Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their weekly sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 15th January 2014.

32 Prime Cattle Forward – Trade no worse.

Heifers Limousin to 243.5p, 241.5p from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to R Johnstone & Sons, Butchers, Annan. Bullocks Limousin to 231.5p from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh to Border Meats Lockerbie.

86 OTM Cattle – More active buyers each week requiring greater numbers of all classes.

Per Head

Angus to £1033.20 Hardlawbank, £840 Archwood

British Blue to £989.05 Sunnyhill.

Limousin to £880.60 Lairlaugh,

Simmental to £936.65 Grove

Holstein Friesian to £946.95 Slacks, £885.10 Newhouse.

Per Kilo

Limousin to 205p Archwood, 119p Lairdlaugh

Simmental to 143p Grove, 117p Meikle Barncleugh

British Blue to 131p Sunnyhill, 120p Archwood.

Angus to 123p Hardlawbank, 121p Marwhirn

Holstein to 107p Newhouse, 107p Slacks, 106p Newhouse, 105p Smallholmburn, 105p(x3) Slacks, 105p Kerricks.

761 Prime Sheep Forward

533 Prime Hoggets – Small mixed offering forward with over 50% 46kg +.

Sale average 172.3p

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg ave 175.6p to 183p Marwhirn

Texel to £68.50 Whinneyknowe

Suffolk to £68.50 Whinneyknowe

Blackface to £68 Corsebank

Lleyn to £67.80 Bennan

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 170.6p to 206p Hillhead

Beltex to £90 Hillhead, £84.50 Auchengyle

Texel to £79 Drumburn, £75 Shangan

Suffolk to £74.20 Upperlongbank, £74 Rigghead

Mule to £70 Whinneyknowe

Hoggs 46+ ave 156.1p to 164p Lockerbie House Stables

Texel to £82 Lockerbie House Stables, £81.20 Marr

Suffolk to £84.5 Netherhall, £81.80 Townhead

Mule to £75 Lockerbie House Stables

The firm had forward 223 Cast Ewe & Rams at their weekly sale at Dumfries. Trade similar to last week.

Top Prices
Heavy Ewes

Suffolk to £75.50 Druidhall, £68.50 Valmar, £63.50 Bridgestone

Texel to £72.00 Druidhall, £68.50 Shangan, £64.50 Neither Kier.

Half-Bred to £61.50 Cushag, £58.50 Maryfield

Leicester to £63.50 Marr

Cross to£57.5 Cushag, £55 Druidhall, £54.50 Shangan

Beltex £59.50 Bridgstone

Light Ewes

Blackface to £42.5 Marr, £40.5 Over Abington

Lleyn to £43.5 Summerhill

Cast Rams Blackface to £56.5 Dalpeddar, £54.5 Nunnerie

Texel to £71.5 Farthingwell

Leicester £121.5 Dalpeddar, £63.5 Over Abington

Heavy Ewes averaged £52.24

Light Ewes averaged £41.23