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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 45 prime cattle, 7 young bulls, 40 over thirty month cattle, 7,134 prime hoggs and 5,897 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 31st January 2013.

prime cattle

The best show of prime cattle seen for many months, with an increased ringside of buyers ensuring a great trade was had and the whole sale averaged 212.09p.

Topping the sale at 232.5p was a Limousin bullock shown by J.C. & D. Nicholson & Son, The Gill. Messrs Nicholson’s run of cattle averaged 229p. Other Limousin bullocks sold to 229.5p from D.J. Garthwaite & Son, Wyseby Hill Cottage whose run of cattle levelled at 226.5p. A Charolais shown by J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn topped the heifer section at 225.5p with Messrs Blaylock’s run of cattle averaging 218.9p.

Limousin 232.5p The Gill, 229.5p, 227.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 225.5p Dashwell Green and The Gill, 222.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 221.5p Nether Onsett, 216.5p Houghton House, 214.5p Fenton Farm, 212.5p Nether Onsett, 210.5p Fenton Farm.
Blonde d’Aquitaine 222.5p Fenton Farm.
British Blue 212.5p Houghton House.
Galloway 208.5p Kilnstown.
Saler 207.5p Nether Onsett.
Charolais 202.5p Dashwell Green.

Charolais 225.5p, 224.5p Hallburn, 204.5p Low Hallburn.
Limousin 220.5p Hallburn, 215.5p Kilnstown, 208.5p Low Hallburn, 202.5p Sceughdyke, 200.5p (x2) Newby Farm.
British Blue 219.5p Netherton.
Blonde d’Aquitaine 218.5p, 205.5p Hallburn.
Galloway 215.5p Kilnstown.

Limousin £1,635 Wyseby Hill Cottage, £1,592 The Gill, £1,506 Nether Onsett, £1,488 The Gill, £1,447 Fenton Farm, £1,465 Dashwell Green, £1,433 Wyseby Hill Cottage.
British Blue £1,439 Sceughdyke.
Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,401 Fenton Farm.

Charolais £1,285, £1,178 Hallburn.
Limousin £1,172 Newby Farm, £1,167 Low Hallburn, £1,154 Sceughdyke, £1,109 Kilnstown.
Simmental £1,183 Sceughdyke.
British Blue £1,163 Netherton.
Blonde d’Aquitaine £1,119 Hallburn.

A shortage of prime bulls and more needed to satisfy demand, a buoyant trade was had. The sale was topped at 217.5p twice for a Limousin and a British Blue both from J. & P. Routledge & Son, Netherton.

Limousin 217.5p Netherton.
British Blue 217.5p, 207.5p, 193.5p Netherton.
Friesian 179.5p, 176.5p Becton Hall.

OTM’s were a much better show of quality and a brisk trade throughout. Top price was 214.5p for a Limousin bullocks shown by J.W. Slack & Son, Newby. Limousin cows sold to 201.5p from K.W. Coulthard & Partners, Low Hallburn.

Limousin 214.5p Newby Farm, 201.5p Low Hallburn, 160.5p Harehill, 130.5p Englishtown, 123.5p The Lamperts.
Saler 197.5p, 179.5p Catslackburn.
Charolais 188.5p Brydekirk Mains, 133.5p Moss Side.
Black & White 175.5p Sceughdyke, 131.5p Peterscrook.
Galloway 152.5p (x2) Flosh End.
Angus 147.5p, 138.5p Spadeadam.
Simmental 123.5p Sleetbeck Farm.

Limousin £1,340 Newby Farm, £1,027 Low Hallburn, £890 Harehill.
Charolais £1,206 Brydekirk Mains, £907 Moss Side.
Black & White £1,175 Sceughdyke.
Galloway £1,159, £1,052 Flosh End.
Saler £1,076, £906 Catslackburn.
Angus £855 Spadeadam.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

A massive show of 7,134 prime hoggs were forward to an increased ring of buyers. All classes, except Swales, again met a brisk selling trade resulting in a sale average of 155.3p per kilo.

The sale topped at £97.80 for Beltex from Messrs Kennedy, Lurgan Farm, Aberfeldy and to 267p per kilo for Beltex from Backburn, Aberdeen. Many more best quality export hoggs could have been sold as demand continues to grow. Also best quality Blackface hoggs sharper on previous weeks.

