Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 18th February 2015.

39 Prime Cattle – Trade buoyant although best quality handy weights were scarce.

Heifers Limousin to 244.5p, 238.5p from J Jardine, Yett to R Johnstone & Sons, Butchers Annan, 225.5p Upper Tinwald, Torthorwald to J Scott Meat Ltd (Paisley).

107 OTM Cattle – Plenty of demand from a full attendance of buyers, more leaner dairy cattle forward.

Top Prices Per Head

Limousin to £1200 Townhead, £1139.85 Horseholm, £1021.65 Ballaggan

Simmental to £1147 Cleughbrae, £1085, £1027.50 Cormaddie, £1024.10 Third

Angus to £1116.55 Arnmannoch, £957.60 Compstone End

Holstein Friesian to £1072 Hartfield, £987.50 Muirside, £910.60 Townhead

Charolais to £1065.35 Catslackburn

Shorthorn to £1041.20 Ballaggan

Hereford to £974.05 Cormaddie

Bull Holstein Friesian to £1073.50 Millisle

Per Kilo

Blonde to 151p Foregirth

Limousin to 200p Townhead, 149p Horseholm, 147p Ballaggan, 137p Third

Simmental to 155p Cleughbrae, 140p, 137p, 131p Cormaddie, 133p Third

Angus to 152p Compstone End, 137p Arnmannoch, 135p Corsencon

Charolais to 143p Catslackburn

N Red to 141p Mortonholm

Holstein Friesain to 137p, 130p Barndennoch, 137p (X2) Dinwoodie Green, 134p Hartfield, 133p Mortonholm, 125p Muirside, 123p Whitecroft Mains

Shorthorn to 137p Ballaggan

Hereford to 127p Cormaddie

Bulls Holstein Friesian to 113p Millisle

726 Prime Sheep forward

524 Prime Hoggs – All classes in short supply looked sharper to average 193.1ppk.

(263) Hoggs 32.1-396Kg ave 195.5p to 220p Lochwood

Texel to £82.50 Lochwood, £80.50 Newbigging, £78 Over Abington

Suffolk to £76.50 Thorniethwaite

Cheviot to £76.50 Auchencrieff

Mule to £72 Over Abington

Blackface to £71.50, £70 Bridgemark

(218) Hoggs 39.1-45.5Kg ave 191.7p to 218p Dunnesslin

Texel to £88 (x3) Rigghead, £87 Over Abington, £83 Dunesslin

Cheviot to £85.50 Auchencrieff

Suffolk to £85 Riggheads, £80 East Polquhirter

Mule to £79.50 Foregirth

Blackface to £78.50 Fingland, £77.50 Glenmanna, £77.50 Crairieknowe

(43) Hoggs 46Kg + ave 178p to 202p Rigghead

Suffolk to £95 Rigghead

Texel to £95 Rigghead, £84.50 Foregirth

Cheviot to £85.50 Auchencrieff

Charollais to £85.50 Lochwood

Vlackface to £78.50 Fingland

202 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade continues to please for all classes.

Heavy Ewes

Suffolk to £110 Maxwelltown

Texel to £108.50 Park, £106.50 Third, £104.50, £96.50 Thorniethwaite

Leicester to £108.50 Liscleugh, £101.50 Over Abington, £99.50 Foregirth

Beltex to £105 Sunnyhill

Cheviot to £91.50 Locherben

Mule to £86.50 Third, £84.50 Thorniethwaite, £84.50 Lochwood

Light Ewes

Cheviot to £90 Broadholme, £82.50 Mollin

Blackface to £77 Kirkland, £76.50 Maxwelltown, £75.50 Auchenhessnane, £74.50 Locherben, £71.50 Carse Rigg


Texel to £125, £114.50 Liscleugh

Leicester to £102.50 Grennan

Blackface to £94 Meikleholm, £77.50 Locherben

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