Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Annual Christmas Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 3rd December 2014.

An excellent show of haltered Prime Cattle was presented to the Judge Mr Evan Hall (Scotbeef Ltd) who found his champion with a home bred Limousin Bullock 'Breaking Bad' shown by Young handler Jack Forsyth, Mid Bishopton which sold at 350ppk to Frasers Butchers Stranraer.

The Reserve Champion ticket was awarded to J & L Craik, Waterside with a red Limousin Bullock selling at 300p to Bryce Taylor, Border Meats Lockerbie.

The Galloway Championship was won by Maxwelton Estate Farms, Moniaive with a homebred Bullock which was purchased at 290ppk by Richard Hobday of Whitepeak Farm Butchery Ltd, Derbyshire.

Sponsored by Farmers Guardian f Johnston
Jack the Lad’s Christmas Champ ‘Breaking Bad’ - L to R S Ryder (Farmers Guardian Sponsor), Jack Forsyth, G Murray (Frank Johnston Tractors Sponsor), Evan Hall, Scotbeef Ltd (Judge)
Jack the Lad’s Christmas Champ ‘Breaking Bad’ - L to R S Ryder (Farmers Guardian Sponsor), Jack Forsyth, G Murray (Frank Johnston Tractors Sponsor), Evan Hall, Scotbeef Ltd (Judge)

Show Classes

Class 1. Charolais Bullock

1st Outmains 660Kg 225p to Border Meats, Lockerbie

Class 2. Any other Continental Bullock

1st Dumbretton 660Kg 240p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer

Class 3. Home Bred Bullock

1st Mid Bishopton 625Kg 350p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer

2nd Balgrayhill 575Kg 290p to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

Class 4. Charolais Heifer

1st Park 550Kg 280p to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

Class 5. Limousin

1st Waterside 560Kg 300p to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

2nd Mid Bishopton 720Kg 265p to M/S Frasers Butchers Stranraer

Class 6. Galloway

1st Shancastle 570Kg 290p to Whitepeak Butchery Ltd, Derbyshire

Many Thanks to our sponsors Farmers Guardian, Frank Johnston (Tractors) Ltd, Macmin, Limousin Breeders Club.

Prime Cattle outwith Show

Charolais Heifers to 240.5p from West Cluden, Holywood to M/S Mather. Limousin to 232.5p Upper Tinwald, Dumfries to M/S Frasers Stranraer

124 OTM Cattle

with 13 active buyers in attendance, trade was brisk for all classes.

Best Beef Cow; Charolais from West Logan, Castle Douglas 930Kg 170p to S Carlisle

Best Dairy Cow; Holstein Friesian from Newhouse, Holywood 715Kg 115p to Dawn Meats

Prices Per Head

Charolais to £1581 West Logan

Limousin to £1169.20, £1155.15, £1124.80, £979.20, £967.50 Lantonside, £952.50 West Lanegate

Simmental to £1093.50 Newbie Mains, £946.15 Gimmenbie

Stabiliser to £1014.30, £967.50 South Mains

Blonde to £1152, £1065.75 Foregirth

Angus to £1131.25 Foregirth, £1006.25 Over Cairn, £988.68 Newlands

Holstein Friesian to £980, £844.75 Slacks, £839.45 drum, £822.25 Newhouse

Bulls Angus to £1196.00 Fardingjames, £1177 Gillenbie

Prices Per Kilo

Angus to 181p Foregirth, 169p, 157p, 140p Newlands, 133p Over Cairn

Blonde to 180p Foregirth, 147p Foregirth

Charolais to 170p West Logan

Limousin to 158p, 152p, 151p, 150p, 144p, 140p Lantonside

Stabiliser to 147p, 139p, 135p South Mains

Holstein Friesian to 139p New Farm, 133 Kirkland,127p, 121p Barony, 121p Trailflat, 115p Newhouse, 112p Slacks

British Blue to 137p Gillenbie

Simmental to £135p Newbie Mains, 127p Gimmenbie

Galloway to 115p Copewood

Bulls Angus to 115p Fardingjames

1922 Prime Sheep Forward

1482 Prime Lambs which included the Annual Christmas Show & Sale

Mr Jason Tucker, Pontypool placed the lamb classes awarding the championship ticket to Brian Ryder, Newton Cottage with a pair of Beltex Lambs scaling 33Kg and realising £150 (455ppk) to The Judge.

