Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,836 sheep comprising of 4,609 prime hoggs and 4,227 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th January 2022.

An improved entry of cast cows were forward to a competitive ringside of buyers, with more numbers required on a weekly basis to fulfil demand. The sale topped at £1,428 for a British Blue shown by Devonport Farms, Hexham, who sold others at £1,013. Beef Shorthorns sold to £1,048 from JDM Thomson, Pilmuir, Hawick.

Top price per kilo of 140p from Blakelaw.

A smaller show of 4,609 prime hoggs were forward to the same ring of purchasers which ensured all classes were competitively bid for, following the national trend, heavy lambs being less money on the week whilst lightweight and export sheep sold to recent rates.

Beltex hoggs topped the price per kilo at 397p from M Buchan, Torrax, Kirriemuir, who also went onto top the price per head at £175. This quality consignment of 100 Beltex & Texel hoggs went on to average 47kg, 296p and £140.71.       

All classes of well fed and properly finished prime hoggs are keenly sought after on a weekly basis to satisfy an ever-growing customer base here at Longtown. For further enquiries please contact our auctioneers who will be pleased to take your calls.

An overall sale average of 265.4p (SQQ 270.6p) was achieved.


Beltex 397p Torrax, 345p, 342p Lurgan, 341p Cambeckhill, 331p Sowerby Wood, 320p High Stenries.

Texel 321p Torrax, 307p Bidlake, 305p Kirkbride, 304p Bridge End, 303p Kirkbride, 301p Trawill & New Hummerbecks, 300p Torrax, Brae Edge, Lingey Field, Sowerby Wood & Cadgillhead.   

Hill Cheviot 302p Maidencots, 299p West Houses, 292p High Fodderlie, 287p West Houses, 285p Tushielaw.          

Herdwick 297p Orthwaite Hall.  

Charollais 294p Basco Dykehead.  

Suffolk 290p Maidencots, 285p Donrentin, 281p Lairdlaugh, 280p Shield Farm, Outertown & Third, 274p Knock, 273p Maidencots.     

Blackface 284p West Houses, 280p Sorbie, 277p Arnicle, 274p Silloans, 273p Knockreoch, 271p Fardingjames, 270p Knockreoch.   

Mule 276p Kirkland of Longcastle, 267p Shield Farm, 266p Silloans, 260p Derrie, 258p Fardingjames, 256p Woodfoot, 255p High Cattadale, Pasture House, Gartvaigh & Kirkland of Longcastle.      

Cheviot Mule 263p High Airyolland, 261p Thornship.


Beltex £175 Torrax, £150 High Hall, £149 Maryholm, £147, £144 High Stenries, £143 Crawthat, £140 Cambeckhill, Torrax & High Hall.  

Suffolk £168 Whitstonehill, £158 Colmslie Hill, £150 Whitstonehill, £149 Claycrop, £144 South Slealands, £140 Kimmiter Green.   

Texel £157, £155 Whitstonehill, £155 High Crubasdale & High House, £152 Skelfhill, £150 High Crubasdale, Shangan, Upper Tinwald & Stockasteads.    

Leicester £146, £140 Albierigg.

Mule £135 Mount Farm, £126 Cowburnrigg, £124.50 Fardingjames.   

Hill Cheviot £135 Mainside, £126 Glendearg, £125 Tushielaw.     

Charollais £124 Bidlake, £121.50 Knowe.

Cheviot Mule £123.50 High Airyolland, £120.50 Kingside.

Blackface £122 Albierigg, £120 Plenderleith.

North Country Cheviot £120 Jethart (Larkhall).

Herdwick £120 Orthwaite Hall.

A larger show of 4,227 ewes were forward again to the same ring of competitive purchasers, with all classes firmer across the board, especially handy weight Blackie and Cheviot ewes.   

Texel ewes topped at £220 consigned by Messrs Beard, Dormansteads, Roweltown.   

Suffolk ewes topped at £180 from A Wallace & Co., Claycrop, Newton Stewart.  

Hill ewes were forward in great numbers topping at £119 for Blackface ewes from AW Ainslie, Linkshead, Berwick with Cheviots also topping at £119 from WJC & SJ Weir, Mainside, Hownam.

Heavy Mule ewes sold to £132 from Third Farms, Lockerbie.

Rams sold to blistering rates again topping at £195 for Texels from JR & CJ Ward, Whitstonehill, Lockerbie and Suffolks from A & J Dickson, Sorrowlessfield Mains, Earlston. Blackface tups sold to £172 for a huge stock tup consigned by Messrs E & TN Ballantyne, Cowburnrigg, Hexham.    

All quantities of ewes are required for this week’s sale as the ewe trade is set to hold firm and more ewes can be sold on a weekly basis to vendor’s advantage. Please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers for further entries or enquiries.  


Texel £220 Dormansteads, £212 Sharplaw & Newton Field, £210 High House, Beckfoot & Sharplaw, £208 Newton Field, £205 Craggs & Craigsford Mains, £204 Dormansteads & Chaseside, £202 Crumhaughhill, £198 Langdyke Cottage, £195 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £180 Claycrop, £166 Newton Field, £150, £148 Bleatarn, £148 Crumhaughhill, £145 The Snab.    

Beltex £178 Lairdlaugh, £176 High House, £166 Newton Cottage, £165 High House, £158 Newton Cottage.

Bluefaced Leicester £154, £147, £138 Linkshead, £136 High House, £134 Nunscleugh & Romesbeoch.      

North Country Cheviot £151, £141, £134 Dormansteads, £133 North Synton, £132 West Millhills & Dodgsonstown.

Charollais £140 Satchells, £140, £135, £134 Chaseside, £132 Brocklerigg.   

Lleyn £133, £121 South Bowerhouses.

Mule £132 Third, £130 Linkshead & Westcote, £128 Third, £127 Dunjop, High Airyolland & Townfoot, £126 Shangan & Millriggs, £125 Hollytree & Kirranrae.   

Cheviot Mule £131 Clackmae, £124 Third, £121 Clackmae.


Blackface £119, £117 Linkshead, £109 Thornton Tower, £107 Linkshead, £103 Cowburnrigg, £100 Newton Cottage.   

Hill Cheviot £119 Mainside, £114, £111 Potholm, £110 Cara View, £107 Mainside, £106 Haswell Moor, £103 Pynag.       

Kerry Hill £90 Thornship.  

Swaledale £85 Burnhouse, £78 Townfoot, £77 Linkshead, Coombe Crag, Bayldon & Burnhouse, £75 Linkshead.


Texel £195 Whitstonehill, £190 Sorrowlessfield Mains, £188 Woodhouse, £185 Whitstonehill, £180 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £195 Sorrowlessfield Mains, £172 Skelfhill, £170 Viewley, Cowburnrigg & Colmslie Hill.

Charollais £176 Chaseside, £175 Viewley.  

Blackface £172 Cowburnrigg.

Bluefaced Leicester £160 Beoch, £146 Beckfoot, £138 Viewley & Silloans.    

Hampshire £150 Sorrowlessfield Mains.  

Cheviot £145 Viewley, £142 Beoch, £138 Potholm, £130 Skelfhill.    


Light to           300.0p (245.7p)
Standard to      345.0p (273.2p)
Medium to      397.0p (271.0p)
Heavy to         321.0p (256.8p)

Light to           £119.00 (£76.20) 
Heavy to         £220.00 (£123.40)

Rams               £195.00 (£120.62)


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