Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward an entry of 3,496 store hoggs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 12th February 2019.

A much-improved show of hoggs for quality attracted more buyers, with trade being no less on the week. Top price was £84 several times for Texels from Greyside, Downan and Halfway House, with Beltexs also to £84 from The Wreay, others to £83 Low Garth. Texels to £80 Channel Well, Trailtrow, The Wreay & South Port o Spittal; Suffolks to £82 South Port o Spittal, £80 Satchells & Gall; Cheviot Mules to £71 & £70 Satchells; Greyfaces to £75 Dale House, £74 South Thornberry, £73 North Ghyll Bank; North Cheviots to £73 Coolingel, £68.50 Satchells; Hill Cheviots to £68 Drycleuchlea; Blackfaces to £76 Wardrew, £70.50 Greyside, £68 Balmurrie; Swaledales to £71 Hepple Hill; Herdwicks to £65 Orthwaite Hall; Jacobs to £65 Wardrew.

Feeding ewes (413) an improved show with buyer’s keener for supplies, all classes met a great demand. Top of £100 for Texels from Downan, who also sold Greyfaces to £63. Cheviot Mules to £90 Halfway House; Suffolk to £83 Nether Harsley. Hill ewes to £61 for Cheviots from Drycleuchlea; Blackfaces to £60 South Chareheads. Cast rams to £71 for a Leicester from Nether Harsley.


C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their special Mid-February sale of in lamb ewes and geld hoggs attracted a large entry of 720 head at Longtown on Tuesday 12th February 2019.

The sale was topped at £140 for the top pen of 30 North of England Mule shearlings, all scanned twins from T. Edgar, Whitton. With 3 pens at £130 with 3-4shear Texel x ewes selling at £124 & £116 from Kirkandrews Moat.



North of England Mules to £140 & £130 (x3) Whitton.

Scotch Mules to £98 Barnglieshead.


Texels to £124 & £116 Kirkandrews Moat, £102 Patna, £92 & £91 Hopestead.

Cross to £105 & £98 Barnglieshead, £98 Kirkandrews Moat, £82 & £80 Barnglieshead.

North Country Cheviot to £74 Patna.

Lleyns to £72 & £67 Castle Creavie.

Blackfaces to £66 Barnglieshead, £55 Treaty Park.

Ewe Hoggs

Texels to £98 Howard House, £92 Barnglieshead.