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Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Sale of Prime Cattle in Dumfries on Wednesday 11th December 2013.

24 Prime Cattle - Trade Steadier

Heifers Limousin to 256.5p. 250.5p from D & R Cornthwaitem Balgrayhill to R Johnstone & Sons Annan. Charolais to 242.5p Tinwald Shaws, Dumfries to Border Meats Lockerbie.
Bullocks Charolais to 224.5p from S Wilson & Son, Marwhirn to Border Meats Lockerbie

58 OTM Cattle – Numbers were short of the increased buyers demand. More required weekly. Trade firmer.

Per Head Limousin to £1309.80 Balgrayhill, £1097.25 Harleyrigg; British Blue to £1191.90 West Lanegate, £1105 Middlebie Rigg; Simmental to £1185, £1136.85 Middlebie Rigg; Charolais to £1115.10 Airds of Balcary; Luing to £1164.40 Kirkland, £1093.95 Craigdarroch; Angus to £1087.75 Newlands, £1025.55 Middlebie Rigg; Holstein to £971.80 Rue

Per Kilo Limousin to 222p Balgrayhill, 165p Harleyrigg; Luing to 187p Craigdarroch, 142p Kirkland; British blue to 191p 170p Middlebie Rigg; Charolais to 189p Airds of Balcary, 151p Glenshalloch; Simmental to 150p, 135p Middlebie Rigg; Angus to 143p Middlebie Rigg, 135p Newlands; Holstein to 113p Rue, 106p Upper Locharwoods.

Champion Pen, L to R, Dean Aitken, Mark Foster (Judge),
David Bryson (Sponsor Natural StockCare Ltd)
Dean Aitken

Annual Christmas Show & Sale of Prime Lambs

30 Pens of Show Lambs were presented to the day's Judge M Foster who awarded The Championship Trophy to D & D Aitken, Upper Cleugh with Dutch Texel Lambs 42Kg selling at £125 to The Judge. Reserve Champion was won by B Ryder, Newton Cottage selling at £106 (46Kg) to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan.

Prize Schedule:

Champion D & D Aitken; Reserve Champion B Ryder

Class 1 Texel Lambs
1st D & D Aitken, Upper Cleugh £125 (42Kg), 2nd B Ryder, Newton Cott £106 (46Kg)
Class 2 Beltex Lambs
1st Barony College £94 (41Kg), 2nd B Ryder. Newton Cott £86 (37Kg)
Class 3 Suffolk Lambs
1st A McMillan, Hastingshall £80 (40Kg), 2nd HW Sloan, Rigghead £80 (40Kg)
Class 4 Any Other Bred
1st S McKie, Finniness £89 (44Kg)
Class 5 Blackface Lambs
1st Renwick Bros, Corsebank £72 (40Kg), 2nd W Wallace & Sons, Fingland £72 (40Kg)

The Show was kindly sponsored by Natural Stockcare Ltd.

1st in Beltex Class from Barony
1st in Beltex Class from Barony

1165 Prime Lambs & Cast Sheep Forward

1051 Prime Lambs – All classes firmer with Lightweight (30-35Kg) Lambs meeting the biggest demand. Sale average 177.1p

Lambs 25.5to 32.5Kg ave 174.8p to 183p Dalhanna
Texel to £57.20 Woddhead, £55.50 Woodhouse; Mule to £55.50 Glencrosh; Blackface to £53.20, £51 Dalhanna

Lambs 32.1 to 39Kg ave 177.9p to 232p Newton Cott
Beltex to £86 Newton Cott, £81 Barony; Texel to £75.50 Shawhill, £70 East Polquhirter; Suffolk to £73.20 Shawhill, £70 Dollard; Mule to £65 Nisbet, £65 Woodhouse; Blackface to £66 Corsencon, £66 Corsebank

Lambs 39.1 to 45.5Kg ave 177p to 298p Upper Cleugh
Texel to £125 Upper Cleugh, £89 Finnisness, £87 Kerricks; Beltex to £94, £88.50 Barony, £88 Mossnae; Suffolk to £80 Tinwald Shaws, £80 Hastingshall
Charollais to £83 Finniness, £81 Glen House; Mule to £70 Corsencon, £70 Lawesknowe; Blackface to £75, £721 Fingland, £72 Maryholm, £72 Corsebank

Lambs 45.6 to 52Kg ave 168p to 230p Newton Cott
Beltex to £106 Newton Cott, £95 Waterside; Texel to £86 Upper Cleugh, £83 Shawhill; Suffolk to £85 Upper Portrack, £83.50 Shinnelhead; Mule to £78.50 Kenmure

574 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – Trade better for all classes in particular Lighter Ewes. Top Prices
Texel to £70 Kirkhill, £63.50 Tower; Charollais to £69.50 Newlands Mule to £66.50, £61.50 Newlands; Cheviot to £48.50 Gateslack, £47.50 Stirkfield; Blackface to £43.50 Gateslack, £43.50 Hall
Leicester Tup to £116 Dalpeddar; Texel Tup to £99.50 Balgrennan.

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