Longtown Mart Private Sales Register

new Ref: JW05
70 Suffolk x Gimmers
ex North of England Mule, strong gimmers/great ewe
Contact John Walton 07880 527 066

new Ref: JW04
50 Mule Gimmers
ex Swaledale ewe, to move as one batch
Contact John Walton 07880 527 066

new Ref: JW03
300 Mule Gimmers
ex Northumberland Blackface ewe, tremendous long good skinned gimmers, will split into smaller lots
Contact John Walton 07880 527 066

new Ref: JW02
300 first cross and 3 quarter bred Texel Gimmers
Great ewe makers and sensibly priced, ready to move from now, will split into smaller lots
Contact John Walton 07880 527 066

new Ref: JW01
20 Millennium Blue Gimmers
Long and square gimmers, Ideal to breed, good grading lambs. Heptovac P system and dectomaxed
Contact John Walton 07880 527 066

Ref: ND01
25 Luing Cows (3-8 year old) with Sim/Luing Calves
(March/April born) and back in calf to Simmental bull, Scottish & Johnes Level 1 photos
Contact Norman Douglas 07786 366 833 or Sam Hogg 07584 207 323

Ref: RW07
20 pedigree registered Redpoll Cows with calves at foot
High health herd. TB4 fresh test just passed. Herd reduction due to personal reasons, no fault of the cattle. Tremendous quality great square cows with good strong 2018 spring born calves at foot. Very reasonably priced to sell and we'll worthy of buyers attention, these cow will last and last. photos
Contact Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: RW06
40 Highland X Shorthorn Store Steers various ages and weights
Elite health status. Straight off a great Hebridean estate. Absolutely, the chance to buy store cattle guaranteed to do well with out massive inputs.
Great healthy island stores. photos
5 Highland X Shorthorn Heifers suitable to go on for hardy breeding cattle. Off the same elite health herd as the above steers.
Contact Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: RW05
15 pure bred Redpoll steers regular ages
TB4 , all young clean cattle that will grow well especially if you have access to brock vegetables. Sensibly priced to sell. Worthy of finisher's attention!!
Contact Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: SH01
Dun Galloway cow (2015) with calf - Amounderness Bred
White Galloway cow (2015) with calf - Bergere Bred
2 Belted Galloway cows (2015) with calves - Castlefield Bred
Not back in calf
Contact Sam Hogg - 07584 207 323

Ref: NW02
20 Suffolk x Cheviot Mule Shearlings
20 Texel x Cheviot Mule Shearlings

MV Accredited, Enzo vaccinated, Hept P, Most lambed as hoggs
Contact Nick Woodmass 07584 200 489

Ref: BW02
5 Pedigree Highland Cows ran with Whitebred Shorthorn Bull
2 Pedigree Highland Bulling Heifers

Contact Bruce Walton on 07711 299 677

Ref: RW04
3 Hereford x Dairy Bulling Heifers (18-20months)
Ready immediately
[details & photos]
Contact Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: RW03
6 Genuine Pedigree Registered Aberdeen Angus (3 in ones).
All back in calf to a Pedigreed Aberdeen Angus Bull.
All with well grown registerable Calves at foot.
All Sensibly priced to sell.
Well worthy of buyers attention and a tremendous opportunity to add to an existent herd or indeed a perfect starter package, Don't miss your chance of some fine well established genetics.
Contact Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: BW01
9 Angus heifers with Angus calves
Contact Bruce Walton 07711 299 677

Ref: RW01
14 Pedigree Registered Pure Limousin Young Bulls
All tremendous conformation and ready to get straight to work. Not pushed, but in superb condition.
Very sensibly priced to sell but great value for money.
For any enquiries please call Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Ref: RW02
10 well grown purebred Salers Heifers
Ready to go to the bull well handled and quiet. Only selling as plenty of fresh young cows. By a Darnford bred bull.
For any enquiries please call Robert Weir 07885 729 495

Sheep Grazing
180 acres ring fenced Sheep grazing parks to let in central Perthshire in 7 enclosures
Well fenced and watered, easy access.
Enquiries to Robert Weir 07885 729 495 or rjnweir@hotmail.com

5 X pedigree Beef Shorthorn young bulls
12 X pedigree Aberdeen Angus young bulls
10 X pedigre Aberdeen Angus young bulls
9 X pedigree Simmental young bulls
2 X pedigree Charolais young bulls

All the above young bulls are well worthy of prospective buyers attention and will all be sold semen tested
Also 6 pedigree Holstein Friesan bulling heifers in great order ready to bull
Contact Robert Weir rjnweir@hotmail.com or mobile 07885 72933

Choice from 12 pedigree registered Red Aberdeen Angus bulls, various stages and prices to suit. Exceptionally quiet and veer
All high health status, BVD accredited, IBR free and TB4 area.
[details & photos]

Pedigree Registered Beef Shorthorn Young Bull
Solid Dark Red Pedigree Beef Shorthorn Bulling Heifer
Pedigree Salers Young Bull
Choice from a Pedigree Registered selection of 10 Salers Young Bulls

[details & photos]

Pick out of a select batch of 14 choicely bred Pedigree Aberdeen Angus Young Bulls
All High Health Status, BVD accredited, IBR Free and Semen Tested, from a renowned and long established Scottish Herd. All born 2016. Ready to go to work. Sensibly priced to sell. Some of the best genetics in the country. [details & photos]

Pedigree Beef Shorthorn Bulls, 18/20 months
Can be seen at Annan by appointment
Contact John Thomson 077733 44849 or 01461 500 769