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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 9,218 store lambs (including 3,207 Cheviots and 2,419 Blackface) and 250 breeding rams at Longtown on Tuesday 22nd October 2013.

Sale ringA large and good show of store lambs attracted several extra distant buyers from Devon and Wales, trade was the best seen so far.

Top of £77.50 and £72.50 for Beltex lambs from Sharplaw Farms and others to £72.50 and £72 Pallet Hill; Texels to £72.50 Keld Head, £71.50 Winshield and Smiddy Hill; Suffolk £66.50 Routin Lynn, £65 Mains, £63.50 Sourhope; Charollais £67.50 Red House; Greyface £61.50 Glenkiln Farms and Newlands, £60.50 Ramshope, £60 Tecket; Cheviot Mule £62.50 Priesthaugh; Roussin £59.50 Glenkiln Farms; Kendal Rough £55.50 Park; Swaledale £47 Broadmea, £41.50 Sinderhope Shields; Herdwick £41.50 Boathouse Cottage

Cast ewes to £61 Closehead; Cast rams £50.50 East Ramshope.

At the Annual Show and Sale of Hill Cheviots, North Hill Cheviots and Blackfaces there was an outstanding show forward for the judge Mr Eddie Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle who carried out his duties expertly, and his awards were as follows:

Hill Cheviots:
1st- Messrs Halliday, Granton, Moffat, sold at £62
2nd – Messrs Douglas, Upper Hindhope, Jedburgh, sold at £63.50
3rd – Messrs Watson, Binks, Teviothead, sold at £54.50

North Hill Cheviots:
1st – Messrs Sordy, Alnham, Catle Hill, Alnwick, sold at £73.50
2nd – Messrs Sordy, Alnham, Castle Hill, Alnwick, sold at £69.50
3rd – Messrs Dunlop, Commonside, Hawick, sold at £59

1st – Messrs Robinson, Yatesfield, Otterburn, sold at £63
2nd – Messrs Tullie, Bowan Hill, Teviothead, sold at £57
3rd – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston, sold at £56.50

Other Cheviots out with the show sold to £65.50 Winterhope, £64 Skelfhill and Potholm, £63.50 Smiddy Hill, £63 Windyhaugh.

Other Blackfaces to £60 Closehead, £59 Shuttleheugh.

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C.held its late season sale of 250 rams of all classes including the Annual Sale of North Country and Hill Cheviot rams. Good quality rams were as always in demand with a near total clearance had. The sale was topped at £700 for a Texel ram lamb form annual consignor Mr A Bell, Burnside, Kirkton and purchased by Mr Williams, Trump Farm, Wales. In the Cheviot section top price of £360 was obtained for a Hill Cheviot ram lamb from W Jackson, Wardlaw purchased by Messrs Hume, Sundhope.

Principal prices:-
Ram Lambs – Cheviot £360 Wardlaw, £240 Laghead, £180 Wardlaw, £160 Laghead; Texel £700, £500, £440, £400, £340 Kirkton, £240 Peela Hill, £220 (x2) Sandilands; Charollais £200 (x3) Springfield; Blueface Leicester £180 (x2) Bellmount, £160 (x2) Bellmount; Blue Texel £180 (x2) Millside, £140 Millside.

Shearling Rams – Suffolk £420, £350 Kinninghall; Hill Cheviot £150 Gilmanscleugh; Texel £600, £580 Lands, £450 Old Walls, £420 Loanend, £420 Kirkton, £400 Crumhaughhill, £380 Loanend, £360 Crumhaughhill, £360 Catslackburn; Charollais £360 Thackwood, £350 (x2), £320, £300 Upper Auchenlay; Blue Faced Leicester £400, £350 Silloans; Blackface £250 (x3) Catslackburn; North Country Cheviot £340 Longburgh Fauld, £280, £260 Broomhill Bank, £240 (x2) Tister; Beltex £200 Upper Auchenlay; Blue Faced Leicester £480 Ruletownhead, £420 West Cocklaw.

Aged Rams – Suffolk £380 (2 shear) Lands; Cheviot £220 (2 shear) Mainside, £180 (2 shear) Carlenrigg; Texel £200 (2 shear) Park Nook; North Country Cheviot £300, £280 (2 shear) North House; Blue Faced Leicester £340 (3 shear) Snowden Close.

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