95 Walton Highrigg, £87 Sorbie.

Hill Cheviot £93, £81 Becks, £76 Cossarhill and Becks, £73 Crossdykes.

North Country Cheviot £86, £80 Oldfield, £78 Marchbank.

Half Bred £76 High Moat.

Greyface £75 Gibblaston, Miller Hill and The Ash, £74 Keil and The Gall, £73.50 The Hollows, £72.50 Gallowberry and Bellmount.

Kendal Rough £73.50, £63, £59 Low Northsceugh.

Zwartbles £73 Keith, £72, £69 Cowcorse.

Easycare £71.50 Cooilingel.

Oxford £71 The Ash.

Cheviot Mule £70 Chapel Farm, £65 Springwell, £63 Sorbietrees.

Dorset £67 Cooilingel.

Blackface £65 Gibblaston and Cowcorse, £60 Chaplehope, £56 Sweetshawhead, £55 Upperburnmouth.

Leicester £60 Crossdykes.

Jacob £60 Rhoin.

Swaledale £55 The Ash.


Texel 250p, 235p Killocraw, 226p Kirkton, 223p Hyndlee and Kirkton, 221p Yeldabrek, 218p Lennox Plunton and Oldfield, £217p Killocraw, 215p Oldfield, 214p High Stenries, 213p D’Mainholm.

Beltex 232p Walton Highrigg, 223p, 212p Sorbie.

Suffolk 205p Keith, 193p Yeldabrek, 192p Falla, 190.5p Red House, 187p Commonside and Guards Mill, 185p Tone Hall and Tarrasfoot.

Hill Cheviot 200p Cossarhill and Smallholm Bank, 193p, 190p Becks, 187p Crossdykes, 182p Chapel Farm.

Charollais 191p Ardlamy and Beckhall, 190p The Beeches, 188.9p Corries Mill, 187p Red House.

Blackface 184p, 181p Chaplehope, 180p, 178p Syart, 177p Chaplehope, 176p Gibblaston, 172p Chapel Farm.

North Country Cheviot 178p, 176p Oldfield, 162.5p Marchbank.

Greyface 173p Chapel Farm and Quarryfield, 172p Nunscleugh, 171.1p Beyond the Moss, 171p Ardlamy and The Nook, 170p D’Mainholm and Gibblaston.

Cheviot Mule 171p High Chesters, 170p Sorbietrees, 167p Granton and Chapel Farm.

Half Bred 165p High Moat.

Swaledale 162p Bateyshield, 146p Hesleywell.

Kendal Rough 161.5p, 156p, 155p Low Northsceugh.

Easycare 159p Cooilingel.

Oxford 158p The Ash.

Less lightweight lambs were forward on the week with all classes being dearer. Top of £80 for Texels from Killocraw, £78 Hyndlea, £68 Breconside; Charollais £63 Ardlamy; Hill Cheviot £61 Becks, £60 Sorbietrees, £52 High Chesters; Suffolk £59 Coshogle; Greyface £58 Low Northsceugh, £55 Gibbs Hill, £54 The Newton and Ardlamy; Cheviot Mule £58 High Chesters; Blackface £57 Syart and Chaplehope, £55 Chaplehope, £54 The Newton; Leicester £56 Woodhouse; Swaledale £55 Bateyshield; Kendal Rough £49 Low Northsceugh.

A larger show of 8,030 cast ewes and rams were forward to a greater ring of buyers with more small plain ewes forward. Ewes sold to recent rates with heavy, well fleshed ewes short of buyer requirements

Rams sold to £134 for a Texel from Jonesboro House, £100 Bridge Street, £98 Cambwell; Suffolk £120, £118, £112 Lands; North Country Cheviot £90 Scrabster, £86 Commonside; Charollais £120, £106 Snowsgreen; Easycare £66 Mitchelston; Cheviot £80 Cossarhill; Beltex £70 Winterhope; Blue Faced Leicester £86 Batey Shield.

Heavy ewes to £112 for Suffolks from Lands, £110 Lands, £100 Bardnaclaven; Texel £112 Severs, £110 Haithwaite, £105 Keith; Leicester £68 Crossdykes, £66 Gibblaston; North Country Cheviot £86 Scrabster, £77 Viewley; Charollais £86 Severs, £85 Golden Lane; Greyface £68 Keith, £67.50 Coytre, £67 Penton; Cheviot Mule £66 Moray; Beltex £76 Maidencots and Moray; Zwartble £48 Maidencots.

Light ewes to £62 for Cheviots from Peela Hill. Lleyn £55 Mitchelston; Cheviot £54 Keith; Easycare £50 Old Lonan; Herdwick £30 Copperthorns; Swaledale £57 West Foreshield; Blackface £55, £50 Smyllum, £50 Keith, £47 Smyllum, Viewley and Winterhopeburn; Jacob £52, £44 Old Chapel; Kendal Rough £47 Low Northsceugh; Goat £58 Mossview Cottage.


Light to 233.5p (217.1p)
Medium to 237.5p (215.8p)
Heavy to 214.5p (201.3p)

Light to 227.5p (225.5p)
Medium to 220.5p (207.9p)
Heavy to 224.5p (212.9p)

Young bulls 234.5p (198.4p)

Light to 210.0p (167.9p)
Standard to 250.0p (182.4p)
Medium to 232.0p (186.6p)
Heavy to 202.1p (174.5p)
O/weight 187.0p (165.2p)

Light to £62.00 (£30.39)
Heavy to £112.00 (£60.58)

Cast Rams £134.00 (£67.67)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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