Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 5,608 sheep comprising of 295 prime hoggs, 1,723 spring lambs and 3,590 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 23rd June 2022.

Increased numbers of cast cows were forward yet again, to a competitive ringside of five buyers, ensuring all classes met a flying trade throughout. More numbers are required on a weekly basis. The sale topped at 204p for an Angus from Tanlawhill Farming, Westerkirk, who also sold Herefords at 202p and other Angus cows to 198p, 194p and 193p. Holstein cows sold to 179p (x2) from Hewson Bros, Jerriestown, Blackford. Top per head of £1,507 and £1,313 for Herefords from Lyneholm House with Holsteins to £1,503 from Jerriestown. Angus cows to £1,228 and £1,207 from Tanlawhill.

A much larger show of 1,723 good quality prime lambs were forward and attracted very strong competition from the usual buyers. Overall average 314.8p (SQQ 313.8p), with many of the best pens making 330-340p per kilo with a top price per kilo of 336p for Texel lambs shown by HM Martindale, The Land, Ecclefechan.

Heavy lambs also an exceptional demand with many pens between £160-£170 and to a top of £180 for Suffolks from J Watson & Co., Bowsden Moor, Berwick.  


Texel 336p The Land, 335p, 334p, 332p Kilnford Croft, 332p Whins, 331p Newhope & Kilnford Croft.  

Suffolk 333p, 329p, 328p Cambeckhill, 328p Carsegowan, 325p Whins.

Beltex 328p Nirvana, 324p, Kilnford Croft, 322p, 320p Nirvana.   

Dutch Spotted 316p Frankstown.

Charollais 309p Hundalee House.  

Zwartble 303p Glencairn.


Suffolk £180 Bowsden Moor, £165 Beechgrove, £162.50 Carsegowan.

Texel £171 Whins, £163 Kilnford Croft, £162.50 Whins.

Zwartble £163, £155 Glencairn.  

Dutch Spotted £144 Frankstown.

Dorset £139 Whinney Brow.

Oxford £137 Guards.

Beltex £135.50, £134.40 Nirvana, £131.50 Kimmeter Green.

An end of season show of 295 hoggs saw all good meat good to sell. Top price per kilo of 293p for Cheviots from PAD Boyle & Sons, Mallsgate Hall, Roweltown. Top per head of £130 for Texels shown by T Bean & Sons, Shield Farm, Co Durham and for Oxfords from Messrs Rutherford & Co., Guards, Gretna.

An overall sale average of 219.7ppk (SQQ 221.5ppk) 


Hill Cheviot 293p Mallsgate Hall, 274p Faulding Cleugh, 250p East Buccleuch.

Texel 278p Cardewlees, 263p Mallsgate Hall, 261p Shield Farm.

Berrichon 278p Paulsland.  

Suffolk 270p Weeds, 238p Low Hallburn.

Beltex 266p Priory Nook.  

Mule 252p Culquhasen.


Texel £130, £123 Shield Farm, £123 Morrell Hill.

Oxford £130, £120 Guards.  

Hill Cheviot £129 Mallsgate Hall   

Suffolk £119 Weeds.  

Berrichon £117 Paulsland.  

Mule £115 Mallsgate Hall.

Another large entry of 3,590 cast ewes and rams were forward which attracted more buyers around the ringside. Trade for heavy ewes would be slightly cheaper although hill ewes were scarce and dear. All classes received strong competition.

Heavy ewes sold to £238 per head for Texel ewes from R Osborne, Castlehill, Durisdeer.

Mule ewes sold to a top of £146 from M Smith, Mount Farm, Blackford.

Hill ewes topped at £126 for Cheviots from Messrs Hepburn & Co., North House, Hawick.  

Rams topping at £235 for Bluefaced Leicester from Burnfoot Farms, Sanquhar.


Texel £238 Castlehill, £216 Kirk House, £215 Kirkbog Lodge, £212 Crailloch, £208 Watch Currock.     

Suffolk £178 Edendales, £175, £174 Low Hallburn, £170 Crailloch.

North Country Cheviot £162 Chaseside.  

Beltex £155 The Laurels.  

Bluefaced Leicester £150 Burnfoot.  

Charollais £148 High Trewhitt, £144 Heatherglen, £140 Beckfoot & Hundalee Pastoral.  

Mule £146 Mount Farm, £143 Blairshinnoch, £141 Longyester & Horsley Hill, £140 Tone Hall.    

Cheviot Mule £145 Sorrowlessfield Mains, £140 Raeburnhead.   


Hill Cheviot £126, £124 North House, £118 Gillesbie, £114 Bankhead of Tinwald, £110 Gillesbie.

Easycare £118 Godscroft.

Blackface £112 Viewley, £101 Longlea, £100 Bankhead of Tinwald & Burnfoot.

Swaledale £96 Mount Farm.


Bluefaced Leicester £235 Burnfoot.

Charollais £216 Nether Locharwoods.

Texel £197 Beckfoot, £190 Gillesbie, £184 Chaseside, £180 Broomhills.    

Dorset £170 Beckfoot.  

Suffolk £164 Roxburgh Mains.

Cheviot £157 Gillesbie.

Blackface £140 Burnfoot.  


Light to           250.0p (212.1p)
Standard to      278.0p (206.9p)
Medium to      293.0p (251.0p)
Heavy to         263.0p (214.0p)
Shearlings to   236.0p (186.9p)

Light to           281.0p (281.2p)
Standard to      336.0p (313.0p)
Medium to      335.0p (315.2p)
Heavy to         334.0p (314.3p)
Overweight to 316.0p (244.5p)

Light to           £126.00 (£83.53) 
Heavy to         £238.00 (£131.86)

Rams to           £235.00 (£132.22)


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