Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 1st October 2014.

24 Prime Cattle – Trade continues to improve, more can be sold weekly to fill increased order books.

Limousin to 225.5p I Nelson, Outertown to R Johnstone & Sons, Butchers Annan, 222.5p Waterside, Haugh or Urr to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 220.5p H & A Hiddleston, Park to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

Limousin to 224.5p J & L Craik, Waterside to Border Meats Butchers Lockerbie

98 OTM Cattle – Meated cows scarcer and wanted – More leaner dairy cows forward looking easier on the week.

Cows Per Head

Simmental to £1283.45, £1102.85 Maryfield, £1122.55 Woodend, £997.50 Grove, £991.60, £990.85 Oxgang

Limousin to £1275 Greenbrae, £1124 Park, £1028.60 Foregirth, £979.55 Bush of Craig, £965.25 Skipmyre

Holstein Friesian to £1130.50 Hotts, £1020.80 Woodend, £931.70, £930.15, £926.30 Newhouse

Angus to £1047.75 Tundergarth Mains, £911.20 Bush of Craigs, £900 Ross

Bulls Per Head

Angus to £1136.45 Brownfield

Limousin to £1083.95 Laneside

Simmental to £1024.60 Maryfield

Cows Per Kilo

Limousin to 170p Greenbrae, 160p Park, 143p Bush of Craigs, 139p Foregirth

Galloway to 151p Barquhill

Simmental to 193p Maryfield, 149p Oxgang, 143p Woodend, 137p Maryfield

Hereford to 137p Meikle Barncleugh

Angus to 135p Skipmyre, 134p Bush of Craigs, 131p Shieldhill

Blonde to 130p Bush of Craigs

Holstein Friesian to 121p, 118p, 117p, 113p Newhouse, 119p Hotts, 116p Woodend, 110p Byeloch

Bulls Per Kilo

Limousin to 133p Laneside

Angus to 119p Brownfield

1960 Prime Sheep Forward

1414 Prime Lambs – Trade for handier weights much sharper, again plenty of 44Kg lambs forward which reflected the sale average of 154p

Lambs 25.5-32kg ave 148p to 148p Barr

Blackface to £45.80 Barr

Lambs 32.1-39kg ave 159.1p to 182p Howthat

Texel to £64 Bennan, 364 Howthat

Beltex to £62 Bridgestone

Suffolk to £57.20 Hastingshall

Lambs 39.1-45.5kg ave 154.2p to 168p Riggheads

Suffolk to £68.50, £65.20 Springfield, £65 Outertown

Texel to £69 Slacks, £68 Howthat, £67.80 Upper Tinwald, £67.80 Belzies

Beltex to £68.50 Kiraugh

Berrichon to £65 Glendarroch

Blackface to £60 Glenlaugh

Mule to £58.50 Belzies

Lambs 45.6-52kg ave 140.2p to 165p Rigghead

Texel to £76 Riggheads, £70 Drumcruilton, £69.50 Slacks

Texel to £70.50 New Cample

Beltex to £70 Riggheads

Suffolk to £67 Longbeoch

Smaller Show of 546 Cast Ewes & Rams forward with a mixed offering throughout. Good meated ewes slightly sharper on the week.

Heavy Ewes averaged £58.89

Texel to £91.50 Midtown, £89.50 Drumcruilton, £85.50 Thorniethwaite, £84.50 Calside

NCC to £77.50 Courance

Mule to £71.50 High Cairn, £65.50 Lawesknowe, £63.50 Drumcruilton

Light Ewes averaged £36.15

Cheviot to £72.50 New Cample, £69.50, £56.50 Bodesbeck, £67.50, £56.50 Dressertland

Blackface to £49.50 Lawesknowe, £47.50 High Cairn, £45.50 Dunesslin, £43.50 Ballinnie

Lleyn to £42.50 Polquhanity, £39.50 Bennan

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