Longrigg Dairy Cattle Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts were favoured with the sale of Dairy cattle on behalf of W Nelson & Sons, Longrigg, Torthorwald on Saturday 24th November 2018.

It was pleasing to see such a large attendance of buyers ringside for the sale of commercial Holstein Friesian and Montbeliarde Cows on offer.

All classes met a competitive trade with the Monbeliardes keenly sought.

A 2nd Calver Montbeliarde X cow in milk topped the sale at £1600.

Others to £1550, £1550, £1500, £1500, £1420.

In milk Holstein Friesian Cows sold to £1580 (3rd Calver), £1500, £1420, £1400.

In calf cows to £1450 Montbeliarde (Due Jan), £1250 Holstein Friesian (Due Jan)

In calf heifers Montbeliarde to £1220, £1180, £1180, £1150, Holstein Friesian to £1150, £1080.

Bulling Heifers and Stirks to £750

130 Cows (Calved) Ave £759.53

14 Cows (In Calf) £901.43

14 Heifers (In Calf) £1019.29