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The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart P.L.C. had forward a catalogue entry of 751 suckled calves at their Annual Show and Sale on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Credit must be given to all vendors for the way the cattle were turned out, considering the poor summer we’ve had. Well fleshed cattle sold extremely well but weathered cattle proved harder to sell. The sale average was up £59.63 on last years record average.

We would like to thank the sponsors Capontree Vets, and the judge Elaine Sedgewick, Durham, who awarded the championship to a terrific British Blue bullock from A. & J.N. Story, Newbiggin, which later realised £1,250 and was purchased by the judge.


The reserve champion went to W.H. & D.A. Gass, Nunscleugh for a Limousin heifer which sold at £1,200, purchased by A.A. & J. Brand, Fife.

Elaine Sedgewick Judging
Elaine Sedgewick Judging

The cup for the best Charolais was awarded to W.G. & H.M. Kyle, Spoutbank for a heifer selling at £1,130, purchased by A.A. & J. Brand.

Prize list:-

Limousin bullock – 1st Nunscleugh £1,270 to Messrs Taylor, 2nd Herries Farms £1,220 to Messrs Taylor, 3rd Newbiggin £1,140 to Messrs Brand.

Limousin heifer - 1st & 2nd Nunscleugh £1,200 to Messrs Brand, 3rd Gallowberry £910 to Waind Farm.

Charolais bullock – 1st Spoutbank £1,050 to Messrs Rearie, 2nd Spoutbank £1,035 to Messrs Brand, 3rd Riggfoot £1,145 to Messrs Ashburner.

Charolais heifer - 1st Spoutbank £1,130 to Messrs Brand, 2nd Spoutbank £1,100 to Messrs Walton, 3rd Spoutbank £880 to Messrs Rearie.

Any other breed bullock – 1st Newbiggin £1,250 to E. Sedgewick, 2nd Newbiggin £1,110 to Messrs Brand, 3rd Spoutbank £1,150 to Messrs Taylor.

Any other breed heifer - 1st Herries Farms £1,060 to Messrs Brand, 2nd Herries Farms £1,085 to Messrs Brand.

Leading consignor averages:- Nunscleugh £1,091 (92), Herries Farms £1,049 (28), Slealands £1,045 (11), Newbiggin £1,036 (28), Albierigg £1,016 (20), Sutton Close £1,007 (26).



Limousin £1,275 (x7), £1,270 (x2), £1,265 (x2), £1,255 (x6), £1,250 (x2) Nunscleugh, £1,250 Newbiggin, £1,245 (x4), £1,235 (x4) Nunscleugh, £1,225 Dodgsonstown, £1,220 (x2) Herries Farms, £1,205 Dodgsonstown, £1,200 The Throp, £1,200 (x2) Nunscleugh, £1,180 Herries Farms, £1,170 The Throp, £1,165 Albierigg, £1,160 Herries Farms, £1,160 (x2) Nunscleugh.

British Blue £1,150 (x2) Spoutbank, £1,100 Herries Farms, £1,080 Sutton Close, £1,050 (x2) Spoutbank.

Charolais £1,145 (x4) Riggfoot, £1,080 Sutton Close, £1,070 Moss Side, £1,065 Riggfoot, £1,055 (x2) High Parkfoot, £1,050 (x2) Spoutbank, £1,045 (x2) Sutton Close, £1,035 Spoutbank, £1,030 (x5) High Dovecote, £1,020 Riggfoot, £1,005 (x5) High Dovecote, £1,000 Sutton Close.

Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,080, £1,000 (x2) Sutton Close.


Limousin £1,200 (x2), £1,185 (x3), £1,080 (x5), £1,060 (x3) Nunscleugh, £1,050 Nether Hill and Herries, £1,040 Herries Farms and Albierigg, £1,040 (x4), £1,020 (x9) Nunscleugh, £1,010 Herries Farms, £1,000 Netherhill, £975 North Greenhill, £970 (x3) Hilltop, £970 (x8) Herries Farms.

Charolais £1,130, £1,100 Spoutbank, £1,020 High Parkfoot, £955 Riggfoot, £950 (x2), £940 High Parkfoot, £880 Spoutbank, £875 (x3) Riggfoot.

British Blue £1,085, £1,060 (x2) Herries Farms.

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