Reserve Championship was also awarded to Newton Cottage with a pair of Charolais x Beltex Lambs 37Kg (270ppk) at £100.

Texel Championship was awarded to D & D Aitken, Upper Cleugh £98 44Kg (222.7ppk)

Reserve Texel Lambs Gelston Castle Farms £90 40Kg (225ppk)

Show Classes

Class 1 Texel Lambs

1st Upper Cleugh £98 (44Kg); 2nd Gelston Castle £90 (40Kg)

Class 2 Beltex Lambs

1st Newton Cottage £150 (33Kg); 2nd Newton Cottage £91 (40Kg)

Class 3 Suffolk Lambs

1st Rigghead £85 (42Kg); 2nd Cleughbrae £87 (44Kg)

Class 4 Any other Breed

1st Newton Cottage £100 (37Kg); 2nd Clonhie £87 (41Kg)

Class 5 Mule Lambs

1st Lochwood £70 (39Kg)

Class 6 Blackface Lambs

1st Glenmanna £75 (39Kg); 2nd Auchenhessnane £73 (38Kg)

Prime Lambs dearer with ringside of buyers actively seeking numbers. Sale average 190.6ppk

32 Lambs 25.5-32Kg ave 186.3p to 227p Martingirth

Suffolk to £68 Martingirth

Blackface to £58 Craighead

550 Lambs 32.1-39Kg ave 198.8p to 455p Newton Cott

Beltex to £150, £100, £90 Newton Cott, £75, £73 Heithat

Texel to £87 Gleston Castle, £80.50 Bridgestone, £80 Penlaw, £76.50 Archwood, £76.20 Mochrum, £75.50 Martingirth, £75 Nisbet

Blackface to £75.50 Merkland, £75 Corsebank, £75 Glenmanna, £73 Auchenhessnane

Suffolk to £75.50 Blackburn

NCC to £73.50 Archwood

Mule to £72.50 Hall, £72.20 Blackburn, £71.50 Archwood

634 Lambs 39.1-45Kg ave 187.9p to 228p Newton Cott

Texel to £98 Upper Cleugh, £94 Maryfield, £90 (x2) Gelston Castle, £87 Barbush, £86 Clonhie, £85 Bridgestone, £85 East Polquhirter

Beltex to £91, £88 Newton Cott

Suffolk to £82.50 Bridgestone, £82.20, £81.50 Riggheads, £82.20 West Skelston, £82 Barnbarroch, £80 Nether Barr, £79 Abune the Brae

Berrichon to £81 Glendarroch

Blackface to £80 Glenmanna, £78 maryholm, £75.50 Maxwelltown, £72 Corsencon

Charollais to £79.50Lower Shieldhill

NCC to £78.80 Archwood

Mule to £76 Rigghead, £75 Corsencon, £75 Nisbet, £74 Merkland

248 Lambs 45.6-52Kg ave 176p to 204p Cleughbrae

Beltex to £102 Cleughbrae

Texel to £94 Cleughbrae, £94 Upper Cleugh, £87 (x2) Eastside, £84.50 Druidhall, £84 Bush, £84 Barnbarroch, £83 Newmains

Suffolk to £87 Cleughbrae, £85 Rigghead, £83.50 Netherhall, £83.50 West Skelston

Lambs 52.1Kg+ Beltex to £85 Dempsterton

440 Cast Ewe & Rams – All classes short of supply and in big demand

Heavy ewes averaged £81.28

Texel to £118 Maryfield, £110 Lower Shieldhill, £98 Thorniethwaite, £98 Shangan, £97 Eastside, £95 Barbush, £91 Carsegowan

Suffolk to £115, £111 Sunnyhill

Mule to £90 Bush, £86 Glendarroch, £86 East Raffles, £84 Abune the Brae, £83 Carsegowan, £82 Nether Barr, £81 Newbank

Leicester to £87 Over Abington

Charolais to £80 Shangan

Half Bred to £78 Dempsterton

Light Ewe averaged £60.69

Blackface to £70 Drumbuie, £69, £68 Tower, £65 Hall, £65 Longbeoch

Texel Ram £105 Carsegowan

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