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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 1,579 hoggs and ewes with lambs at foot at Longtown on Tuesday 4th June 2013.

Sale ringAnother excellent entry met the dearest trade of the season from a large company of buyers. Top of £98 for Greyface hoggs with singles from Briggle.

Hoggs with singles

Greyface £98 Briggle, £91 Yewtree; Texel £79 Prospect, £77, £72 Reagill Grange, £72 Bridge End; Suffolk £68 Reagill Grange.

Hoggs with twins
Greyface £60 Stoneflatts; Texel £59 Low Closegill.

Shearlings with singles
Texel £75 Temon; Greyface £58 Collinbank; Blackface £49 Hyde Park.

Shearlings with twins
Texel £76 West Wharmley; Greyface £65 New Hummerbecks.

Ewes with singles
Texel £77, £73 Temon; Suffolk £75 Bonshawside; Greyface £75 Bonshawside, £65 Old Hall; Millenium Blue £75 Temon; Blackface £44 Bridgeford, £35 Collinbank, £34 Sheala Hill.

Ewes with twins
Texel £75 Netherton, £72 West Wharmley and Temon; Suffolk £72 West Wharmley; Greyface £69, £64 Netherton, £65 Old Hall; Cheviot Mule £64 West Wharmley; Blackface £40 Bridge Farm, £35 Collinbank, £34 Sheala Hill

Geld hoggs to £100 for Greyfaces from Prospect.

Store hoggs to £49 Spency Croft.

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