Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 6th May 2015.

27 Prime Cattle – Trade reflected the plainer offering forward

Heifers Limousin to 224.5p from Gardrum, Eastriggs to R Johnstone & Sons, Annan, 214.5p from Newmains, Duncoe to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie, 212.5p from Riggheads, Collin to W Lindsay Butchers Creetown.

91 OTM Cattle – Trade remains firm for more leaner cows forward

Per Head

Charolais to £1146.60, £1036.75 Gairloch, £1125.60 West Lanegate

NRed to £1020.50 Mortonholm

Angus to £986.40 Innerfield, £986.15 North Corbelly, £946.15, £944.70 Druidhall

Limousin to £985.50 Westlanegate, £924.60 Ballaggan, £915.90 Newfield

Holstein Friesian to £940.10 Lagganlees, £951.60 Slacks, £902.75 Barony

Mont to £911.40 Shenrick

British Blue to £908.80 Penlaw


Angus to £1066.05 Blairshinnoch

Simmental to £989.75 Longrigg

Limousin to £943.50 Penlaw

Per Kilo

NRed to 157p Mortonholm

Charollais to 147p, 143p Gairloch, 134p Westlanegate

Angus to 141p, 127p Druidhall, 137p Innerfield, 137p North Corbelly, 127p Blairshinnoch

Limousin to 138p Ballaggan, 135p Westlanegate, 133p Kirkbride

Simmental to 131p North Corbelly

British Blue to 128p Penlaw

Holstein Friesian to 125p Dinwoodie Green, 123p Longrigg, 122p, 121p, 119p Slacks, 119p Lagganlees

Hereford to 125p Penlaw

Mont to 124p Shenrick

Shorthorn to 120p Brickhouse

Ayrshire to 118p Horseclose

438 Prime Sheep Forward

41 Spring Lambs – Trade better than anticipated selling to 215.3p and £99 to average 205.3ppk.

Suffolk to £99 North Cowshaw, £96.50 Cleughbrae

Texel to 96 North Cowshaw

Beltex to £96 Drumcork

Zwartble to £85 Barmurrie

250 Prime Hoggs – Mixed offering forward. Trade levelled at 176.3p to 200p and £90.50

Texel to £90.50 Laughtmuirside, £90 Little Culloch, £86.50 Rigghead

Suffolk to £85.50 Townhead

NCC to £80.50 Cleughbrae

Blackface to £74 Corsebank, £74 Riggheads

147 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade Sharper

Heavy Ewes ave £92.31

Texel to £120 Drumcork

Leicester to £119.50 Grennan, £108.50 Dalpeddar, £107.50 Fardingjames

Texel to £116.50 Cowans

Zwartble to £102.50 Newbridge

Mule to £99.50 Auchencheyne, £96.50 Kirkland, £96 Kirkbride

Light Ewes ave £72.61

Lleyn to £104.50 Maxwelltown, £93.50 Auchencheyne

Cheviot to £91.50 Little Culloch, £89.50 Burn, £79.50 Nether Gribton

Blackface to £84 Fardingjames, £82 Dalpeddar, £79.50 Maxwelltown

Rams ave £130.75

Texel to £157.50 Auchencheyne, £148.50 Maxwelltown

Romney to £139.50 Auchencheyne

Charollais to £134.50 Auchencheyne

Leicester to £113.50 Dalpeddar

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