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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 64 prime cattle, 4 young bulls, 47 over thirty month cattle, 5,307 prime hoggs and 6,818 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th January 2012.

The 64 prime cattle saw Charolais heifers sell to a top of 210.5p from Hallburn to Messrs Jewitt; Limousin 209.5p, 206.5p (x2) Hallburn; British Blue 209.5p Hallburn.
British Blue bullocks to 208.5p (£1,396) The Gill; Charolais 204.5p (£1,414) High Stenries; Galloway 196.5p Spoutbank.

Young bulls to 186.5p Becton Hall.

The 47 OTMs on offer were a sharper trade with Angus cows selling to 154p Tanlawhill and 144p Potholm; Shorthorn 144p Tanlawhill; Limousin 144p (x2) Englishtown; Simmental 126p Sceughdyke; Angus 119.5p Brisco Hill.
Galloway bullocks to 170p Ashness; Blue Grey 164p Brae Mar; Shorthorn 140p Brae Mar.
Limousin bulls to 123p Netherton.
British Blue heifers to 190p from Broohills; Hereford 158p, 157p (x2) Selbystown; Shorthorn 152p, 151p Minsca; Angus 136p Selbystown.
Principal prices per head:- Blue Grey bullocks £1,230 Braemar, Galloway bullocks £1,045 Ashness, Hereford heifers £1,115, £1,113 Selbystown, British Blue heifers £1,064 Broomhills, Shorthorn heifers £1,034 Minsca, Limousin bulls £1,156 Netherton, Shorthorn cows £1,072 Tanlawhill, Simmental cows £1,071 Sceughdyke, Limousin cows £1,015 Englishtown, Angus cows £964 Potholm.

A larger show of 5,307 prime hoggs were forward to an increased ring of buyers, with an overall average of 200p per kilo, with export weight hoggs and light hoggs easily sold, but 45kilos plus harder to cash.
Hoggs sold to a top of 255p per kilo for Bleu d’Maines from Hawhill Cottage. Top per head of £113.50 for Texels from Orchardton Mains, £107.50 Stackbraes, £103.50 Raggetsyke and West Millhills; Leicester £107.50 Westerleigh, £92.50 Nunscleugh, £80.50 Raggetsyke; Beltex £106.50 Naddle Farm, £90, £88.50 Gallowberry; North Country Cheviot £99.50 Stackbraes, £93.50 Hownam Grange, £92.50 Whiteknowe and West Millhills; Suffolk £98.20 Broomhill, £95.80, £94.80 Sceughdyke, £94.80 Jacksonrigg; Charollais £97.50 West Millhills, £93.50 Leaona Villa, £89.80 Sceughdyke; Half Bred £90.50, £81.80 Adderston Shiels; Blackface £90 Brantwood, £87.50 Winterhopeburn, £85.20 Garvilland; Greyface £89.50 Broomhills and The Nook, £88.80 Sceughdyke, £86.80 Sceughdyke and Newtown; Zwartbles £89.20 Brantwood, £84.50 Sheala Hill; Hill Cheviot £86.20 Hermitage, £84.80 Sorbie, £81.50 Twislehope; Cheviot Mule £85.80 Barnglies, £83.80 High Stenries, £81.80 Tarrasfoot; Lleyn £76.80 Harper Hill; Swaledale £74.80 Kirkland Green, £70.80 Kilnstown; Easycare £71.80 Cleongart; Jacob £60 Tarnside House.

The 1,271 lightweight hoggs continued to sell at recent high rates with many hoggs going back to the land. Top of £86.80 for Bleu d’Maine from Harehill Cottage; Texel £79.50 Ryehills, £77.20 Fagra; Beltex £78.80 Killocraw; Suffolk £75.20 Desoglin and Netherton, £70.80 Machrimore Mill Farm; Cheviot £74.80 Hermitage; £73.20 Naddle Farm, £72.50 Rosgill Hall; Greyface £71.20 Cooilingel, £69.50 Naddle Farm; Blackface £69.80 Upper Hindhope, £68.80 Holylee Farm Cottage; Swaledale £66.50 Wydoncleughside, £59.80 West Foreshield; Jacob £63.50 Windy Hill; Easycare £60.50 Cooilingel.

