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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 33 prime cattle, 8 young bulls, 38 over thirty month cattle, 5,316 prime lambs and 6,574 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th November 2013.

prime cattle

Fewer prime cattle on offer met a similar trade on the week. The sale was topped at 244.5p for a Limousin bullock shown by W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House, Limousin heifers sold to 238.5p from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn.



Limousin 244.5p Houghton House, 237.5p Dashwellgreen, 234.5p, 224.5p Houghton House, 221.5p Dashwellgreen, 216.5p Nether Onsett, 213.5p Bleatarn.

British Blue 217.5p Dashwellgreen, 209.5p Sandbed.


Limousin 238.5p, 233.5p Hallburn, 217.5p, 214.5p Sceughdyke.

Charolais 233.5p Hallburn, 229.5p Sceughdyke, 225.5p Upper Mains, 217.5p Hallburn, 216.5p (x2) Upper Mains.



Limousin £1,580 Nether Onsett, £1,564, £1,537 Houghton House.


Charolais £1,493 Upper Mains, £1,401 Hallburn, £1,364, £1,331 Upper Mains, £1,326 Hallburn, £1,309 Sceughdyke.

British Blue £1,410 Sandbed.

Limousin £1,323, £1,319 Hallburn.

Young bulls were a mixed show for quality and saw trade the same as recent weeks. Top price to 229.5p for a Limousin shown by Messrs J. Jardine, Yett Farm, others 217.5p A. & A. Ewing, Dumbretton.


Limousin 229.5p Yett Farm, 217.5p Dumbretton.

Black & White 179.5p, 165.5p Whins.


Limousin £1,522 Dumbretton, £1,354 Yett Farm, £1,175 Becton Hall.

Black & White £1,139 Whins, £1,088 Becton Hall, £1,004 Whins.

A plainer show of cast cows saw trade a shade easier on last weeks good trade. Top price to 180.5p for a British Blue cow shown by W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh. Blonde d’Aquitaines to 157.5p from D. Millar, Eycott Farm. Top gross to £1,436 from Messrs James, Midtodhills.


British Blue 180.5p Nunscleugh, 131.5p Shaw Cottage South, 117.5p Blakelaw.

Limousin 135.5p (x2) Nunscleugh, 129.5p Dumbretton, 121.5p Nether Onsett, 117.5p Peela Hill, 109.5p Black House.

Angus 116.5p Newtown, 109.5p Harehill, 107.5p Shaw of Dryfe and Harehill.

Montbeliarde 109.5p, 107.5p Stonewalls.

Hereford 106.5p Blakelaw.


British Blue £1,227 Nunscleugh, £1,192 Blakelaw, £999 Shaw Cottage South.

Limousin £1,097 Nunscleugh, £1,069 Peela Hill, £894 Nunscleugh, £867 Dumbretton, £844 Nether Onsett.

Montbeliarde £870 Stonewalls.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

Another large show of 5,316 prime lambs were forward to the usual full ring of buyers resulting in an average of 179p overall, SQQ 182.4p. Noticeable was the fact that good export lambs between 37-42kgs were every bit as dear per head as 43-48kgs which are forward in too large a number for the volume required. Lambs should be drawn lighter to fit the majority of requirements, heavy lambs 50kg plus were easier on the week but light weight lambs under 34kg short of requirements and dearer on the back of the buoyant store trade.


Texel £103 Wick Farm, £100 Keith Farm, £99 Cowcorse and Low Lonning, £98 Whiteclose.

Suffolk £94 Sceughdyke, £93 South Boreland, £90 Thorns, £89 Sceughdyke.

Charollais £91 Waterside, £87 Thorns, £85 Tinnis Hall, £84 Cowcorse, £82 Copperthorns.

North Country Cheviot £88 South Boreland, £79, £74 Byers Farm, £74 Gass Farm, £72.50 Keith Farm.

Beltex £80, £76 Sorbie.

Berrichon £77 Peddar Hill.

Leicester £76 Low Struthers, £66 Catslackburn, £59 Sheepriggs, £58 Nunscleugh.

Lleyn £75 Whitcastles, £72 Low Tipalt, £67 Whitcastles, £64 Low Tipalt.

Hill Cheviot £75 Sundhope, £68 Copperthorns, £67.50 Sundhope, £67 Solwaybank and Tushielaw.

Greyface £72.50 Nunscleugh, £72 Brampton Fell, £70 Henrys Hill, Barnglieshead and Nunscleugh.

Cheviot Mule £70 Tushielaw.

Blackface £70 Roughet Hill, £67 Burnfoot Farm, £64 Gall Farm, £61 Medomsley, £60 Broomhope.

Oxford £67, £65 Dyke Farm, £60 Guards.

Zwartbles £65 Woodhousehill.

Swaledale £63 Greenburn, £57 Sunday Sight.

