Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 2nd July 2014.

19 Prime Cattle – Shortage of butchers cattle. Plenty of demand. More required.
Heifers Charolais to 226p from D Wilson & Son, Marwhirn to M/S Ballard Butchers Castle Douglas
Bullocks Angus to 202p from WL Dunlop & Son, Garloff to J Hall & Son Butchers

55 OTM Cattle – All classes remain good to sell with buyers desperate to buy greater numbers. More leaner cows forward

Per Head
Charolais to £1292.50 Grove
Simmental to £1012.50 Third
Shorthorn to £916.50 Meikle Barncleugh
Limousin to £971.50 Third
Holstein Friesian to £940.10 Gamerigg
Angus to £876.30 Capelfoot

Per Kilo
Simmental to 150p Third
Limousin to 145p Third
Galloway to 135p Grove
Angus to 127p Capelfoot
Holstein Friesian to 119p Gamerigg, 117p Millisle

879 Prime Sheep

471 Prime Lambs – Trade followed the national trend being easier to average 194.8p

Lambs 25.5-32Kg ave 226p to 230p Woodcroft
Beltex to £69 Woodcroft
Lambs 32.1-39Kg ave 195p to 215p Hoddamtown
Texel to £78 Hoddomtown, £76 Midtown
Beltex to £74 Woodcroft
Suffolk to £72 New Farm

Lambs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 191.2p to 217p Lanarkland
Texel to £91 Lanarkland, £89 Cocklicks
Suffolk to £85.50 Bush of Craigs, £84 Lanarkland

Larger show of 442 Cast Ewes & Rams forward with majority of classes slightly back on the week but still selling well.

Heavy Ewes ave £80.48 topping at £121.50 for Texel from Crookedstane
Texel to £121.50, £109.50 Lynslands, £103.50, £92.50 Bankhead of Tinwald, £95 Park, £93.50 Woodcroft
Suffolk to £88.50 Woodcroft, £85.50 Nether Cargen
Mule to £81.50 (x3) Newmains, £79.50 Park, £77.50 East Arndarroch, £76.50 Nether Cargen
Leicester to £83.50 Nether Cargen
Beltex to £97.50 Woodcroft
NCC to £83.50 Nether Cargen

Light Ewes ave 49.48 topping at £77.50 for Cheviot's from Hoddamtown
Cheviot to £77.50 Hoddamtown, £75.50, £66.50 Nether Cargen
Blackface to £62.50, £61.50, £59.50 Blindburn, £54.50, £50.50 Inglestone
Rams ave £109.17 topping at £120.50 for Suffolk's from New Farm
Suffolk to £120.50, £88.50 New Farm
Beltex to £118.50 Drumcork

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