Texel £97.80 Lurgan, £93.80 Nether Albie, £89.80 Riggheads and Bombie; Beltex £90.80 Backhill and Station Yard, £85.80 Cambeckhill, £84.80 Station Yard, £80.80 Gallowberry; Suffolk £87.80 Guards Mill and Backmuir, £86.80 Backmuir; Charollais £78.80 Leaona Villa, £74.80 Torgorm; North Country Cheviot £72.80 Netherplace, £66.80 Catslackburn and Smalmstown; Blackface £72.50, £68.80 Peel Farm, £67.80 Meggethead and Lamperts; Hill Cheviot £68.80 Sorbie, £64.80 Skelfhill, £62.80 Cooms; Greyface £66.80, £65.80 Sceughdyke, £63.20 Mackilston; Cheviot Mule £57.80 High Chesters, £55 North House and Crosscleugh.

Beltex 267p Backmuir, 225p Cambeckhill, 222p Lurgan, 221p Station Yard, 213p Gallowberry, 207p Backmuir, 205p Allanshaws, 202p Gallowberry, 199p Sorbie, 197p Station Yard, 187p Lurgan; Texel 219p Willimoteswick, 218p High Greenhill, 208p Station Yard, 207p, 199p Willimoteswick and Temon, 197p The Flatt and Netherplace, 195p, 189p Station Yard, 188p Nether Albie.

The 1,727 lightweight hoggs sold to £68.80 for Beltex from Lurgan, £51.80 Allenhead; Texel £67.80 Willimoteswick, £59.80 Thorns, £55 Druchtag; Blackface £57.20 Little Larg, £51.80 Glenshanna; Charollais £50 Barend; Suffolk £50 Sundhope; Greyface £46 Wanwood Hill; Herdwick £42 Longrow; Swaledale £40 Greystoke Castle and Westburnhope.

A larger show of 5,897 cast ewes and rams were forward to a packed ring of 16 buyers. Trade for heavy ewes shows a rise of £11 on the week with Blackface, Cheviot and other light ewes up £2.

Heavy ewes to £128.50 for Texels from Ballimachiller, £126.50 Hazel Head, £123.50 Barrogill Mains; Suffolk £103.50 Hazel Head, £99.50 Allanshaws, £96.50 Hopehill; Leicester £88.50 Allanshaws, £82.50 Mains of Larg, £79.50 Easter Dawyck; Beltex £88.50 Nether Brotherstone, £84.50 Kilthill, £78.50 Ballimachiller; North Country Cheviot £86.50 Seaview and Allanshaws, £85.50 Oldfield, £81.50 Allanshaws; Greyface £86.50 Barend, £84.50 Hoddam, £69.50 High Glen Triplock; Cheviot Mule £84.50 Muircleugh, £80.50 Crawthat, £75.50 South Mains.

Light ewes to £58.50 for Cheviots from Fenwick Farm, £57.50 Alton, £54.50 Granton; Blackface £57.50 Hopehill, £56.50 Wanwood Hill, £54.50 Whiteside; Jacob £46.50 Barend; Swaledale £44.50 Hesleywell, £34.50 Westernhopeburn and Denton Mains, £33.50 Coldshield; Shetland £42.50 Kirvennie; Woodland £38.50 Riggshield; Herdwick £29.50 Mossband House, £19.50 Ashley Park.

Rams to £108.50 for Texel from Draperstown, £99.50 Huntington and Oldfield, £98.50 Ballimachiller; Suffolk £98.50 Allanshaws, £90.50 Cranberry Brow, £85.50 Huntington; Charollais £92.50 Severs, £78.50 Ballimachiller; Lleyn £90.50 Romesbeoch; North Country Cheviot £86.50 Allanshaws, £79.50 Muirside; Leicester £78.50 Softley, £69.50 Howburn; Blackface £70.50 Meggethead, £43.50 Garvachy; Jacob £70.50 Barend; Hill Cheviot £57.50 Twislehope, £48.50 The Cooms; Hampshire £56.50 High Aketon; Zwartbles £54.50 Bogra; Swaledale £52.50 Minsca, £38.50 Howburn; Herdwick £29.50 Ashley Park.

Light to 212.5p (209.4p)
Medium to 229.5p (222.3p)
Heavy to 232.5p (213.3p)

Light to 220.5p (204.6p)
Medium to 225.5p (209.8p)
Heavy to 192.5p (192.5p)

Young bulls 217.5p (194.0p)

Light to 222.0p (134.7p)
Standard to 267.0p (155.3p)
Medium to 221.0p (160.3p)
Heavy to 189.0p (149.3p)

Light to £58.50 (£34.69)
Heavy to £128.50 (£62.70)
Cast Rams £108.50 (£57.83)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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