Longtown Primestock Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,561 sheep comprising of 5,123 prime hoggs and 3,438 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 4th March 2021.

An improved show for both quality and quantity saw all classes in demand and more numbers continuously required for the weekly sale. The sale topped at £1,153 for a Charolais from Messrs Baxter, Moss Side, Hethersgill, who also sold Limousins at £1,124. Angus cows sold to £1,067 from T Blackwood & Son, Midtown, Lanark.

Angus cows topped the price per kilo at 164p from Midtown, who also sold others at 131p. Other Angus sold to 130p from JDM Thomson, Pilmuir, Hawick. Whitebred Shorthorns to 148p from Maidencots, Limousin to 148p and Charolais to 146p both from Moss Side.  

A much larger show of 5,123 prime hoggs; of which a big proportion were hill bred hoggs, sold to the usual full ring of purchasers which ensured every class of sheep were in serious demand and the dearest trade of the season by far.

Topping price per kilo at 425p was achieved for Beltex hoggs consigned by GT Beattie, Guardsmill, Gretna with several pens breaking 400p and this class of sheep were in short supply and very much needed on a weekly basis to satisfy extreme customer demand.

Heavy hoggs again dearer on the week topping at £188 and £182 for Texel hoggs consigned by J & J Campbell, Dinnans, Newton Stewart, with commercial heavies making £150-£160

Lightweight hoggs maintained last weeks blistering rates of return and look the trade of the day, with plenty of continental hoggs realising 320p-330p Topping at 373p for Beltex hoggs consigned by Messrs Ryder, Newton Cottage, Moffat, whilst hill bred hoggs traded at 285p-295p. Cheviot hoggs topped at 315p for a pen of 27 consigned by JM Retson & Co., Maidencotes, Lanark and Blackface hoggs topped at 301p for a pen of 42 consigned by Messrs Peart, Weeds Farm, Bishop Auckland.   

Achieving an incredible overall sale average of 288.5p (SQQ 294.8p)

Again, all classes of well finished hoggs are required to fulfill demand on a weekly basis here at Longtown.


A small entry of NSL forward to a buoyant trade to a top of 325p or £151 for a pen of Dutch Spotted lambs weighing 46kg being consigned by M/s Forster, Howthat, Ruthwell. Achieving a sale average of averaging 313p.

New Season Spring Lambs are sought after by wholesale and butcher demand here at Longtown.  

For further advice on marketing your livestock please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323

Norman Douglas 07786366833

Neil McCleary 07771685073 


Beltex 425p Guardsmill, 412p, 404p Easter Ochtermuthill, 402p Main Street, 395p Maidencots & Watch Currock, 393p Easter Ochtermuthill, 382p New Kelso, 379p Whitehill, 373p Newton Cottage, 372p Easter Ochtermuthill & Watch Currock, 370p New Kelso & Paddockhole.    

Texel 408p Kirk House, 359p Watch Currock, 356p Cumcrook, 355p Braes of Enzie, 339p Cleughbrae, 333p West Scales & Nutholm, 328p Camphill & Heathery Hall, 325p Cumcrook, 321p Braes of Enzie.

Suffolk 370p Maidencots, 341p New Kelso, 321p Milton of Gollanfield, 304p, 303p High Cattadale, 297p Craigens, 295p Whitegates & Old Irvine.  

Mule 367p, 308p Maidencots, 299p Towiemore, 297p Arnicle, 295p Oswie, 292p Mains of Collin, 291p Upper Senwick, 290p Towiemore, 285p Maidencots & Stud Farm.       

Millennium Blue 345p, 309, 292p Lurgan.

Cheviot 331p Allfornaught, 315p Maidencots, 314p Daill, 309p Glendearg, 307p Maidencots & Nutholm, 305p Sundhope, 303p Allfornaught, 301p Newton Cottage & Westernhopeburn, 300p Robmar, The Land, Longrigg & Lurgan.  

Roussin 317p Main Street.

North Country Cheviot 308p Whitehill, 298p Towiemore, 292p Guardsmill.

Cheviot Mule 308p, 297p Allfornaught, 286p Nutholm.       

Charollais 305p Kirtlebank, 298p Hallrule Mill, 287p Allfornaught.   

Blackface 301p Westernhopeburn, 297p Arnicle & Camphill, 295p Yett & Craigens, 293p Maidencots, Camphill & Craigdarroch, 292p Westernhopeburn, 291p Maidencots, 290p Knockhill, Toft House & Westernhopeburn.   

Herdwick 292p Cotland, 280p, 270p Rowhead, 268p Heathery Hall.   

Swaledale 271p High Priorscales, 270p, 269p Westernhopeburn.    


Texel £188, £176 Dinnans, £163 Kirk House, £160 Braes of Enzie, £155 West Scales, £154 Guardsmill & Cleughbrae, £150 Springwells, Kirkbride & Kirk House.   

Beltex £174 Easter Ochtermuthill, £170 Guardsmill, £169, £166 Easter Ochtermuthill, £166 Maidencots, £163 Whitehill & Paddockhole, £161 Main Street, £160 Watch Currock, Longburgh Fauld & Easter Ochtermuthill.

Mule £154 Maidencots, £145 New Hummerbecks, £138 Kirkhouse, £135.50 Arnicle, £131 Broadlea Cottage, £130 Toft House & Lawston.

