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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 49 prime cattle, 11 young bulls, 16 over thirty month cattle, 3,949 prime lambs and 4,740 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd August 2013.

prime cattle

Prime cattle saw more grass cattle on the market with overall quality better and trade a shade sharper. Top price to 256.5p for a Limousin shown by A. & W.J. Taylor & Son, Dashwellgreen, others to 248.5p from W. & W. Faulder, Houghton House with British Blue bullocks also to 248.5p from Messrs Taylor, Dashwellgreen. Charolais heifers sold to 242.5p from J.W. Vevers, High Stenries with Limousins to 241.5p (twice) firstly from Messrs Vevers then from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn.



Limousin 256.5p Dashwellgreen, 248.5p Houghton House, 247.5p, 246.5p, 244.5p Dashwellgreen, 243.5p Nether Onsett, 230.5p, 229.5p Dashwellgreen, 225.5p Nether Onsett, 222.5p Sceughdyke.

British Blue 248.5p Dashwellgreen.

Charolais 246.5p High Stenries, 228.5p Dashwellgreen.


Charolais 242.5p, 239.5p High Stenries, 236.5p Hallburn, 222.5p Upper Mains, 220.5p, 219.5p (x2) Upper Mains, 219.5p Hallburn

Limousin 241.5p High Stenries and Hallburn, 231.5p Ryehill, 229.5p High Stenries, 228.5p Ryehill, 226.5p Low Hallburn, 225.5p Ryehill, 220.5p Sceughdyke, 219.5p Ryehill.



British Blue £1,664 Dashwellgreen.

Charolais £1,645 Dashwellgreen, £1,589 High Stenries.

Limousin £1,654, £1,590, £1,540, £1,522, £1,515 Dashwellgreen, £1,503 Houghton House.



Charolais £1,426 Upper Mains, £1,389 High Stenries, £1,378 Upper Mains, £1,370 High Stenries, £1,327, £1,312 Upper Mains, £1,241 Hallburn.

Limousin £1,400 High Stenries, £1,393 Ryehill, £1,367 Sceughdyke, £1,308 High Stenries, £1,231 Hallburn, £1,226 Ryehill.

Fewer young bulls on offer with best quality selling well again and topping at 244.5p and 241.5p for Limousins from Messrs J. Retson & Son, Gardrum.


Limousin 244.5p, 241.5p Gardrum, 210.5p Ladyhousesteads.

British Blue 219.5p Ladyhousesteads.


Limousin £1,478, £1,449 Gardrum.

British Blue £1,306 Ladyhousesteads.

A shortage of cast cows saw trade similar and sold to 174.5p for an Angus shown by K.W. Gamble, Harehill.


Angus 174.5p Harehill.

British Blue 161.5p Ladyhousesteads.

Limousin 140.5p The Flatt, 128.5p Slealands, 124.5p The Flatt.

Simmental 129.5p Cumcrook.

Black & White 129.5p Highmoorhead.


Limousin £1,259 Slealands, £941 The Flatt.

Angus £1,047 Harehill.

Black & White £932 Highmoorhead.

Simmental £906 Cumcrook.

British Blue £881, £802 Smallholms.

photo courtesy Robert Smith Photography & Video

sheep ring

The 3,949 prime lambs were a similar show with best quality and good meat very good to sell as was heavyweight, lambs lacking flesh harder to sell. Overall average 181p per kilo, no change on the week. Top price of £110 per head for Texels from Guards Mill and to 232p per kilo for Beltex from Bankhead.


Texel £110 Guards Mill, £101.80 Becton Hall, £100 Kilnford Croft, £96.80 Kirkton and Kilnfordcroft.

Suffolk £94.80 Pirntaton, £93.80 Becton Hall and Kilnford Croft, £87.80 Sceughdyke, £86.20 Broomhill.

Charollais £88.80 Nunscleugh, £78.80 Greensburn, £77.80 Beckhall, £75.80 Third Farm, £74.80 Roanstree.

Beltex £85.80 Bankhead, £77.80 Sorbie, £74.80 Bankhead, £73.80 Demesne.

Berrichon £84.80, £81.80 Sceughdyke.

Greyface £80.80 Easter Dawyck, £77 Mouldy Hill, £75.20 Nunscleugh, £74.80 The Old Police House, £72 Mouldy Hills

Zwartbles £73.80 Easter Dawyck.

Hill Cheviot £70 Linhope.

Cheviot Mule £69.80 Byers Farm, £67.80 Parkhill and Byers Farm.

Oxford £68.80, £66.80 Guards Farm.

Dorset £68.80 Allfornaught.

Leicester £68.20 Upperburnmouth.

Blackface £65.80 Pirntaton.