Kendal Rough £55 Churchview.


Texel 256p Keith Farm, 251p Copperthorns, 250p, 243.2p Gallowberry, 243p Lanerton, 242p Thornthwaite Close, 241p Low Lonning and Walton Woodhead.

Charollais 212p Thorns, 202p Waterside, 201p Thorns, 200p Copperthorns.

Suffolk 209p Thorns, 197p Cardew Hall, 190p Thorns, 189p Solwaybank and Keith Farm, 188p Netherton and Druchtag.

Beltex 206p Wallend, 205p Sorbie, 200p Bankhead.

North Country Cheviot 203p Linhope, 181.3p, 179p Keith Farm, 175p Sorbietrees, 174p Earlside and Hownam Grange.

Hill Cheviot 200p Bankhead, 183p Catslackburn, 182p Sundhope, 181p Tushielaw, 174p Damhead, 172p Solwaybank and Linhope.

Blackface 190p Burnfoot, 189p, 182p Haithwaite, 181p, 179p Burnfoot, 179p Arnicle.

Greyface 186p Solwaybank, 185p Arnicle, 177p Gall Farm, 168.3p Waterside, 167p Kildalloig.

Swaledale 175p Greenburn, 150p Medomsley.

Herdwick 167p Cotland.

Leicester 165p Catslackburn.

Lleyn 164p Low Tipalt, 163p Whitcastles.

Oxford 163p Dyke Farm.

Berrichon 160p Peddar Hill.

Cheviot Mule 156p Tushielaw.

The 1,031 lightweight lambs forward were still short of buyer requirements and keenly sought after, more could be sold to advantage. Top of £71 for Texels from D’Mainholm, £70 Cottage Farm; Beltex £70 Wallend, £66 Bankhead; Suffolk £66 Solwaybank, £60 Golden Lane; North Country Cheviot £65 Linhope, £61 Hownam Grange; Hill Cheviot £64 Bankhead, £54 Churchview; Blackface £59, £57 Burnfoot Farm; Greyface £53 Redgatehead, £51 Sunday Sight; Herdwick £50 Cotland; Swaledale £47 Sunday Sight; Kendal Rough £45 Ellershope.

A larger show of 6,574 cast ewes and rams were forward to the usual ring of buyers. More heavy ewes forward saw trade slightly easier but smaller hill ewes and plain ewes sold at recent rates.

Rams sold to £126 for Texels from East Kirk, £124 Thornthwaite Close, £122 Fineview; Leicester £114, £102 Kilnstown, £96 Burnfoot; Zwartbles £100 Kirkhill; Suffolk £84 Jonesboro, £68 Keith Farm; North Country Cheviot £88 Cara View, £84 Wester Dunnet, £82 Whitton; Beltex £85 Walton Woodhead; Hill Cheviot £80 Whitton; Charollais £78 Kirkhill; Lleyn £72 Pilmuir, £60 Hensol; Blackface £72, £70 Stell Green; Swaledale £49 Ottercops, £40 Whitton.

Heavy ewes to £118 for Texels from Fineview, £108 Broomhill Bank, £106 Tobemore; Charollais £94 Wrydale, £94 Mains, £90 Wick Farm; Suffolk £85 Wrydale, £84 Kirkhill, £83 Wrydale; North Country Cheviot £80 Torrabus, £76 Sibster Burn, £72 Adderston Shiels; Leicester £78 Whitton, £70 Whintingstown and Springwell, £60 Kirksteads; Half Bred £67 Wester Dunnet; Greyface £60 Third Farm, £59 Harwood House and Allfornaught, £58 Cumcrook; Cheviot Mule £60 Springwells, £58 Cumcrook, £57 Springwells.

Light ewes to £55, £51 for Lleyn from Harwood House; Cheviot £50 Sorbie, £49 Leahaugh, £47 Beechwood and Springwells; Blackface £49 West Nubbock, £47 The Steel and West Nubbock, £44 Wanwood Hill and The Nook; Easycare £45 Peddar Hill; Swaledale £42 Round Meadows, £40 Softley, £39 Kilnstown and Nunscleugh; Herdwick £30 Netherwood; Shetland £30 Barrock Mains.


Light to 234.5p (205.6p)
Medium to 244.5p (209.7p)
Heavy to 224.5p (207.3p)

Light to 145.5p (145.5p)
Medium to 238.5p (222.9p)
Heavy to 233.5p (215.6p)

Young bulls to 229.5p (188.2p)

Light to 213.0p (176.7p)
Standard to 256.0p (186.9p)
Medium to 243.0p (181.3p)
Heavy to 198.0p (169.6p)
O/weight 178.0p (155.6p)

Light to £55.00 (£33.60)
Heavy to £118.00 (£59.07)

Cast Rams to £126.00 (£75.33)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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