Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 4,313 store hoggs, feeding ewes and cast rams at Longtown at their weekly sale on Tuesday 18th January 2022.

A larger but mixed quality show of hoggs attracted more buyers from as far as Colchester, Essex. Trade was buoyant throughout the sale although smaller types cheaper with stronger sorts similar.

Top £121 for Suffolks from Staffler Farm, others to £111 for a pen of 50 from Wiza Farm; Texels to £120 from Routin Lynn, others to £118 Swaites, £117 Springwells; Beltexs to £119 Mains of Collin, £114 Park Nook; Greyfaces to £103 No3 Glenrath Cottage, £95 Hott, £93 Coolingel; Charollais to £94 Desoglin; Cheviot Mules to £97 Marwhirn; North Cheviots to £113 North Synton; Easycare to £77 Glenlea.

Hill hoggs sold to £97 for Cheviots from Solway Bank, others to £95 The Shaws, £89 Unthank; Blackfaces to £96 Drummuckloch, £89 Prospect House, £87 Shepherds Cottage; Kendal Roughs to £77 Gill Head; Swaledales to £64 Sheepriggs, £63 Gill Head; Herdwicks to £62 Ballafayle Bride.
Feeding ewes and cast rams (266) another marvellous trade. Top £115 twice for Texels from Jerusalem & Pennington Home Farm, others to £114 Laughtmuirside; Suffolks to £95 Trowknowes; Greyfaces to £87 Westerhouses; Easycares to £91 Glenlea, Jacobs to £82 Wardrew. Hill ewes to £71 for Blackfaces from Townfoot and £71 Prospect House; Cheviots to £63 Satchells. Cast rams to £105 for Cheviots from Blackburn; Texels to £100 Pennington Home Farm, who also sold Dutch Texels to £94.

The special sale of in lamb breeding sheep attracted a good entry, buyers were out in force as a result all classes proved brilliant to sell. Top was £330 & £300 & £290 for Texel gimmers from John Connell, Wanton Walls Farm. Ewes sold to £160 for Cheviot Mules and £148 for Texels from Upper Senwick Farm, others to £148 Leapsrigg.