Dumfries Store & Breeding Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle in Dumfries on Monday 13th July 2020.

Store cattle again met a brisk dmeand with numbers short of requirements.

Bullocks ave 214.7p/kg to 238p/kg and £1130

Heifers ave 213.4p/kg to 258.3p/kg and £1130

Bullocks per head Saler - £1130 High Auchneel. Limousin - £1080 High Auchneel. British Blue – £950 Gimmenbie, £945 No2 Howes. Shorthorn - £905 Castle Creavie

Heifer per head Angus - £1130 £1090 High Auchneel, £1050 Maryfield, £940 North Bowerhouses. Simmental - £1110 £1020 High Auchneel. Limousin - £1050 £1040 £1020High Auchneel, £945 Gimmenbie. British Blue - £940 Gimmenbie.

Also C & D held their July sale of breeding cattle which included dispersals from Woodside, New Abbey and Bush of Craigs, Dumfries. The stock dispersal from Woodside comprised of honest commercial cows with angus calves at foot and met plenty of interest to average £1282.50. Selling to £1450 (x3) for 6yo Angus cows with Angus bull calves

    £1450 Beef Shorthorn cow (5yo) with heifer calf

Stock dispersal from Bush of Craigs comprised of aug/sept calvers also met a keen demand selling to £1320 Angus (5yo), £1200 Simmental (5yo) to Average £930.88

Outwith the dispersals:

British Blue heifer with heifer calf to £1990 Clantibuies

British Blue heifer with bull calf to £1900 Clantibuies

Beef Shorthorn heifer with heifer calf to £1750 Clantibuies