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The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 6,034 store lambs at their sale on Wednesday 16th September 2009.

A large show and with buyers from Wales present, all classes were again dear. Top was £62 for Suffolk lambs from Candybank Cottage, £55 Lynnshield. Texels £62, £59 Eskdale Cottage, £57.50 Nether Horsley, £56 Cocklakes House; North Country Cheviots £49.50 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £49 Stoophill, £48.50 Windyhaugh; Charollais £52.50 Mossband House; Greyfaces £50 Blackhouse & Paterburn, £48.50 Hole of Lyne, £47 Roachburn & Mossband House.
Hill Cheviots £48 Meikledale, £46.50 Clenries, £45.50 Cooms; Blackfaces £47 Townshields, £45.50 Minsca, £42.50 Earlshaugh; Swaledales £34 Blackhouse. Cast ewes to £60 Candybank Cottage.



The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their annual show and sale of 2,367 Cheviot lambs and 1,078 Blackface lambs on Wednesday 16th September 2009.

Judging was in the capable hands of Mr & Mrs Eastham, Naddle Farm, Bampton, Penrith whose awards were as follows:-

Hill Cheviots
1st Mrs L Luescher, Glendinning Westerkirk selling at £45, 2nd Langholm Farms, Cooms, Langholm selling at £45.50, 3rd J Common & Son, Crossdykes, Corrie selling at £42.50.

Hill North Cheviots
1st Messrs Allen, Stouphill, Alnwick selling at £49, 2nd Sorbietrees Farms, Newcastleton selling at £48.50, 3rd J Hyslop, Windyhaugh, Harbottle selling at £47.

1st Messrs Robson, Townshield, Haydon Bridge selling at £47, 2nd H & M Connell, Minsca, Waterbeck selling at £45.50, 3rd Mrs L Luescher, Sundhope, Newcastleton selling at £41.50.

A good company ensured a good trade for an excellent show of lambs with the Hill Cheviots between £43 and £46. Hill North Cheviots £46 to £49 and the best Blackfaces £40 to £45.

[2008 report]

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