Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 8th January 2014.

43 Prime Cattle Forward – Trade eased in keeping with the national trend

Heifers Limousin to 237.5p from J & L Craik, Waterside to C Anderson. Bullocks Limousin to 236.5p from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh to Border Meats Lockerbie

72 OTM Cattle – More ringside buyers present trade improving greater numbers required weekly.

Per Head

Charolais to £1358.50 Woodcroft, £1025 Capelfoot

Angus to £1197 Greenmerse, £1156.45 Woodcroft

Limousin to £981.25, £945 Grove

Simmental to £912.60 Boreland

Saler to £966 Over Cairn

Holstein Friesian to £943.20 Drum, £925.55 Panlands

Per Kilo

Holstein Friesian to 150p, 144p Drum, 107p Panlands

Saler to 140p Over Cairn, 127p South Glen

Limousin to 135p Grove, 131p Meikle Barncleugh

Angus to 127p Fagra, 127p Grove

Charolais to 125p Capelfoot

1482 Prime Sheep Forward

1035 Prime Hoggets – Trade back to pre Christmas Levels. Sale average 177.8p

Hoggs 17-25.4p to 220p Shancastle

Blackface to £50.50 Shancastle

Hoggs 25.5-32Kg ave 178.1p to 227p Mosside

Texelt o £60.50 Martingirth

Suffolk to £59 Mosside

Cheviot to £52.50 Dressertland

Blackface to £51 Dressertland

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg ave 178.8p to 202p Martingirth

Texel to £72 East Polquhirter, £70 Newlands

Suffolk to £70.20 Barbuie, £70 East Lanegate

Lleyn to £72.20 Laneside, £69 Bennan

Blackface to £64 Maryholm

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 174p to 217p Bush

Beltex to £95.50 Bush

Texel to £86 Bush, £77.50 Ballinnie

Suffolk to £77 Newlands, £77 Outertown

Mule to £70.50 Abune the Brae, £70 Shancastle

Hoggs 46+ ave 160.7p to 186p Drumcruilton

Texel to £82.50 Drumcruilton, £82 Bush

Suffolk to £79 Townhead

Mule to £74 Over Abington

447 Cast Ewe & Rams. All classes £5 easier.

Top Prices
Heavy Ewes

Suffolk to £82.50 Mosside, £74.50 Druidhall

Texel to £78.50 Druidhall

Zwartble to £69.50, £67.50 Glen Darroch

Chev Mule to £57.50 Shawhill, £55.50 Outertown

NCC to £53.50, £50.50 Marwhirn

Leicester to £66.50 Druidhall

Cross to £58.50 Druidhall, £53.50 Kirkbride, £52.50 Outertown, £52.50 Upper Tinwald

Half Bred to £42.50 Marwhirn

Berrichon to £73.50 Glen Darroch, £68.50 Newark

Light Ewes

Cheviot to £47.50 Moorfoot, £45.50 West Crossleys

Blackface to £47 Hillbank, £45.50 Glenmanna, £45.50 Abune the brae

Cast Rams Blackface to £57.50 Sweetshawhead, £45 Breconside

Texel to £60.50 East Polquhirter

Heavy Ewes averaged £49.89

Light Ewes averaged £38.06