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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart P.L.C. held their Annual Border Ewe Sale of Cheviots and horned sheep at Longtown on Wednesday 30th September 2009.

6,440 head were forward, this being the premier sale in the country for Hill Cheviots. Buyers were present from all over the UK and all classes met a fantastic trade with averages up substantially.

North Cheviot gimmers sold to £115 from Biggin, Thurso and £105 Marwhirn. Ewes to £92, £88 Naddle, £88 Marwhirn and Terrain, £84 Humbleheugh, £83 Hillcrest. Ewe lambs to £76 Lanefoot.

Hill Cheviot ewes to £83 Chanlochfoot, £82 Solwaybank, £74 Archbank, £70 Skelfhill, £69 Glengeith, £68 Catslackburn, £67 Cowburn. Gimmers to £80 Philiphaugh, £78 Blackburn. Ewe lambs to £60 Gateslack, £54 Cowburn.

Included in the sale was two dispersals, the first were Half Northies from Chillington Estates, Wolverhampton, whose gimmers sold to £86, 1 crop to £98, 2/3 crop £80, ewe lambs £56. The second was Hill Cheviots from John Higgs Farms, Arkleton, Langholm, whose gimmers sold to £82, 1 crop £69, 2 crop £67, 3 crop £65, 4 crop £61, ewe lambs £39. Both dispersals were well presented and shown well with an excellent trade throughout.

Also this day horned ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs were forward, much interest was created for a good show of sheep and all classes met one of the best trades seen.

Top of £130 for Blackface gimmers from Wanwood Hill, who also sold ewe lambs at £90. Ewes to £64 The Chapel, £56 Sorbie and Dalhanna, £55 The Row and Megdale.

Swaledale ewes sold to £86, £78 (x3) and £73 Naddle Farm, whose consignment averaged £74.38 for 298 sheep, others £82 Baggarah Yeat. Gimmers to £74 Whitchester.


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their annual Show & Sale of North Country Cheviot rams at Longtown on Wednesday 30th September, 2009.

A good show of 100 shearlings were forward and sold to average £260. The top pen of 12 from Messrs Runciman, Allanshaws averaged £391 and held the top priced sheep and Champion which sold at £800 to the judge, Mr Michael Aynsley, Wardshill, Longframlington, others from Allanshaws sold at £480, £450 and £400 (twice).

Selling at £650 was the third prize shearling from G.D. Pate & Sons, Stobshiel Mains sold to Messrs Watson, West Hinedone, Bishop Auckland. At £520 was a shearling from C.R. Graham & Sons, Carruthers to P. Edmonson, Seathwaite Farm, Borrowdale. Others sold at £400 from G. & F. Milne, Kinaldy and M.C. Coltman, Haystown.

Leading averages:-
Allanshawsto a top of £800 average £391
Nuncote Nook £400 £340
Stobshielmains £650 £340
Carruthers £520 £323
Haystown £400 £320
Langholm Mill £320 £300

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