Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,004 sheep comprising of 2,667 spring lambs and 4,337 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 16th September 2021.

A smaller show of 2,667 new season spring lambs were forward to the same ring of competitive purchasers. Fed lambs received a premium whilst leaner sorts and commercial export lambs proved harder to place.   

Top price per kilo of 293p achieved for Beltex lambs shown by P Urwin, Hillhouse, Kirklinton.   

Top price per head of £160 for Suffolks from S & J Jones, St Helens View, Cornhill on Tweed.   

All classes of well finished prime lambs are keenly sought after on a weekly basis to satisfy an ever-growing customer base here at Longtown. For further enquiries please contact our auctioneers, who will be pleased to take your calls.

An overall sale average of 225.4p (SQQ 223.3p).


Beltex 293p Hillhouse, 290p Longlea, 286p Hillhouse, 280p Linnhead, 275p Middle Farm & Braehead.     

Texel 259p Cardewlees, 258p Whitehall, 256p Clonrae, 254p Cubbyhill, 252p Whins, 249p Maidencots, 248p Cubbyhill.     

Charmoise 247p Harden.  

Suffolk 238p Chapel, 237p Haregills, 236p Archerbeck, 230p Howgillside, 229p Fenton, 228p Kirkandrews Moat.  

Cheviot 238p Borthwick Brae, 228p, 222p Raeburnfoot, 217p Kirkbride, 215p Byers.    

Berrichon 236p Swordwellrigg.   

Lleyn 233p The Height.

Charollais 232p Low Hallburn, 230p Archerbeck, 226p Blackcleugh.  

Mule 224p Roughet Hill, 223p Cowburnrigg, 222p Chapel, 219p Greenburn, 218p Drumgrange.  


Suffolk £160, £140 St Helens View, £132 Shield Green, £131 St Helens View, £130 Netherhill, Burnfoothill & Archerbeck.  

Beltex £147 Howard House, £132 Linnhead, £128 High Aketon, £127 Howard House, £126 West Bowhill, £124 Crawthat & Roughet Hill.   

Texel £144 Brayshaw, £134 Shield Green, £133 Miller Hill & Kirkbride, £126 Becton Hall.     

Cheviot £130 Conhess.  

Charollais £129 Archerbeck.   

Mule £116 Cowburnrigg, £112 Greenburn.

Lleyn £108 South Bowerhouses.

Easycare £108 Longrow.

A similar show of 4,337 ewes were forward to an increased ring of purchasers ensuring all classes maintained last weeks high rates of return.  

Heavy ewes topped at £208 for Texel ewes from Marygate.  

Mule ewes topped at £123 from S & JL Sanderson, Swallowdene, Maryport.  

Hill ewes sold to £112 for Cheviot ewes from Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm.

Rams to £218 for Texels from Beckfoot.  

Numbers of ewes are required for next week’s sale, more ewes can be sold on a weekly basis to vendor’s advantage. Please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers for further entries or enquiries.  


Texel £208 Marygate, £205, £195 Byreburnside, £188 High Aketon & Crumhaughhill, £185, £180 Byreburnside, £180 Beckfoot, Woodhead & Crumhaughhill.

Beltex £158 Woodhead, £154 Longlea, £148 Woodhead, £135 Ellerslea.      

Suffolk £150 Whinney Brow, £142 Barnglies, £141 Hobbiesburn, £139, £138 Beckfoot, £138 Marygate & Wynholm.

North Country Cheviot £130 Dunnabie, £115 Byreburnside, £114 Wynholm.

Bluefaced Leicester £130 Morley Hill.  

Charollais £124 Howard House, £119 Beckfoot, £116 Rammerscales & Howard House.   

Mule £123 Swallowdene, £116 Barsalloch, £115 Nether Tofts, £114 Thirwell Castle, £112 Borthaugh, £110 Dipton.     

Cheviot Mule £112, £111 Relief, £111 Netherhill, £100 Dunnabie.   


Cheviot £112 Potholm, £94 Annandale Estate, £90 Potholm & Barsalloch, £86 Unthank, £85 Bedshiel.     

Blackface £96 Shitlington Hall, £92 Kirkland, £90 Westhotbank, £89 Carrick, £86 Kirkland.    

Romney £91 Rammerscales, £90 Unthank & Bidlake, £87 Rammerscales.

Swaledale £83 Whitton.

Easycare £81 Blackhaugh.


Texel £218, £160 Beckfoot, £160 Blinkbonny, £152 Fenton.

Lleyn £205 Sharplaw.

Suffolk £190 Beckfoot, £170 Crumhaughhill.  

Beltex £178 Fenton.    

Berrichon £170 Swordwell Rigg.   

Bluefaced Leicester £158 Potholm.  

North Country Cheviot £142 Penchrise.

Hampshire £138 St Helens View.

Blackface £136 Shitlington Hall, £120 Toft House, £118 Syart.

Cheviot £128 Crossdykes & Blackhaugh.


Light to           245.0p (230.8p)
Standard to      267.0p (226.9p)
Medium to      293.0p (222.0p)
Heavy to         280.0p (229.6p)
Overweight to 253.0p (227.3p)

Light to           £112.00 (£55.82) 
Heavy to         £208.00 (£95.08)

Rams  to      £218.00 (£113.59)


corresponding week 2020 sale report