Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday 26th November 2014.

18 Prime Cattle – Far short of requirements. Trade firm

Limousin Heifers to 237.5p from F & J Connon, Pumplaburn to S Ramsay, Kelso. Charolais to 230.5p from Pumplaburn, Wamphray to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie

Bullocks Limousin to 225.5p from S Ewart & Son, Belridding to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie.

103 OTM Cattle – Trade sharper for all classes. Larger ringside of buyers in attendance.

Per Head

Angus to £1013.80, £988 Dalswinton, £979.20 Kirkhill of Dalton, £924.75 Gillenbie

Holstein Friesian to £989.75 Lakehead, £949.85 Drum, £948.60 Townhead, £944.70 Smallholmburn, £870.10 Mouswald Banks, £869 Slacks

Limousin to £957.60 Barnbackle, £930.60 Gairloch

Simmental to £957 Lochbank

Shorthorn to £941.70 Dalswinton

Galloway to £863.60 Kirkhill of Dalton

British Blue to £856.80 Mouswald Banks

Per Kilo

Holstein Friesian to 157p Drum, 153p Townhead, 141p Smallholmburn,127p Barndennoch, 113p Mouswald Banks, 110p Slacks

Shorthorn to 146p, 127p Dalswinton

Simmental to 145p Lochbank

Angus to 144p, 137p, 130p Kirkhill of Dalton, 135p Gillenbie

Limousin to 141p Gairloch, 133p Barnbackle

Galloway to 127p Kirkhill of Dalton

Saler to 127p Porterstown

British Blue to 119p Mouswald Banks

1509 Prime Sheep

1194 Prime Lambs – Lambs up to 44Kg easily sold. Heavy weights harder work. Sale average 181.6p

Lambs 25.5-32Kg ave 179p to 202p Barshill

Texel to £60 Maryfield

Mule to £57 Glencrosh

Blackface to £50.50 Sweetshawhead

Lambs 32.1-39Kg ave 180.2p to 197p Barony

Beltex to £74.80 Barony

NCC to £74 Gillesbie

Suffolk to £73.50 Barshill, £70 Springfield Hill, £70 Shangan

Texel to £71.50 Nether Cargen, £71 Steilston, £70 Springfield Hill

Blackface to £70 East Polquhirter, £69.50 Craighead

Mule to £64 Glencrosh

Lambs 39.1-45Kg ave 182.3p to 205p Backburn

Texel to £80.80 Old Mosside, £80.80 Lanarkland, £80.20 East Polquhirter, £80 Barshill

Suffolk to £78.80 Outertown, £78 Shangan, £77.50 Lanarkland

Beltex to £77.80 Barony

Blackface to £72 Sweetshawhead

Lambs 45.6-52Kg ave 164p to 174p Outertown

Texel to £83 Gillesbie, £82.50 Kirkbride, £81.80 East Polquhirter, £81.50 Old Mosside, £80.50 Powhillon

Suffolk to £82 Outertown, £81.50 Riggheads, £81.20 Kirkbride, £80.20 Rigghaeds, £80 East Polquhirter

Lambs 52.1Kg +

Texel to £83 (x2) Gillesbie, £80 Cowans

315 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – Ewes again met a flying trade with supply to short for demand and more numbers required. Top price to £127 for Texel Tup from T Marshall & Sons, Barshill Farm. Leicester Tups sold to £100 sold by J Wight & Sons, Midlock. Texel Ewes topped at £105 from T Marshall & Sons, Barshill Farm. NCC to £91 Dalhanna Farming and Mule Ewes selling to £87 firstly from T Marshall & Sons, Barshill then sold by D Sloan, Backburn.

Heavy Ewes averaged £75.81

Texel to £105, £93 Barshill, £104 Backburn, £86 Kenmure

NCC to £91, £78 Dalhanna, £82 Nether Cargen

Suffolk to £88 Kenmure

Mule to £87 Barshill, £87 Backburn, £82 Dalhanna, £81 Nether Cargen

Beltex to £79 Blowplain

Light Ewes averaged £54.38

Blackface to £78 Steilston, £72 Upper Barr, £71, £62 Kenmure, £64, £63 Lawesknowe

Rams averaged £84.69

Texel to £127 Barshill

Leicester to £100 Midlock

Suffolk to £91 Marwhirn

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