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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward a catalogue entry of 7,260 lowland breeding sheep at their special sale at Longtown on Tuesday 17th September, 2013.

At the annual sale of Greyface (Mule) ewe lambs there was an entry of 4,292 head.

Longtown Mart

A quality show were forward which attracted buyers from Caithness down to Northampton and Devon. Trade was strong from the start to finish with a total clearance effected with the smallest lambs looking the dearest. The overall average being £90.89 down only £4.07 on the year.

Robert Smith Photography & Video

Prior to the sale the annual show (kindly sponsored by Allflex) was ably judged by Mr Richard Armstrong, Slealands, Longtown whose awards were as follows:-

Ex Swaledale Ewe
1st and Champion – T. Davidson, Bellmount, sold at £145 to the judge.
2nd – W.M. & C. Wallace, Gapshield, sold at £115 to Mr Stirling, Bow.
3rd – Messrs Graham, Stonehall, sold at £130 to Mr Stirling, Bow.

Ex Blackface Ewe
1st – W. & B. Nichol, Lawston, sold at £132 to Mr Pate, Mossilee.
2nd – R.M. & C.M. Leach, Whintingstown, sold at £106 to Third Farms.
3rd – A. Carruthers & Son, Peela Hill, sold at £110 to Mr Forster, Hermiston.

Principal prices (outwith show):-
£130 High Parkfoot, Fordlands and Midtodhills, £126 Barron House, £125 Fordlands, £124 Nook (Forster), £122 Wanwood Hill, £119 Stonehall, £118 Lawston, £116 Barron House, £112 Nirvana, £110 Parsonshield, D’Mainholm and Greensburn.

The second sale of Cheviot Mule ewe lambs and sale for Continental and Suffolk cross ewe lambs met a very good trade when many more could easily have been sold.

Principal prices:-
Cheviot Mule - £112, £100 Thornshipe.
Suffolk x - £105 Tonehall, £100 High House, £96 Tonehall.
Texel x - £104, £100 Lairdlaugh.
Rouge x - £94 Springwell.

Shearlings were a good show and trade was good as well for best quality. Top of £152, £150 and £147 for Greyfaces from Whitton, others to £140 Barron House, £132, £131 Nisbet Hill, £130 Riggheads; Texel £140 Bankshead; Cheviot Mule £136 Springwell; Lleyn £102 The Height; Suffolk cross £100 Bankshead.

Breeding ewes saw only the best meet a strong demand.
Top of £120, £105 for Greyface from The Flatt, others £102 Nether Ernambrie; Texel £102 Ravenwood Cottage, £100 Hangingshaw; Suffolk cross £108, £104 Hangingshaw; Bleu d’Maine £94 Hangingshaw; Lleyn £90 The Height; Cheviot Mule £82 Glenjaan.

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Robert Smith Photography & Video

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