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store sheep ringThe Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 6,857store lambs and breeding sheep at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 17th November 2009.

Store lambs were a large entry and very dear. Top was £64.50 for Texels from Quarryfield, £64 Hudgillrigg, £63.80 Greensburn. Suffolks £64.20 Henrys Hill, £64 Hudgillrig & Margaret Drive, £63.80 Highloveladyshield; Greyfaces £62.80 Highloveladyshield, £62.50 Yatesfield, £62.20 Greyside; Beltex £63.20 Ashkirktown; Blackfaces £53.20 Albierigg & Horseholm, £51.50 Harsondale, £51 Redesmouth; Swaledales £44.80 Shieldhilltop & Deadwater, £42 Westburnhope; Herdwicks £52.20 Red House; Jacobs £53.50 Bonnyrigg Hall. Tup lambs to £58.50 Lowgreenend.

Cast ewes to £88.50 for Suffolk x from Ashkirktown, hill types to £57.50 for Cheviots from Wardlaw. Cast rams to £76.50 Bayles.

Cheviot lambs (1359) still selling at premiums for final draws. Top £55 Cossar Hill, £54.50 Wardlaw, £51.50 Priesthaugh. Hill North Cheviots to £56.20, £55 Bradley Farm.

Breeding sheep were a small show with all classes meeting a strong demand. Top was £61 for Greyface ewe lambs from Greyside, £59 Ridley Stokoe & Redesmouth; Hill Cheviots to £50 Girnwood Cottage. Correct ewes to £60.50 for Lleyns from Wardrew; Jacobs £54 Bonnyrigg Hall. Breeding rams to £280 for Texels from Blindhillbush who also sold Beltex x Texels at £190. Suffolks to £110 Bayles.

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