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store sheep ringThe Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 2007 Store and Breeding sheep at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 28th April 2009.

Ewes and lambs were a larger entry, trade similar. Ewes with singles: Texels £66 Uppercleugh, £60 Kinning Hall; Greyfaces £56 Uppercleugh, £54 Drumcork, £53 Kinning Hall; Blackfaces £30 Over Cassock; Swaledales £29 Greenleycleugh.

Ewes with twins: Greyfaces £55 Mosside, £52 Netherhill; Texels £54 Uppercleugh; Lleyns £49 Toppin Castle; Swaledales £28 Lambley; Dalesbred £24 Clarks Hill.

Ewes with triplets: Lleyns £48 Toppin Castle.

Shearlings with twins: Greyfaces £54 Chapel; Lleyns £50 Toppin Castle.

Store hoggs still in demand. Top was £76.80 for Texels from Candybank; Suffolks £69.20 Howa Hill; Greyfaces £60.20 Raby Grange & Candybank; Hill Cheviots £59.20 High Craigton; Zwartbles £54.20 Coltcoats; Bleu de Maine £60.20 Croft Avenue; Blackfaces £51.80 Candybank; Swaledales £44.20 Parkhouse.

Cast ewes £56.50 Colt Coats.

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