Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 30th April 2014.

A small show of Prime Cattle maintained recent rates selling to a top of 228p for a Limousin Heifer from D & R Cornthwaite, Balgrayhill to Border Meats, Lockerbie.

Principal Prices
Per Head
Charolais Heifer to £1254 Balgrayhill,
Limousin Heifer to £1253.50 Nether Ernambrie

Per Kilo
Charolais Heifer to 220p Pumplaburn;
Limousin Heifer to 228p Balgrayhill, 220p Nether Ernambrie

46 OTM Cattle – a decent show of cast cows saw all classes similar with plain cows looking well sold in comparison to bigger, fleshy cattle. Topping at 164p for a Simmental Cow from Courance Farms.

Principal Prices
Per head
Holstein Friesian to £1160.70, £1012.50 Drum, £975 Mortonholm
Simmental to £1057.80 Courance, £965.60, £951.75 Cormaddie
Limousin to £1099 Skipmyre, £924.60 Dempsterton
Norwegian Red to £951.20 Mortonholm

Per Kilo
Simmental to 164p Courance
Holstein Friesian to 159p, 150p Drum, 125p Mortonholm, 122p, 121p Kerricks
Charolais to 141p Hannaston
Limousin to 140p Skipmyre, 134p Dempsterton, 134p Skipmyre
British Blue to 132p Bankswood
Norwegian Red to 116p Mortonholm, 110p Brownfield

A Small show of 344 Hoggs saw well fleshed sheep easily sold in all weight ranges although plain hoggs and heavy weight harder to cash. Sale average 198p topping at 215p for Beltex from Barony & £94.50 from Meikleholm

32.1-39Kg ave 193p to 215p Barony
Texel to £80 Hilhead, £71 Sandilands
Beltex to £77.50 Barony
Mule to £77 Farthingwell, £68 Upper Barr
Blackface to £77 (x2) Rigghead & Guelderbank, £76 Riggheads

39.1-45.5Kg ave 201p to 210p Lanarkland
Texel to £88 Lanarkland, £55 (x2) Copewood & Meikleholm
Charollais to £80 Copewood
Mule to £76 (x2) Marr, £74.50 Upper Barr
Blackface to £94.50 (x2) Meiklholm, £82 (x3) Lanarkland, Upper Barr & Guelderbank

A Smaller show of 302 Cast Ewes & Rams met recent high rates, more could have been easily cashed with heavy ewes averaging £85.18 topping at £126 for 4 Beltex from Nether Dargavel. Light Ewes averaging £51.19 topping at £77 for Blackface from Troloss. Rams averaged £99.33 topping at £115 for a Texel from Barony

Heavy Ewes
Beltex to £126 Nether Dargavel

Texel to £115 Hillhead, £109 Nether Dargavel, £98 Blackpark

Half Bred to £99 Hillhead, £90 Cushag

Leicester to £106 Barshangan, £95 Barr, £95 Marr

Light Ewes
Blackface to £77 Troloss, £69 Barshangan, £66 Hillhead, £65 Troloss, £63 Barr, £62 Hillhead

Cheviot to £55 Chanlockfoot

Rams Texel to £115 Barony; Beltex to £107 Barony; Easy Care to £76 Barony