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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart P.L.C. had forward 6,503 store hoggs, breeding sheep and cast ewes & rams at their Annual sale at Longtown on Tuesday 8th January 2008.

A large show of hoggs attracted many distant and local buyers and as a result all classes met an extreme demand.

Top of £44.20 for Suffolk crosses from High Crindledyke and Texels from Gibstown, other Texels to £43.20 High Crindledyke and £42.50 Nether Hill, other Suffolks to £42.50 Nether Hill and £40.80 Risehead. Leicester £39.80 Hightown; North Country Cheviot £39.20 Greenside Lodge, £38.80 Sorbietrees, £37.80 Whitchesters; Greyface £37.50 High Thorneyburn, £36.80 Nether Hill, £34.20 North Gillbank and Heathergate; Blackface £37.50 High Thorneyburn, £35.80 The Gall, £33.80 Wanwood Hill; Charollais £37.20 Hallburn, £35.50 Woodfoot; Beltex £37.20 Pallet Hill; Hill Cheviot £36.20 Granton; Herdwick £34.80 Gall; Clun £33.20 Rigghead; Zwartbles £31.80 Barnglieshead; Roussin £30 Castlefearn; Shetland £26.20 Inglewood Bank; Swaledale £22.80 Greenleycleugh. Tup lambs to £39.50 Hightown.

Breeding sheep met a sound enquiry and were short of requirements. Top of £48 for Greyface in lamb ewes from Bayles who also sold Charollais’ at £40, Texels at £39 and Swaledales at £26; Blackface £27.50 Knowehead, £25 Knockreoch. In lamb Greyface hoggs to £42 Heathergate.

Cast ewes and rams met a fast trade at above current prime stock sale prices. Top of £60.50 and £52.50 for Texel cross ewes from Woodhead (Jamieson); Hill Cheviot £39.50 Carlenrigg; Greyface £35.50 Chapel; Bleu d’Maine £35.50 Woodfoot. Rams to £46.50 for Leicesters from Granton and for Texels from Muirhead, Granton and Newlands, other Texels £44.50 Woodhead, £41.50 Minto; Suffolk £43.50, £41.50 North House, £40 Chapel; North Country Cheviot £43.50 High Thorneyburn, £40 North House; Meat Linc £40 Greystoke Castle; Hill Cheviot £38.50 Catslackburn, £35.50 Granton, £34.50 Falnash, £33.50 Upper Hindhope; Zwartbles £31.50 Barnglieshead; Blackface £30.50 High Thorneyburn.

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