Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

Smaller show of Prime Cattle Forward – Short of buyers requirements and quality. The Sale topped at 204.5p for a Charolais Heifer from Castlehill, Gelston. Other top prices Charolais to 203.5p Castlehill, Gelston. Simmental to 201.5p Riggheads.

Bullocks Angus to 201.5p Wyliehole, Tundergarth

46 OTM Cattle forward to a full ringside of buyers and very short of buyers requirements. Trade was a fair bit sharper and many more could of be sold to advantage. Sale topped at 150 for Holstein Friesian from Heathfield.

Top Prices Per Head

Holstein Friesian to £1057.50 Heathfield, £957 Lakehead, £920.40 Hardgrove

Hereford to £1033.20 Laneside

Simmental to £1026.80 Riggheads

Ayrshire to £1020.70 Ryemuir

Limousin to £1015.30 Laneside, £918.75 Gillesbie

Angus to £907.20 Riggheads

Per Kilo

Holstein Friesian to 150p Heathfield, 118p, 116p Hardgrove, 116p Lakehead, 109p Conheath

Limousin to 147p, 133p Gillesbie, 142p Laneside

Simmental to 136p Riggheads

Angus to 127p Capelfoot, 127p Kirkbride, 126p Riggheads

Hereford to 126p Laneside

Ayrshire to 118p, 109p Ryemuir, 110p Waterside Mains, 106p Hollands

1066 Prime Sheep

623 Prime Hoggs were forward to usual ring of buyers all keen for sheep and short of requirements. Sale average 198.2p (SQQ 204.05p).

Sale topped at £98 for Texels from Crookedstane and to 221p for Texels from Newbigging and Carsegowan.

Per Head

Hoggs 25.5-32Kg

£55 Nisbet

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg

Texel to £84 Newbigging, £84 Carsegowan, £82.50 West Skelston

Blackface to £79.50, £75 Maxwelltown

Suffolk to £77 Barnbarroch, £71.50 Kirkbride

Mule to £75.50 Lochwood, £75 Nisbet

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg

Texel to £93 Kenmure, £92 Martingirth, £90 Millriggs, £90 Carsegowan

Suffolk to £89.50 Carsegowan, £89.50 West Skelston, £88.50 Riggheads

Mule to £83 Kenmure

Blackface to £83 Macqueston, £79.50 Merkland

Hoggs 46Kg+

Texel to £98 Crookedstane, £95 Carsegowan, £92.50 Druidhall

Suffolk to £88.50 (x2) Barnbarroch, £86 Kirkbride, £86 Kenmure

Mule to £86 (x2) Druidhall

Per Kilo

Hoggs 25.5-32Kg

Blackface to 196p Nisbet

Hoggs 32.1-39Kg

Texel to 221p Newbigging, 221p Carsegowan, 214p Millriggs

Suffolk to 208p Barnbarroch, 193p Kirkbride

Blackface to 204p Maxwelltown, 199p Beuchan

Mule to 200p Over Abington, 199p Lochwood

Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg

Texel to 215p, 214p Millriggs, 215p Backburn, 214p Barnbarroch

Suffolk to 208p Carsegowan, 208p West Skelston, 201p Riggheads

Mule to 208p Kenmure

Blackface to 193p Maqueston

Hoggs 46Kg+

Texel to 207p Carsegowan, 193p Kenmure

Suffolk to 192p Barnbarroch, 187p Kirkbride

Mule to 172p Kenmure

Good show of 443 Cast Ewes & Rams met a fast selling trade and many more could have been sold. Sale topped at £136 for Texel Ram from eastside and £130 for Texel Ewes from Laughtmuirside

Blackface Ewes to £91 from Shangan and £86 Drumcruilton.

Top prices

Heavy Ewes averaged £92.42

Texel to £130, £124 Laughtmuirside, £122 Crookedstane

Suffolk to £118 Drumcruilton, £116 Druidhall

Mule to £107 Midlock, £102 Macqueston, £102 Druidhall

Leicester to £105 Macqueston

NCC to £89 Mollin

Berrichon to £82 Newark

Light Ewes averaged £64.96

Lleyn to £101 Laneside

Blackface to £91 Shangan, £86 Drumcruilton, £79 Druidhall, £77 Kenmure, £75 Midlock

Cheviot to £78 Burn

Rams averaged £86.45

Texel to £136 Eastside, £106 Crookedstane

Cheviot to £118 Mollin

Leicester to £114 Midlock, £98 Crookedstane

Charollais to £104 Finnieness

Blackface to £91 midlock

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