Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of Primestock on Wednesday 13th February 2019 in Dumfries.

103 Cattle Forward.

Small show of prime cattle sold at 212ppk for an Angus x heifer from Innerfield to W. Lindsay Butcher, Creetown.

98 OTM's: Trade no dearer, very few meated cows forward.

Per Head

Limousin to £1169.60 £960 Crawthat, £998.20 Dalmakethar £924 Compstone End

British Blue to £1073.60 Crawthat

Angus to £944 Dalmakethar

Fleckvieh to £847 R ockhallhead.

Ayrshire to £807.50 Muirside

Holstein to £773.50 Meikle Killantrae

Per Kilo

Limousin to 136p 128p Crawthat, 132 Compstone End, 122p Dalmakethar

Luing to 128p Compstone End

British Blue to 122p Crawthat

Angus to 118p Dalmakethar

Fleckvieh to 110p Rockallhead

Ayrshire to 95p Muirside

Holstein to 93p Meikle Killantrae

1,050 Sheep forward:  

743 Prime Hoggs: A very mixed offering with quality hoggs scarce. 

57 Hoggs (17-25.4) Ave 162.5p/kg to 192p/kg Little Fenwick

Blackface to £64.50 £63.50 Inglestone £56 Glenmanna

94 Hoggs (25.5-32kg) Ave 198.8p/kg To 212p/kg Inglestone

North Country Cheviot to £67 Raggiewhat.

Blackface to £62.50 Barbush.

224 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 194.6/kg To 219p/kg Auchenfad.

Texel to £81.50 Auchenfad, £77.50 Inglestone, £75 Rashgill

Cheviot to £76 Maryholm.

Blackface to £74 £68 Glenmanna

226 Hoggs (39.1-45.5kg) Ave 189.4p/kg To 205p/kg Nether Garrel

Texel to £88 Nether Garrel £85.50 Shangan £84.50 West Skelston £84 Auchenfad

Cheviot to £86 Auchencrieff £82.50 Upper Portrack

Suffolk to £84.50 £83 Riggheads

Blackface to £79 Maryholm

Cross to £77 Lag Farm

142 Hoggs (46+kg) Ave 170.8p/kg To 188p/kg Upper Portrack.

Suffolk to £91.50 Moorfoot House, £90 Upper Portrack

North Country Cheviot to £91 Auchencrieff, £89 Upper Portrack

Charollais to £89.50 Riggheads

Texel to £89 Riggheads £88 Shangan

Cross to £77 to South Mains

307 Cast Sheep: All classes sold at improved


Texel to £101.50 Laightmuirsde £99 Dalmakethar 

Cross to £93 Dalmakethar £68.50 Drumpark

Blue Leicester to £83.50 Auchens

Cheviot to £75 Dalmakethar £62 Falgunzeon

Zwartbles to £72.50 Broomhill Bank

Blackfaces to £58.50 Bannister Hall Lane £54.50 South Mains


Lleyn to £86 £68 Dalmakethar 

Texel to £81 Lag Farm

Suffolk to £80 West Lanegate

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