Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 8th October 2014.

26 Prime Cattle – Trade much sharper. Lighter quality cattle scarce and in big demand, feeders should take advantage of ringside competition.

Heifers Limousin to 231.5p from J Retson, Gardrum to B Taylor, Butchers Lockerie, 230.5p From Outertown, Annan to J Scott Meat (Paisley), 229.5p from I Nelson, Outertown to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 227.5p R Neill, Upper Tinwald to J Hall & Sons Butchers Kirkcudbright

Bullocks Limousin to 223.5p from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh to Mr C Anderson.

121 OTM Cattle – Heavy meated cows maintained recent values, more leaner cows forward looking easier.

Per Head

British Blue to £1398.30 Trolane, £1153.40 Lantonside

Limousin to £1142.10 Park, £1035.45 Cowans, £1006.95, £962.85 Glenlaugh, £964.25 Carsegowan

Holstein Friesian to £1086.75 Smallholmburn, £976, £940.10 Slacks, £931.70 Smallholmburn, £931.50 Kerricks

Per Kilo

British Blue to 177p Trolane, 158p Lantonside, 133p Carsegowan

Holstein Friesian to 161p, 137, 135p Smallholmburn, 145p, 141p, 139p Drum, 126p Park, 122p, 120p, 119p, 118p (x2) Slacks, 121p, 118p Smallholmburn, 118p (x2) New Farm

Limousin to 141p Park, 137p, 131p Glenlaugh, 133p Carsegowan

Simmental to 133p Newbie Mains

Angus to 129p Bogue, 122p Muircleugh

1576 Prime Sheep Forward

1142 Prime Lambs – again too many heavyweight lambs forward distorting final sale average, lighter weights met keen competition regularly selling at 160-180p. Sale average 153.4p

Lambs 32.1-39Kg ave 153.7p to 176p Eastside

Texel to £64.80 Eastside

NCC to £62.80 Capelfoot

Mule to £60 Lower Shieldhill

Lambs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 153.7p to 190p Dollard

Texel to £75, £72 Kirk Cott, £74, £71.50 Dollard, £70 Over Cairn

Mule to £69.50 Nether Stenries

Suffolk to £67 Lanarkland

Berrichon to £66.20 Glendarroch

Chev Mule to £64.50 Marwhirn

Lambs 45.6-52Kg ave 146p to 164p Barrsyard

Suffolk to £70 Lanarkland

Texel to £74 Barrsyard, £70 Ballaggan

434 Cast Ewes & Rams Forward – very mixed offering forward with good meat still selling very well. Top price on day was £119.50 for 2 Suffolk Tups from Gibbonhill Farmers. Top priced in the ewes was £87.50 for Half Bred from Tokirra

Heavy Ewes ave £63.28

Half Bred to £87.50 Conniven, £73.50 Over Cairn

Charollais to £84.50 Torkirra

NCC to £83.50, £80.50, £77.50 Gillesbie, £78.50 Marwhirn, £76.50 Capelfoot

Mule to £81.50 Torkirra, £76.50, £71.50 Newbank

Light Ewes ave £37.77

Blackface to £57.50 Guelt, £55.50, £44.50 Over Cairn, £46.50 Orchard, £44.50 Ashmark

Cheviot to £52.50 Craiglearen, £49.50, £44.50 Nether Gribton

Rams ave £95.50

Suffolk to £119.50 Gibbonhill

Texel to £109.50 Torkirra

Charollais to £100 Kirkhill

Lleyn to £108.50, £98.50 Bennan

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