Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 23rd July 2014.

A smaller show of Prime Cattle sold well to the usual ringside of buyers topping 210p twice for Limousin Heifers from R Neill, Upper Tinwald and HW Sloan, Riggheads both to B Taylor, Butchers Lockerbie.

Principal Prices
Per Kilo
Limousin to 210p, 206p Upper Tinwald
Blonde to 210p, 208p Riggheads
Angus to 196p Townfoot

Per Head
Limousin to £1039.50, £1030 Upper Tinwald, £1123.50 Riggheads
Blonde to £1071.20 Riggheads
Bullocks to £1136.80 Townfoot

Cast Cows were sharper on the week with a show of 66 cows presented to a busy ring of buyers.
Sale was topped at 147p for a Black & White Heifer from The Drum. Limousin Cows to 139p from Fingland

Principal Prices
Per Kilo
Limousin to 139p Fingland, 134p Glenlaught, 132p Newmains
Angus to 135p Upper Locharwoods, 125p Blackburn, 124p Macqueston
Simmental to 130p Lochbank, 122p Townfoot, 118p Auchengray
British Blue to 128p Auchengray
Friesian to 147p, 143p Drum, 128p, 118p Dinwoodie Green, 122p, 116p Greigsland
Saler to 122p Glencrosh
Shorthorn to 116p Glencrosh
Hereford to 118p Newmains
Devon to 118p Auchengray

Per Head
Simmental to £1007.50 Lochbank
Friesian to £972.80 Dinwoodie Green, £962.85, £958.10 Drum, £890.60 Greigsland, £885.50, £880.20 Shawsmuir
Limousin to £957 Newmains, £917.40 Fingland
Angus to £864 Locharwoods, £806 Macqueston
British Blue to £819.20 Auchengray
Saler to £738.10 Glencrosh
Hereford to £772.90 Newmains

A much larger show of 1084 Prime Lambs were forward to an ever increasing ringside of buyers. Trade followed the national trend this week and was slightly easier on the week averaging 171p. Selling to a top of 195p for Texels from Dressertland and to £85 for Texels from Riggheads.

Principal Prices
32.1-39Kg ave 175p top 195p
Texel to £69.50 Newlands, £69 Lanarkland, £68.50 Riggheads

39.1-45.5Kg ave 167p top 195p
Texel to £80 Meikleholm, £80 Dressertland, £78.50 Capelfoot
Suffolk to £72, £72 Hartbush, £70 Thorniethwaite

45.6-52Kg ave 155p top 185p
Texel to £85 Riggheads
Suffolk to £74 Third, £73 Marwhirn

366 Cast Ewes & Rams with another big show of 222 Blackfaces with the overall top being £105.50 for Texels from Kerricks
Heavy Ewes ave £74.40
Texel to £105.50 Kerricks, £98.50 Hannaston, £94.50 Bankhead of Tinwald
Suffolk to £96.50, £85.50 Palaceknowe, £90.50 Bankhead of Tinwald
Mules to £77.50, £74.50 Kerricks, £73.50, £71.50 Bankhead of Tinwald, £70.50 Barshangan
Leicester to £93.50, £89.50 Barshangan

Light Ewes ave £42.25
Cheviot to £68.50, £57.50 Hastingshall, £58.50 Marwhirn
Blackface to £62.50 Craigdarroch, £61.50 Barshangan, £60.50 Auchencheyne, £57.50 Merkland

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