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Sale ringThe Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 2,089 Store Hoggs and 901 In Lambers at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 14th February 2012.

Store hoggs were an exceptional trade and far short of requirements. Top was £93 for Suffolks from Linton House. Texels £90.50, £88.50 Haregills, £86.50 Woodhouse Bungalow, £85.50 Channel Well; Beltex £84.50 Newbiggin; North Country Cheviots £83.50 Gilston, £82.50 Dougan Hill, £80.50 Gilston, £80 Dougan Hill; Greyfaces £80.50 Bailey Mill & Whitney, £76.50 Winshield; Hill Cheviot £72 Raehills; Blackfaces £70.50 Lawesknowe, £66.50 Earlshaugh; Swaledales £66.50 Brigg.
Cast ewes to £96.50 Linton House, hill types £77.50 Newton, cast rams £101 Linton House.

There was a large entry of inlambers which included a dispersal of Jacobs and Welsh Mountain sheep belonging to Mr S Coxford Adams, East Steel, Whitfield, Hexham which drew a massive crowd of buyers with trade excellent throughout. The dispersal stock sold very well with a top of £160, £135 for Jacob 1 crop ewes. Shearlings to £120. Correct Belows £100. Ewe lambs £85. The overall average was £108.

The Black Welsh Mountains sold to £100, £90 for Shearlings. Ewe lambs to £68. Overall average £81. Hampshire ram to £90.

Top in the rest of the inlambers was £160 for Greyface correct ewes from 12 Sark Tower, others to £155 Grouse Hall, who also sold Mashams at £140, £135; Cheviots £132 (2) Grouse Hall, Suffolks £120 Grouse Hall; Swaledales £135, £132 Knells; Herdwicks £58 Grouse Hall.
Shearlings sold to £160 for Swaledales from Knells; Herdwicks £62 Grouse Hall.
Inlamb ewe hoggs sold to £158, £150 for Texel crosses from Sydenham. Geld hoggs £121, £120 (2) for Texel crosses from Sydenham; Greyfaces £87.50 Brewery House.

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