Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,115 sheep comprising of 3,716 prime lambs and 4,399 cast ewes & rams and 22 cattle at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 10th October 2019.

Cattle were an improved entry for quality and numbers although trade slightly less; as with all other centers, due to increased numbers forward throughout the country. Also, more weathered cows forward. The sale topped at 171p for a Limousin from JP Lee, Morley Hill, Hexham with others to 168p for Shorthorns from Waterhead of Dryfe, Lockerbie.

Young bulls sold to 159p (£1,224) for a British Blue from Morley Hill.

Cows sold to 137p and 129p (x2) for British Blues from JP Lee who sold Limousins at 123p, with top price per head of £1,061, £986 and £980 from the same home.

3,716 prime lambs were an increased entry on the week and a much better quality show. All the usual buyers operating with trade again strong and better than anticipated. Overall average 163.9p (SQQ 166.6p)

Best export lambs sold at 200-220p and to a top of 249p for Beltex lambs shown by JA & LA Thompson, Woodhead, Scaleby.

Commercial lambs 165-175p per kilo.

Heavy lambs met a strong trade with several pens over the £90 mark and sold to £97 again for Beltex lambs from Woodhead.

Light lambs also in high demand with good meat lambs making 180p plus.


Belt 249p Woodhead, 229p Lingey Field, 223p Crawthat.  

Tex 195p Oaklands, 190p Achamore, 189p Lingey Field & Hemplands.  

Mill Bleu 193p, 180p Stanley House.

Chev Mule 190p Dodgsonstown.   

Char 178p High Crubasdale.   

Herd 174p Coach & Horses House.    

Chev 172p Gatehousecote, 167p Roughet Hill.   

BF 172p, 166p, 164p Riskenhope,

Suff 170p Langholm, 168p Achamore,  

Mule 162p Lossit Home Farm, 159p Langholm, 158p Ballywilline.


Belt £97 Woodhead, £94 Crawthat & Arnmannoch, £92 Middle Farm & Woodhead.

Tex £90 Middle Farm & High Mossthorn, £86.50 Linton, £85 Guardsmill & Pates Hill.

Suff £90, £85 Guardsmill, £84 Hallburn.    

Char £83 Hallburn, £75.50 Archerbeck, £73.50 Hallburn.

Mill Bleu £83, £72 Stanley House.

Mule £82 The Nook, £78.50 Hole Farm, £77 Cowburnrigg.          

Chev Mule £81.50 Dodgsonstown, £72.50 Marwhirn.     

BF £73 Sewing Shields, £72 Roughet Hill, £70 Pitland Hills.   

Chev £72 Roughet Hill.

4,399 cast ewes and rams were a large show on the week and with an increased attendance of buyers, all classes met a fantastic trade selling dearer on the week. 259 ewes sold at £100 or more to average £125.07. Overall average £58.45.

Sale topped at a massive £173 for a pen of Texel ewes from J Connell, Wanton Walls, Lauder with light ewes to £67 for Cheviots shown by JM Davidson, East Deloraine, Ettrick and for Lleyn ewes from SH & PM Shirley-Bevan, Gatehousecote, Bonchester Bridge. Texel rams to £150 from B McMillan, Langshawmuir, Eaglesfield.  


Tex £173 Wanton Walls, £161 Howden, £154 Nilston Rigg.       

Char £112, £92 Beck.

Suff £98 Smailholm Mains, £97 North House, £94 Chaseside.    

Chev Mule £88 Ballie, £77 Aspatria Hall, £76 Achalone.

HB £85 Smailholm Mains.

NCC £84 Forss, £82 Courstein, £79 Hownam Grange.   

Mule £82 Hopesley House, £72 Oaklands, £70 Longhurst.  

BFL £80 Lawesknowe, £78 Town Shields, £76 The Steel.

Border Leic £76 Linton.  


Chev £67 East Deloraine, £65 Forss, £57 Howden.   

Lleyn £67, £62, £57 Gatehousecote.    

BF £66 The Steel, £65 Nilston Rigg, £60 The Steel.    

KR £66 Ballie.   

Swale £46 Netherton, £44 Woodhouse & High Parkfoot.

Herd £45, £44 Orchardton Mains, £43 Moss Side.  


Tex £150 Langshawmuir, £128 Beckfoot & Becks, £122 Langshawmuir.

Suff £107 Drinkstone.  

NCC £100 Bardnaclaven.  

Chev £73 Crossdykes, £72 Potholm, £70 Catslackburn.



Light to           174.0p (156.0p) 
Standard to      249.0p (162.3p) 
Medium to      223.0p (169.0p) 
Heavy to         192.0p (157.0p)

Overweight to 170.0p (151.7p)

Light to           £67.00 (£42.00) 
Heavy to         £173.00 (£72.28)

Rams               £150.00 (£74.10)


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