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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 8,072 Store Lambs (including 2,599 Cheviots and 2,181Blackfaces) at their Sale at Longtown on Tuesday 23rd October, 2012.

Sale ringAnother large show attracted buyers from Norfolk, Kent and Devon, together with local feeders. Trade was buoyant with all classes slightly dearer on the week.

Top of £65 for Suffolk crosses from Routin Lynn; Texel to £64.50 Wanwood Hill, £63.50 Hightown, £63 Springwells; Greyface £57 Penpeugh, £55.50 Auchengruith and Hesleywell; Charollais £57 Dabbings; Leicester £54.50 Hightown; Cheviot Mule £51 Tarrasfoot; Kendal Rough £42.50 Church View; Swaledale £28.50 Hesleywell and Lilswood Cottage.

Feeding ewes to £59 Linton House, cast rams to £62 Parkhouse.

There was an outstanding entry of both Cheviot and Blackface lambs forward. The judge was Mr Edward Eastham, from Burgh by Sands who expertly carried out his duties.

Hill Cheviots:-
1st – Messrs Halliday, Granton, sold at £55.
2nd – Messrs Douglas, Upper Hindhope, sold at £55.
3rd – Mrs L. Luescher, Glendinning, sold at £47.

Hill North Cheviots:-
1st – Messrs Thomson, Hownam Grange, sold at £56.
2nd – Messrs Anderson, Priesthaugh, sold at £49.
3rd – Messrs Sordy, Alnham Castlehill, sold at £55.

Blackface:- 1st – Messrs Robson, Townshield, sold at £59.
2nd – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, sold at £53.
3rd – Messrs Famelton, Horseholme, sold at £45.

Outwith the show Hill Cheviots sold to £56 Cossar Hill. Hill North Cheviots sold to £58.50 Arkleton. Blackfaces to £52.50 Sewingshields.

Ram Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. held its Second Ram Sale of 250 rams of all classes on Tuesday 23rd October 2012.

Trade for best rams was very good. The sale included the Inaugural Sale for Hill & North Country Cheviot and Horned Rams. This section was topped at £500 for a Blackface ram from A. Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill. North Country Cheviots to £450 for a 2 shear from Messrs Eastham, Longburgh Fauld with Hill Cheviots to £380 twice from Glenochar and from The Becks.

Principal Hill Ram prices:-
Blackface Shearlings - £500, £400, £220 Peela Hill.

Hill Cheviot Shearlings - £380 Glenochar and The Becks, £200 Catslackburn, £180 The Becks and Catslackburn.

North Country Cheviot Shearlings - £280, £250 Tister. North Country Cheviot 2 shear - £450, £400 Longburgh Fauld.

Hill Cheviot Ram Lambs - £120, £100 Wardlaw.

In the multi-breed section, the sale was topped at £500 for a Texel shearling from Catslackburn and a Suffolk shearling from The Lands. Ram lambs to £400 for a Suffolk from The Lands.

Principal prices:-
Texel Shearlings - £500, £380 (x2) Catslackburn, £350 Crumhaugh Hill, Kirtleton House and Peela Hill, £320 Burnfoot on Esk and Kingside, £300 Nether Brotherstone.

Suffolk Shearlings - £500, £420 The Land, £420 Catslackburn, £380 Spango Bridge Cottage.

Charollais Shearlings - £300, £220 (x4) Upper Auchenlay.

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings - £280, £220 Kelsocleugh, £200 Ruletownhead Cottage.

Rouge Shearlings - £240 Dinwoodie Green.

Lleyn 3 shear - £220, £180 Dunnabie.

Suffolk Ram Lambs - £400 The Land, £350, £280 Burgh Head.

Texel Ram Lambs - £280 Kirkton, £250 Sandilands, £240 Kirkton, £200 (x4) Sandilands, £200 Kirkton.

Charollais Ram Lambs - £180, £140 (x4) Springfield.

Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lambs - £160 The Close, £120 Bailey Mill.

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