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Cumberland & Dumfrisshire Farmers’ Mart had forward 540 lots at their annual sale of Christmas Poultry on Friday 21st December 2012.

All turkeys sold to a ready demand with a lot of Oven Ready birds at £2 per pound, with Oven Ready geese £3 per pound. The sale was topped at £70 for a 25lb Oven Ready turkey donated by Richard and Cath O’Sullivan, Sheala Hill on behalf of Cancer Research, Bewcastle Effort.


RP TURKEY: £46 Game Kennels, £45 Game Kennels, £40 Red House, £38 Game Kennels, £35 Red House, £35 2 Caroline Cottage, £34 (x2) Game Kennels.
OR TURKEY: £70 Cancer Research, £48 Millhill, £45 Millhill, £42 Millhill, £42 (x3) Game Kennels.
RP GOOSE: £44 Red House, £42 Red House, £40 Red House, £36 Mid Forest Farm.
OR GOOSE: £50 Setthorns, £48 Poultry Matters, £45 (x2) Setthorns, £44 Allendale Game Birds, £42 (x2) Setthorns, £42 Allendale Game Birds, £40 (x2) Setthorns.
RP CHICKEN: £18 (x2) Swaites, £16 (x2) Mid Forest Farm.
OR CHICKEN: £28 Setthorns, £20 Setthorns.
RP DUCK: £20 Mid Forest Farm, £16 Mid Forest Farm.
OR DUCK: £15 (x3) Basco Dykehead.

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