Share Matching Service

Occasionally, C & D Auction Marts Limited (C&D) receives requests from its shareholders to help them sell or buy C&D shares.

To facilitate these arrangements, C&D is now able to offer a share matching service to C&D shareholders, whereby the Company Secretary will endeavour to match up sellers and buyers of C&D shares.

C&D shareholders can instruct the Company Secretary to match up a share transaction either within a set limit (ie. to sell the shares at no less than a certain price per share and/or to buy the shares at no more than a certain price per share) or without a limit (ie. to sell the shares at the highest price which a buyer is willing to pay and/or to buy shares at the lowest price which a seller is willing to accept).

C&D is able to offer this share matching service on the basis that
i) the service is not being carried out "in the course of business"
ii) the service is only utilised occasionally
iii) the service is provided without any charges being levied by C&D and
iv) the service only relates to shares in C&D.

The following numbers of C&D shares are currently either available for sale or required by potential buyers:

Reference number Shares for sale Shares required to purchase
15 200sold  
14 500sold  
13 350sold  
12 200sold  
11 500sold  
10 200sold  
9 300sold  
8 200sold  
7 500sold  
6 500  

updated 21st June 2018

For further details of this share matching service please telephone 01228 791215.