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Sale ringThe Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 417 breeding sheep at their weekly sale on Tuesday 26th June, 2012.

With plenty of buyers looking for sheep and a smaller show forward, trade was sharpest of the season.

Top was for ewes with twins - Zwartble ewes £78 Midharrietsfield, Greyface £68 Eastfield of Wiston, £66 Murraythwaite, £64.50 Red House; Cheviot Mules £65 Red House; Charollais £61 Red House; Texels £68 Murraythwaite & Red House; Suffolk x £68.50 Eastfield of Wiston; Welsh £43.50 Eastfield of Wiston.

Ewes with singles – Zwartbles £70 Sheala Hill; Texels £68 Murraythwaite; Suffolk x £68.50 Eastfield of Wiston; Greyfaces £64.50 Red House; Cheviot Mules £61.50 Red House.

Shearlings with singles – Texels £70.50 Bushfield.

Hoggs with singles – Zwartbles £70 Midharrietsfield; Greyfaces £66 Wyseby Hill; Blackfaces £60 Wyseby Hill.

Hoggs with twins – Greyface £69 Stoneflatts

Cast ewes to £87.50 Eastfield of Wiston.

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