Suffolk £152 Maidencots, £147, £145 Whitehill, £144 Kirkhouse, £140 New Kelso, £139

Allfornaught, £135 Whitehill, £133.50 Kirtlebank, £132.50 Westernhopeburn, £132 Whitehill, £131

High Cattadale, £130 Old Irvine.

Blackface £140 Knockhill, £138.50, £133 Yett, £132 Arnicle, £131.50 Craigdarroch, £131 Wanwood Hill, £130 Camphill, £129 Knockhill & Brackley, £128 Westernhopeburn.   

Cheviot £139 Allfornaught, £138 Glendearg, £137 Catslackburn & High Priorscales, £135 Glendiven

Cottage & The Land, £134 Dinnans, The Land, Glendearg & Catslackburn, £133.50 The Land &

Kirton, £133 Oswie, £132 Aucharua.

Millennium Blue £138 Lurgan.  

North Country Cheviot £133.50 Kirkbride, £131.50 Guardsmill, £128 Commonside & Milkieston.

Charollais £131 Bulls Head, £129.50 Allfornaught, £128 Kirtlebank.   

Swaledale, £121.50 Westernhopebun, £119.50 High Priorscales.   

A larger show of 3,438 ewes were forward to the same ring of competitive purchasers ensuring all classes were very dear and will be in demand for next week’s sale.

Heavy ewes topped at £200 for Texel ewes consigned by WT Morison Farms, Yonderton, Keith.

Mule ewes took the biggest rise with an abundance of mule ewes realising £108+ and topping at £127 from J & J Campbell, Dinnans, Newton Stewart.   

Hill ewes sold to a top of £101 for a pen of 22 Scotch Blackface ewes from R Wallace & Co., Mains of Collin, Castle Douglas.  

Rams topped at £148 for Charollais from Viewley.  

Many more ewes can be sold to vendor advantage and are keenly sought after for next week’s bonanza, please advise entries to our auctioneers.


Texel £200 Yonderton, £195 Dinnans, £190 Marygate, £188 Viewley & Kirkton, £185 Marygate & Yonderton, £182 Kirk House, £180 Broomhills & Dinnans, £178 Clonrae, £176 Clea Hall & Birchcraig, £172 Commonside.

Beltex £185 Hillside, £170 Kirk House, £162 Yonderton.   

Suffolk £164, £143 Yonderton, £141 Marygate, £138 Viewley & Riddell, £136 Yonderton, £133 Beckfoot & Viewley, £132 Thornington, £130 Guardsmill,

Charollais £150, £145 Viewley, £136 Heatherglen, £132 Beckfoot.  

Bluefaced Leicester £140 Yonderton, £124 Chirdon, £122 Raggetsyke.

Mule £127, £118 Dinnans, £126, £118 High Glen Triplock, £117 Crofthead, £116 Miller Hill, Crookston & Yonderton, £114 Mains of Collin, £112 North Corrielaw, £112 x 2 Dunjop, £110 Marygate, Cotland, Reennes, Ormiston & Watch Currock.  

Dorset £123, £105 Howthat.

Cheviot Mule £122 Howden, £117 Dunnabie, £117, £111 Kirkbride, £109 Reenes, £105 Ballie.       

Half-bred £119 Whins.   

North Country Cheviot £116 Dykeside, £114 Kelsocleugh, £112 Hownam Grange & Crawthat, £111 Kirk House & Bylbster, £110 Aucharua & Kirk House,

Romney £100 Hallrule.        


Blackface £101 Mains of Collin, £97 Unthank, £96 Carnasserie & Nether Stenries, £95 Dunjop, Balliemeanoch & Toft House, £94 Drumgrange, £92 North Corrielaw, £91 Dunjop, £90 Peela Hill & Mains of Collin.   

Lonk £100 Glendiven Cottage.  

Cheviot £96 Dryfeholm, £94 Kirkton, Dunnabie & Greenside, £89 Drumreach, £88 Upper Hindhope & Kirkton.

Herdwick £95, £85 West Challoch.

Easycare £87 Carterton.  

Swaledale £71, £70, £68 Allfornaught.   


Charollais £148 Viewley.  

Texel £146 Drinkstone, £140 Dinnans, £137 Commonside, £136 Drinkstone, £136, £134 Beckfoot, £134 Crawthat, £130 Beckfoot & Raefield.

Bluefaced Leicester £139 Upper Hindhope, £134 Dykeside, £130 Gibbs Hill & Upper Hindhope, £124 High Dunashery.   

Suffolk £134, £128 Beckfoot, £117 Fell End, £114 Drinkstone.

Berrichon £132 Glendiven Cottage.

Beltex £130 Main Street, £128 Beckfoot.

North Country Cheviot £129 Milkieston, £127 Dykeside, £122 Hallrule & Aucharua, £120 Nether Stenries, £119 Longreens Croft.    

Cheviot £129 Commonside, £116 Upper Hindhope, £110 Falnash.

Romney £120, £112 Hallrule.

Blackface £116 Mains of Collin, £110 Crookston, £107 Toft House, £102 Upper Hindhope.    

Lonk £114 Glendiven Cottage.

Bleu du Maine £110 Kirk House.  

Easycare £106 Nether Pirn.

Dutch Spotted £100 Wardrew.


Light to           315.0p (275.9p)
Standard to      373.0p (294.1p)
Medium to      425.0p (299.7p) 
Heavy to         337.0p (271.6p)

Light to           £101.00 (£66.64) 
Heavy to         £200.00(£109.92)

Rams    to    £148.00 (£103.73)


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