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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 11th November 2009.

67 Prime Cattle – Trade looked sharper.

Heavyweight Heifers
Limousin to 193.5p from J & J Campbell, Dinnans to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 192.5p Balgrayhill, Lockerbie to J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna, 177.5p Dinnans Whithorn to Border Meats Lockerbie
Charolais to 186.5p, 180p Merrick Portpatrick to Border Meats Lockerbie Ltd and M/S JD Owen & Son Butchers Newton Stewart
Lightweight Heifers
Limousin to 187.5p, 185.5p Dinnans, Whithorn to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan and Galloway Quality Meats Dumfries, 180p Gledenholm Parkgate to The Nith Hotel Glencaple
Charolais to 177.5p (x2) Merrick Portpatrick both to J Scott Meats (Paisley) Ltd
Top Gross heifer £1079.10 Marwhirn
Bullocks (all heavyweights)
Charolais to 165.5p Marwhirn, Moniaive to Scotch Premier Meats Inverurie
Limousin to 164.5p Gledenholm Parkgate to Border Meats Lockerbie
Top Gross Bullock £1079.10 Burnside
10 Prime Bulls – Trade better numbers short of buyers needs
Limousin to 170p Yett
Charolais to 160.5p Meikle Larbrax
Holstein to 137.5p Barwinnock
Top Gross Bull £1249.50 Yett

106 OTM Cattle – Trade remains firm more leaner types forward.
Charolais to 157p Marwhirn
Limousin to 141p Glengeith
British Blue to 138p Landis
Angus to 127p Glengeith
Blonde to 117p Leithenhall
Simmental to 115p Foregirth
Holstein Friesian to 97p Drum
Charolais to 154p, 153p Marwhirn
Cows Per Head
Charolais to £1020.50 Marwhirn
Simmental to £855.65 Gillesbie
Limousin to £846.50 Glengeith
Holstein Friesian to £807.50 Netherwood
Blonde to £807.30 Leithenhall
Bullocks Charolais £1020.50 Marwhirn

1019 Prime Lambs
Despite a very mixed show for quality prime lambs trade was buoyant for all classes and with numbers scarce many more could have been sold to advantage
Top price of 177p paid for Texel Crosses from MR DB Fleming Top price per head was £81 also for Texel Crosses from Burnhead Elvanfoot
Overall average 154.2p
Light Lambs (25.1-32Kg) Top 152p av 151.7p
Blackface £45.50 Lightshaw Farming
Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 169p av 158.6p
Suffolk £51 Hastingshall
Texel £66 Cocklicks, £62.50 Maxwelltown, £62.50 Nisbet, £62.50 Crookedstane
Cross £61.50 Maxwelltown £61.20 Ardoch, £58.20 Nisbet
Blackface £56.50 Nisbet, £55.80 Dalhanna
Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 177p av 155.8p
Suffolk £67, £65.20 Outertown, £65 east Kirkcarsewell, 363 East Polquhirter
Texel £74.50 Burnhead, £68.50 High Drum, £68 over Abington
Beltex £69.50 Burnton
Half Bred £64.80 Marwhirn
Cross £64.80 Ballinnie
Blackface £64.50 Dalhanna
Leicester £50.50 Crookedstane
Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 171p av 143.8p
Suffolk £67.20 Marwhirn, £63.50 Hayfield
Texel £68.50 Shawsmuir, £68.50 Blackhills
Half Bred £64.50 Marwhirn
Beltex £78.50 Waterside, £78.50, £73.50 Nether Dargavel
Super Heavy Lambs (52.1 + over) Top 139p av 132.4p
Suffolk £70.50 Hayfield, £70.50 East Kirkcarswell
Texel £81 Burnhead, 373.50 Shawsmuir
Leicester £68.50 Hayfield
Blackface £69 Dalhanna

503 Cast Ewes & Rams sold trade exceptionally dear for all classes. Top prices
Heavy Ewes
Texel £96.50 Leithenhall, £93.50 Drumcruilton, £92.50 Carswadda
Suffolk £88.50 High Drum
NCC £69.50 Hastingshall
Cross £67.50 Leithenhall, £65.50 Carswadda, £64 Eastside
Lleyn £57.50, £49.50 Bennan
Light Ewes
Cheviot £56 Dalhanna
Blackface £55.50 High Drum, 354.50 kirkton of Crawford
Swale £43.50 Wynholm
Dorset £54 Ardoch
Texel £93.50 Waterside
Blackface £39.50 Nisbet
Heavy Ewes averaged £62.22
Light Ewes averaged £40.16

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