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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 30th November 2011.

65 Prime Cattle – Trade easily upheld recent rates. Best Quality cattle in short supply. Commercial cattle plainer show on offer
Sale average 197.2p or (352.1p @56% D/W)

Lightweight Heifers Limousin to 217.5p from AH Fisher, Merrick to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 215.5p Merrick Portpatrick to J Scott (Paisley) Ltd, 213.5p Merrick Portpatrick to Border Meat Lockerbie, 211.5p Merrick Portpatrick to PR Duff & Son, Wishaw

Heavyweight Heifers Limousin to 216.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to J Kerr & Son Butchers Gretna, 215.5p Merrick Portpatrick to JD Owen & Sons Butchers Newton Stewart, 213.5p Balgrayhill Lockerbie to M/S Hall Smithfield, 211.5p Merrick Portpatrick to Grierson Bros Butchers Castle Douglas, 210.5p Upper Tinwald Dumfries to M/S Hall Smithfield, 210.5p Merrick Portpatrick to M/S Hall Smithfield

Heavyweight Bullocks
Charolais to 202.5p from A Craig & Co, Compstonend to C Anderson
Saler to 201.5p Myroch Port Logan to Scotbeef Ltd
Limousin to 201.5p Myroch Port Logan to C Anderson
Top Gross Bullock £1388.05 Blackhill

103 OTM Cattle – Trade remains firm. Plainer show on offer
Simmental to £1198.50 Drumbreddon
Limousin to £1077.25 Drumburn, £1000.50 Drumbreddan
Holstein to £1047.80, £1014.80 East Logan, £1036.35 Barndennoch, £1025.55 Lakehead
Bulls Shorthorn to £1134 Gillesbie

Cows per kilo
Holstein 159p Lakehead, 150p Baltersan, 147p (x2), 143p Barndennoch, 131p east Logan, 134p, 131p Baltersan
Limousin 155p Drumburn, 138p Drumbreddan
Simmental 141p Drumbreddan, 133p Merrick
Angus 123p Druidhall, 120p Longbeoch
Bulls Limousin 115p Swyre

741 Prime Lambs – Lambs scarcer in numbers due to monsoon type weather and considering the wet & dirty show on offer trade averaging an excellent 196.8p. Top price per Kg was 213p for Texel Crosses from Mr JN Peugniez, Hillbank. Top price per head was £94 for Suffolk Crosses from Mr R Hiddleston, Rigghead, Shawhead.

Other Top prices
Light Lambs (25.5-32Kg) Top 197p ave 194.6p
Texel £59.50 Leithenhall
Cross £56 Leithenhall
Blackface £59 Leithenhall, £54 Sweetshawhead

Standard Lambs (32.1-39Kg) Top 213p ave 200.4p
Texel £81 Hillbank, £80 Crairieknowe, £80 Drumpark, £80 Muircleugh
Suffolk £70.50 Dempsterton
Cross £75 Maxwelltown, £72 Hall, £69.50 Leithenhall
Cheviot £74.50 Lawesknowe, £70.50 Nithside
Half Bred £72 Marwhirn
Blackface £69.80, £64.50 Marbrack, £68 Maxwelltown, £67.20, £66.80 Leithenhall

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5Kg) Top 209p ave 195.4p
Suffolk £90 Muircleugh, £79.50 Martingirth, £79.50 Barshill
Texel £90.50 Hillhead, £90 Barshill, £88.50 Kerricks
Cross £85.50 Riggheads, £81 (x3) Dalpeddar, £79 East Polquhirter
Half Bred £77.50 Marwhirn
Blackface £74.50 Fingland, £74.50 East Polquhirter, £74.50 Sweetshawhead

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52Kg) Top 191p ave 186p
Suffolk £94 Rigghead, £90 Dempsterton, £87 Drumburn
Texel £92 Drumburn, £92, £90 Hillhead, £90 Riggheads, £90 Kerricks
Cross £80 Dempsterton

Super Heavy Lambs (52.1Kg + over)
Suffolk £93.50 Dempsterton
Leicester £80 Cairnhall

317 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – Trade for all classes slightly sharper despite quality being poorer.

Top prices
Heavy ewes
Texel £108.50 Newmains, £105.50 Kerricks, £100.50 Burrance of Courance
Leicester £110 Cairnhall, £95.50 Old Hall
Suffolk £94.50 Townhead
Cross £91.50 Barshill, £88.50 Townhead, £84.50 Newmains
Isle de France £74.50 Burrance of Courance
NCC £64.50 Marwhirn

Light Ewes
Blackface £72.50 Snar, £68.50 Auchenhessnane, £64.50 Lawesknowe
Cheviot £52.50 Marwhirn
Rams Lleyn £118.50, £96.50 Summerhill
Overall Heavy Ewes averaged £75.70
Overall light Ewes averaged £56.48

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