Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 501 store hoggs and cast ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 23rd April 2019.

Another good show of hoggs attracted strong competition throughout, with late extreme rates maintained.

Top was £87 for Suffolks from Douglas Hall and Texels from Crake Trees Manor, who sold other Suffolks to £78. Other Texels to £86 & £82 Douglas Hall, £85 The Parks; Greyfaces to £81 Harper Hill; Beltex to £81 Douglas Hall; North Country Cheviots to £80 Whitchester, £79 Crake Trees Manor; Hill Cheviots to £75 Clerkhill; Blackfaces to £64 & £63.50 Crake Trees Manor, £61 Whitchester. Feeding ewes to £80 for Texels from Whinnyhill, others to £77 Harper Hill.

A much larger show of 1,046 ewes and lambs were forward to a similar ringside of buyers, quality outfits were forward in fewer numbers and well bid for to a top of £84 a life for hoggs with singles from Messrs Ramsey, Dockray Hall and £80 a life for a tremendous Texel ewe with a Texel lamb from G. McGregor, Longrigg.


Hoggs with single

Texel £84, £78, £75 Dockray Hall.

Hoggs with twins

Texel £58 Dockray Hall.

Ewes with single

Texel £80 Longrigg, £79 Whinnyhill, £70 East Mains, £68, £66 Glebelands, £65 East Mains.

Suffolk £70 Gospel Hall.

Cheviot Mule £69 Kinninghall.

Charollais £67 Bayles.

North Country Cheviot £49 Gospel Hall.

Ewes with twins

Suffolk £70.50, £69.50, £69, £65 Wallend.

Texel £67 East Mains, £65 Whinnyhill.

Cross £57 Low Closegill, £56, £53 Moss Side.

North Country Cheviot £49 Gospel Hall.