An unexpectedly large show of 6,818 cast ewes & rams were forward to an increased ring of buyers with heavy ewes and Mule ewes £6 to £8 easier on the week but export and plain ewes continuing at recent high rates, similar to trade a fortnight ago in comparison to last weeks exaggerated trade. Cast rams were also easily sold.

Heavy ewes sold to a top of £150.50 for Texels from Newbigging, £148.50 Orchardton Mains, £144.50 Westside; Leicester £134.50, £124.50 Westhill, £118.50 Newbigging; North Country Cheviot £132.50 Biggin, £110.50 Fontanbleau, £107.50 Upper Cullernie; Suffolk £126.50 Chapel Hill Farm, £124.50 Stackbraes, £121.50 Brockholes; Charollais £124.50 Chapel Hill Farm, £98.50 Fontanbleau, £94.50 Ellerslie; Beltex £120.50 Maidencoates, £116.50, £114.50 Newbigging; Greyface £118.50 Alton Farm, £108.50 Brockholes, £103.50 Banniskirk Mains; Half Bred £114.50, £102.50 Lirrit; Cheviot Mule £98.50 Colmslie Hill, £90.50 Stackbraes; Zwartbles £86.50 Fontanbleau; Dorset £84.50 Cooilingel.

Hill ewes to £94.50 for Blackfaces from Cowburnrigg and Tenter House, £87.50 Upper Cullernie, £85.50 Brantwood; Easycare £90.50 Church Farm, £71.50 Lirrit; Cheviot £84.50 Fontanbleau, £79.50 Stackbraes, £78.50 Upper Cullernie; Shetland £74.50 Waterloo, £69.50 Backmuir, £63.50 Cowcorse Cottage; Lonk £72.50 Stackbraes; Lleyn £69.50 Newbigging, £66.50 Stackbraes; Swaledale £67.50 Chapel Farm, £66.50 Kelmore Hills and Yewtree Farm, £63.50 Spital Shields; Herdwick £60.50 Kelmore Hills, £45.50 Butterdales.

Rams to £150.50 for Oxfords from Waterloo; Texel £148.50 Lintlaw, £136.50 Dippen, £134.50 Stone Hall; Suffolk £138.50 Westhill, £128.50 Lirrit, £126.50 Northfield and Lintlaw; Leicester £129.50 Spital Shields, £114.50 Colmslie Hill, £112.50 Cranshaws; North Country Cheviot £124.50 Whiteknowe, £99.50 Golval, £90.50 Kelsocleugh; Dorset £118.50 Stackbraes; Hill Cheviot £116.50 Hownam Grange, £89.50 Newbigging; Charollais £106.50 Banniskirk Mains, £98.50 Backmuir; Blackface £98.50 Roughet Hill, £88.50 Cowburnrigg, £85.50 Upper Kidston; Zwartbles £94.50 Cooilingel; Lleyn £90.50, £89.50 Dophinston, £76.50 Newbigging; Swaledale £88.50 Nunscleugh, £82.50 Softley, £78.50 Whitfield Farms and The Bog; Beltex £86.50 Unity Farm, £80.50 Stackbraes.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 196.5p (194.0p)
Heavy to 208.5p (193.7p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 200.0p (187.9p)
Heavy to 210.5p (189.4p)

Young bulls to 186.5p (169.2p)

Light to 248.0p (206.7p)
Standard to 255.0p (205.4p)
Medium to 237.0p (197.5p)
Heavy to 219.0p (184.6p)
O/weight to -------p (-------p)

Light to £94.50 (£62.50)
Heavy to £150.50 (£89.69)

Cast Rams to £150.50(£87.01)

corresponding week 2011 sale report

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