Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 2,999 sheep comprising of 1,544 prime hoggs, 167 spring lambs and 1,288 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 13th May 2021.

A good show of cast cows forward, all classes were in big demand and met a competitive trade with more numbers required on a weekly basis. Topping the sale at £1,066 was a British Blue cow consigned by M/s R & M G Elliott, Hallburn Croft, Longtown realising £1,066. Topping at 159p for the same well-presented British Blue cow.

New season spring lambs sold to a top price per kilo of 367p for Texel lambs shown by I Donaldson, Ashton, with top per head of £163 for Suffolk lambs from Hazel M Martindale, The Land, who’s run of 16 Suffolk lambs went on to average 46kg, 306p, £142.44.

Overall average 302.94p (SQQ 306.28p)

NSL in numbers are require on a weekly basis to satisfy increased purchaser enquiries for next week. Please advise entries to our auctioneers.


Texel 367p & 334p Ashton, 338p Merkland, 328p Tathhill Cottage.

Suffolk 325p & 317p The Land, 318p Pasture House, 312p Kimmeter Green.

Charollais 319p Pasture House.

Berrichon 300p & 297p Carse.

Hampshire 293p Brookside.

Oxford 288p Guards.

Cheviot 279p Millantae.

Herdwick 263p Brookside.


Suffolk £163 & £158 & £150 The Land, £151 Merkland.

Texel £155 & £154 & £137 & £135 Ashton, £135 Merkland.

Charollais £155 Woodhead, £134 Pasture House.

Oxford £144 Guards.

Hampshire £137 Guards, £120 Brookside.

Berrichon £111 & £107 Carse.

A smaller, mixed show of 1,544 prime hoggs were forward with a definite divide between the well fed hoggs and the lean hoggs which have a limited customer base from now on in. Well finished hoggs still maintaining recent high rates of return.

Topping the sale was a pen of 18 well fed Cheviot hoggs consigned by M/s Conaghan, West Scales, realising 321p.

Top price per head was a pen of hefty Texel hoggs consigned by M/s R & S Nixon, & Co, Oakwood, Selkirk realising £165, several pens of hoggs sold over £160 as long as they were well finished.

For further advice on marketing your livestock or for any other enquiries or entries please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323

Neil McCleary 07771685073 

Norman Douglas 07786366833


Cheviot 321p & 307p West Scales, 304p Creca Hall, 302p Station Yard.

Beltex 319p Torkirra, 308p East Raffles, 308p & 307p Snade.

Texel 316p Bog House, 315p Trecorner & Blackleaze, 314p Trecorner.

Charollais 310p Trecorner.

Blackface 310p & 296p Glenmanna, 296p Blackleaze, 287p Patties Hill.

Suffolk 306p Trecorner, 290 Annanhill, 283p Hayclose.

Shetland 292p & 281p Auchlin, 282p Upper Senwick.

Cheviot Mule 291p & 263p Torkirra, 277p Ryehills.

Mule 286p Oswie, 282p Pasture House, 274p Trecorner & Bog House, 272p West Scales.

Herdwick 278p Newton Field.

Easycare 276p & 221p Trecorner.

Swaledale 270p Patties Hill, 262p Broomhill.

Welsh 270p Great Bidlake.

Lleyn 261p Mallsgate Hall.

Oxford 244p Trecorner.


Texel £165 Oakwood, £164 & £163 East Raffles, £163 Braehead, £160 Torkirra & Becks.

Suffolk £159 & £158 Low Hallburn, £158 Oswie, £150 Tercrosset, £149 High Glen Triplock.

Cheviot Mule £158 & £154 Torkirra, £158 Ryehills.

Blackface £157 & £155 Glenmann, £147 Braehead, £136 Blackleaze.

Cheviot £153.50 & £151.50 & £146 Pasture House, £145 Kirndean.

Beltex £152 Snade, £148 East Raffles, £146 Merkland, £144 Stoneflatts.

Mule £152 Oswie, £141 Pasture House, £138 Aldery Terrace, £131 West Scales.

Easycare £130 Trecorner.

Charollais £124 Trecorner.

Herdwick £122 Braehead, £111 Newton Field, £90 Cardewlees.

Oxford £120 Trecorner.

Lleyn £111 Trecorner.

Swaledale £108 Patties Hill, £105 Broomhill (Hird).

Shetland £105 & £101 Auchlin.

Welsh £100 Great Bidlake.

A smaller show of 1,288 ewes was forward. Over fat ewes were less money along with plain ewes, with limited demand, whilst all other classes were very similar to last weeks high rates of return.  

Heavy ewes topped at £212 for Texel ewes from J Pirie, Machrihanish, Campbeltown.

Hill ewes topped at £111 for Cheviot ewes shown by J Richardson & Sons, Courstein. Blackface ewes sold at £94 consigned by B Cheesbrough, Lanehead.

Rams sold very well with a shortage of heavy tups, topping at £175 for Texels from DW Scott, Stanley House, with Suffolks to £170 consigned HS MacTeir, Bog House, Newton Stewart.

All classes of ewes will be in serious demand here at Longtown next week and numbers are keenly sought after for next week’s sale. Please advise entries to our auctioneers.


Texel £212 Machrihanish, £200 Hazel Head, £182 Crailloch & Burgh Head, £180 Merkland.

Charollais £180 & £175 Beckfoot.

Suffolk £162 Burgh Head, £152 Beckfoot & 6 Forss, £140 Merkland & Tathhill Cottage.

Beltex £156 & £136 Oakwood.

Romney £118 & £108 Machrimore Mill, £112 Tundergarth Mains.

Border Leicester £116 6 Forss.

North Country Cheviot £113 Beckfoot, £110 Tormore, £107 Dormansteads, £106 6 Forss.

Oxford £113 & £112 Guards.

Mule £110 Broomhill (Hird), £100 Low Hallburn & High Glen Triplock & Clonrae, £99 Rowan Garth & Hoddomtown.

Cheviot Mule £109 Purdomstone, £102 Boulintogle & Wauchope, £101 Howgilllside.


Cheviot £111 Courstein, £107 Terrona, £106 Purdomstone, £104 Crossdykes.

Blackfaces £94 Lanehead, £91 Hott, £88 Camelford.

Ryeland £84 Great Bidlake.

Swaledale £78 Broomhills (Baty).

Easycare £75 Tundergarth Mains.

Herdwick £74 Newtown.


Texel £175 Stanley House, £172 Goodfellow, £170 Machrihanish.

Suffolk £170 Bog House, £160 East Durran, £160 & £152 High Glen Triplock, £155 Hassendean.

Bluefaced Leicester £168 Bog House.

Cheviot £142 Crossdykes.

Beltex £142 Oakwood.

Charollais £135 High Glen Triplock.

North Country Cheviot £135 Dunbeath.

Bleu Du Maine £125 Stanley House.

Blackface £108 Burnfoot, £104 Hott.


Light to           319.0p (309.5p)
Standard to      328.9p (298.6p)
Medium to      367.1p (313.6p)
Heavy to         316.3p (298.5p)
Overweight to 298.1p (270.4p)

Light to           279.0p (226.9p)
Standard to      321.0p (269.0p)
Medium to      319.0p (278.7p) 
Heavy to         316.0p (286.5p)

Light to           £120.00 (£81.41) 
Heavy to         £202.00(£121.40)

Rams to       £205.00 (£129.79)

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