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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 6,893 lowland breeding sheep at their special sale at Longtown on Tuesday 18th September, 2012.

At the annual sale of Greyface (Mule) ewe lambs there was similar entry of 4,165 head forward and a great credit must be given to the vendors for improved quality, even after the horrendous constant wet weather suffered since May. Buyers were present from Fraserburgh to Devon with a large South contingent in attendance.

The trade was strong throughout with the smallest end of the lambs still looking the dearest. The overall average was £94.96 up £2.35 on the year.

Prior to the sale the annual show was ably judged by Mr Andrew Spedding of Stoneflatts, whose awards were as follows:-

Ex Swaledale Ewe
1st Messrs Roddam, Fordlands and sold at £142 to Messrs Ackerley, Milton Mains
2nd Messrs James, Midtodhills and sold at £158 to Messrs Ridsdale, Yewtree
3rd Messrs Bell & Copeland, Coach House and sold at £130 to Messrs Spedding, Stoneflatt

Champions from Messrs Roddam, Fordlands with judge Andrew Spedding
Champions from Messrs Roddam, Fordlands with judge Andrew Spedding

Ex Blackface Ewe
1st Wanwood Partners, Cowden and sold at £112 to Messrs Fox, Windy Hill
2nd Messrs Nichol, Lawston and sold at £115 to Messrs Cockburn, Fountainside

Reserve Champions from Wanwood Partners with the judge Andrew Spedding
Reserve Champions from Wanwood Partners with the judge Andrew Spedding

Principal prices (outwith show):-
£125 Gapshield, £120 Coach House, Fordlands and Midtodhills, £116 High Parkfoot, £115 Parsonshield, £114 Greensburn, £112 Snowden Close, Fordlands, £110 (x2) Fordlands.

The second sale of Cheviot Mule ewe lambs and sale for Continental and Suffolk cross ewe lambs met a mixed trade with only the best kinds easy to sell.

Principal prices:-
Cheviot Mule - £100 Temon and Fountainside, £92 Snowden Close, £86, £82 Powisholm, £82 Halterburnhead.
Texel x - £90 Sydenham, £88 Temon, £86, £82, £80 Sydenham, £80 Temon.
Suffolk x - £74 Knarr, £73 Archerbeck, £70 High House.

Breeding ewes were a smaller show for numbers but good quality and were in strong demand, easily £5 to £8 up on our earlier sale. They topped at £130 for Mules (3 shear) from Bellbank, others to £125, £119 The Flatt, £118 Bellbank, £108 Kilncroft, £100 Smalmstown; Texel £114 Bellbank, £100 Longburgh Fauld; Suffolk £112 Bellbank; Lleyn £84, £74 Sloda Hill.

Shearlings were a smaller entry and short of requirements, selling to a top of £147 for Mules from Castlefairn, others £143 Hallburn, £141 Barron House, £140 New Hummerbecks and Taylorburn, £139 Fieldside; Cheviot Mule £140 Castlefairn, £138 Parcelstown and Springwell, £137 Springwells; Rouge £144 Dinwoodie Green; Suffolk £134, £128, £126 Newbiggin, £125 Flex and Newbiggin, £120 Bellbank; Texel £132 Dinwoodie Green, £131 Bellbank, £130 Dinwoodie Green, £126 Carpet Farm; Lleyn £120, £112 Height, £92 Harper Hill, £90 Sloda Hill.

2011 sale report

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photos by Robert Smith Photography & Video

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