Beltex 232p Bankhead, 222p Byers Farm, 205p Sorbie, 197p Bankhead.

Texel 231p Bombie, 226p D’Mainholm, 224p Pennersaughs, 222p Kirk House, 220p, 215p, 214.1p Kilnford Croft, 214p Kirkton.

Greyface 203p Softley, 183p Nunscleugh, 182p Pirntaton, 178p, 177p D’Mainholm.

Suffolk 195p Kilnford Croft, 193p Pelutho Park, 189p Castle Creavie, Eastfield of Wiston and Tarrasfoot, 188p Newbiggin and Becton Hall.

Charollais 190p Beckhall, 189p Cardew Hall, 185p Nunscleugh.

Hill Cheviot 189p Over Kirkhope, 184p Linhope.

Berrichon 188p, 186p Sceughdyke.

Blackface 183p, 176p North Deanhead, 173.2p Pirntaton, 163p Cowburn.

Cheviot Mule 183p, 180.6p, 175p Byers Farm, 174p Parkhill.

Zwartbles 174p Ringliggate.

Oxford 172p, 171p Guards

Leicester 171p Upper Burnmouth.

Dorset 168p Allfornaught.

Swaledale 164p Softley.

Lightweight lambs same as prime, best meat very easy to sell to average 179.2p overall.

Top price was £77.80 for Beltex from Byers Farm; Texel £66.80 Cumcrook, £65 Castle Creavie; Suffolk £66.20 Eastfield of Wiston, £64.20 Castle Creavie; Greyface £63.80 Pirntaton, £58.80 Stell Green; Hill Cheviot £58.80 Linhope, £54.80 Over Kirkhope; Cheviot Mule £57.80 Byers Farm; Zwartbles £53.80 Ringliggate; Blackface £50 Pry Hill, £45 Rosgill Hall; Swaledale £49.20 Softley; Soya £46.80 Charterhall.

The 4,740 cast ewes and rams forward were 1,000 head more on the week with the trade the best for several weeks, up £5 to £10 on the week and short of requirements.

Cast rams to £121 for Texels from Pirntaton, £109 Hillhead, £104 Station Hill; Suffolk £116, £105 Challoch Mun, £96 Barnsallie; Hill Cheviot £97 Bedshiel, £83 Golval, £77 Bedshiel; Leicester £91 Gapshield, £87 Black House, £84 Hillhead; North Country Cheviot £90, £79 Upper Dounreay; Oxford £85 Guards; Beltex £79 Upper Dounreay; Charollais £79 Courstein; Wensleydale £77 Golden Lane; Blackface £67 Cowburn, £63 Binn Road, £56 Craig Douglas; Jacob £61 Tinto Hill.

Heavy Texel ewes to £120.50, £118.50 Pirntaton, £117 Drinkstone; Suffolk £115 Station Hill, £100 Kilnford Croft, £99 Draperstown; Rouge £115 Station Hill; Bleu d’Maine £111 Hillhead, £99 Braithwaite Hall, £96 Hillhead; Charollais £99 Jonesboro, £95 Hillhead, £87 Jonesboro; North Country Cheviot £87 Gortin, £84.50 Achavarn, £81.50 Linton House; Half Bred £85 Station Hill, £60 Deuchrie; Leicester £81 Larel, £79.50 Draperstown, £75 Hillhead; Cheviot Mule £80.50 Shawhill, £78.50 Northfield, £77.50 Glendearg; Greyface £79 Draperstown, £78.50 Northfield, £75.50 Bombie; Oxford £75 Hardmuir, £65 Guards.

Light ewes to £75.50 for Cheviots from Gillesbie, £75 Linton House, £73.50 Colmslie Hill; Lleyn £70.50 Harper Hill, £65.50 Glebelands, £55 Cowcorse; Blackface £62.50, £60.50, £60 Deuchrie, £56.50 Whitefield and Cowcorse; Swaledale £56 Wydon Eals, £48.50 Nunscleugh, £45.50 Woodhouse; Herdwick £49 South Dene; Jacob £45 Hardmuir.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 256.5p (230.8p)
Heavy to 248.5p (229.9p)

Light to 226.5p (214.9p)
Medium to 242.5p (222.9p)
Heavy to 228.5p (217.2p)

Young bulls to 244.5p (212.7p)

Light to 203.0p (179.6p)
Standard to 232.0p (181.8p)
Medium to 222.0p (181.2p)
Heavy to 202.0p (179.9p)
O/weight 183.0p (173.0p)

Light to £75.50 (£39.95)
Heavy to £120.50 (£73.35)

Cast Rams to £121.00 (£68.77)

corresponding week 2012 sale report

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