Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 19th March 2014.

Prime Cattle met a keen trade with best sorts in short supply. More required weekly.

Heifers British Blue from F & J Connon, Pumplaburn to 230.5p to Border Meats Lockerbie. Limousin to 223.5p Pumplaburn Wamphray to Border Meats

44 OTM Cattle – Well fleshed cows remain good to sell, more smaller leaner types forward met a steadier demand.

Per Head
Simmental to £1046.25 Courance
Limousin to £1043.40 Backburn
British Blue to £1027.50 Backburn
Holstein Friesian to £1023.90 Shawsmuir

Per Kilo
Limousin to 155p Courance, 141p Backburn
British Blue to 137p Backburn
Angus to 137p Blairshinnoch
Hereford to 127p West Skelston
Holstein to 107p Shawsmuir, 107p Kirktonfield, 107p Smallrigg, 107p Brownfield, 107p Upper Locharwoods

1145Prime Hoggs and Cast Ewes Forward

782 Prime Hoggs – Mixed offering forward, Best export weight scarce and wanted selling in excess of 215ppk. Sale average 209.4p

Hoggs 25.5-32Kg ave 221.3p to 247.1p Chanlockfoot
Cheviot to £69.20 Chanlockfoot; Texel to £67 Bush; Blackface to £63.20 newlands

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg ave 202.1p to 235.7p Newmains
Texel to £84.50 Lanarkland, £82.50 Newmains
Sufffolk to £80.50 Lanarkland, £78 Marwhirn
Half Bred to £78.50 Marwhirn
Mule to £78.50 Marwhirn, £77 Polgown
Blackface to £78.50 Ashmark, £77.50 Craigdarroch

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 213.4p to 234.6p Rigghead
Texel to £97.20 Lanarkland, £96.20 Rigghead
Suffolk to £97.20 Lanarkland, £96.20 Rigghead
Mule to £85 Rigghead, £78.50 Leithenhall
Blackface to £87.50 Craigdarroch, £78.50 Snar
Cheviot to £98.20 Cleughbrae

Hoggs 46Kg+ ave 187.2p to 216p newmains
Texel to £104 Bush, £100 West Skelston
Suffolk to £101.50 Newmains, £100 Rigghead
Cheviot to £93.50 North Short Cleugh
Blackface to £93 Nunnerie

363 Cast Ewes & Rams forward. Ewes were appreciable sharper on the week especially Mules and Leaner types which were £10 dearer.

Top Prices
Heavy Ewes Texel to £117.50 Bush, £113.50 Newmains, £95.50 Kirkland; Suffolk to £106.50 Dempsterton, £89.50 Kirkland, £87.50 Nether Barr; Mule to £85.50 Muircleugh, £82.50 Nether Gribton, Innerfield & Dempsterton; Half bred to £74.50 Barshill; Charollais to £74.50 Barbuie Cottage

Light Ewes Cheviot to £74.50 Auchenage, £66.50 Dalhanna, £65.50 Nether Gribton; Blackface to £72.80, £65.50 Glenmanna, £64.50 Hillbank; Swale to £54.50 Nether Barr; Lleyn to £54.50 Auchenage

Rams Texel to £136.50 Bush, £117.50 Backburn; Suffolk to £85.50 Dempsterton; Blackface to £82.50, £64.50 Eastlands; Cheviot to £68.50 Glenjaan; Swale to £63.50 Nether Barr

Heavy Ewes average £76.59
Light Ewes average £52.26