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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers’ Mart PLC had forward 7,205 ewes, gimmers and ewe lambs their Annual Border Ewe Sale at Longtown on Wednesday 3rd October 2012, comprising 3,922 Cheviots and 3,283 Blackface & Swaledale.

Buyers were out in force with a strong contingent from Wales and the Cotswolds. An excellent overall show was forward in both sections and trade was the best ever experienced at this centre, with numbers far short of buyers requirements.

Draft North Country Cheviots sold to £116 and £115 for two excellent pens from Hill Top (Bell) and £110 (x2) Longburgh Fauld, £94 Side Farm (Taylforth). Gimmers to £172 and £168 (x2) Bavington Hill Head, £162, £156 Binsey. Ewe lambs to £125 Hill Top (Bell), £120 Lanefoot, £110 Stonecroft.

Hill Draft Cheviot Ewes sold to £138 for a superior pen from Castle Crawford, others £100 Chanlochfoot, £96 Sorbie, £85 Glengeith, £85 Catslackburn. Gimmers to £100 Henderland. Ewe lambs to £90 and £82 Castle Crawford, £62 Mount Benger.

Averages were as follows:-

North Country Cheviots - Draft Ewes £79.52, Gimmers £143.71, Ewe Lambs £72.32.
Hill Cheviots – Draft Ewes £75.00, Gimmers £88, Ewe Lambs £55.58.

Longtown Draft Ewe Sale

In the Horned Ewe section, trade for ewe lambs, shearlings and young age ewes was very swift upholding last years extreme rates. Swaledales were very short of requirements with draft Blackface ewes being easily sold if good quality character lots, with other types only around killing price, the section was topped at £150 for Swaledale shearlings from Messrs Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, others £125 Orthwaite Hall, £124, £114 Flosh Lodge; Blackface to £128 from Wanwood Hill, £125 Crookburn and Bowershield, £124 Eden Park, £115 New Hummerbeck, Henderland, Sunnyside and The Glen; Herdwick £95 Gall Farm.

Ewes topped at £131 (x2) for 3 crop Swaledales from Naddle Farm, followed at £130 from Baggra Yeat, £127 Naddle, £122 Orthwaite Hall, £121 Baggra Yeat, £115 Naddle and Branthwaite.

Blackface ewes to £98 for 1 crop from Craigieburn, 2 crops to £90 from Parknook and Priorsford. Draft Blackface ewes to £70 Bowan Hill, Clenries, Megdale and Sundhope.
Three crop Woodland ewes to £95 Gall Farm.

Ewe lambs were also in demand and topped at £102 for Blackfaces from Wanwood Hill who also sold a pen at £80, others £70 Mouldy Hills, £68 Satchells, £67 Sorbie; Swaledale £58 Spoutbank.

Averages were as follows:-

Blackface - Ewes £54.17, Gimmers £94.77, Ewe Lambs £59.71.
Swaledale –Ewes £91.11, Gimmers £117.73, Ewe Lambs £58.00.

The Annual Show and Sale of 89 North Country Cheviot Rams was held today in Longtown, with trade sharper on the year with best kinds in demand.

The pre sale show was ably judged by Mr P. Edmondson, Seathwaite, who awarded the Championship to regular consignor Roderick Runciman, Allanshaws, which later realised the days top price of £800, selling to the judge. Second prize – Messrs Smith, Whiteknowe, £380 to Stirke. Third prize – Messrs Davies, North Synton, £450 to Mr Chantry.

Principal prices:- £800 Allanshaws, £700 Whiteknowe and North Synton, £650 Hownam Grange and Carruthers, £520 Stobshiel Mains, £500 Allanshaws, North Synton and Carruthers.

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