Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 5th August 2015.

92 Prime Cattle Forward

A small show of Prime Cattle were easily sold with best types scarce.

Heifers Limousin to 228.5p from R Neill, Upper Tinwald to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 213.5p from Upper Tinwald Torthorwald to JG Renick Butchers Thornhill.

Young Bulls – small show forward to 201.5p from Airyolland, Port William.

75 OTM Cattle – Well fleshed beef cows met a keen demand whilst dairy cows were easier.

Cows per Head

Limousin to £1131 Killymingan, £1102.50, £998.25 Panteth Hill, £1015.20 Kirkton of Crawford

Simmental to £1043.40 Kirkton of Crawford

Angus to £975 Relief

Holstein Friesian to £791.80 Trailflat

Cows Per Kilo

Simmental to £148p Kirkton of Crawford, 123p Harwood on Teviot

Limousin to 147p, 133p Panteth Hill, 145p Killymingan, 141p Kirkton of Crawford

Angus to 127p Maxwelltown, 125p Relief, 123p Druidhall, 123p Carruthers, 121p Fingland

Holstein Friesian to 107p Trailflat

1671 Prime Sheep

1296 Prime Lambs – Trade Sharper to level at 163ppk

306 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 169.1ppk to 195ppk Heithat

Texel to £68 Kirkton of Crawford, £66.50 Heithat

Charollais to £67 Rigghead

Suffolk to £65 Burncroft

Mule to £59 Brandleys

889 Lambs (39.1-45Kg) ave 161ppk to 171ppk Farthingwell

Texel to £74 Courance, £72 Hayfield, 71.50 Muircleugh, £71.50 Martingirth, £71 Bush

Beltex to £73.50 (x2) Nether Keir

Suffolk to £70 Marwhirn, £70 (x2) Longbeoch

101 Lambs (45.6-52Kg) ave 152ppk to 160ppk Rigghead

Suffolk to £70 Courance

Texel to £75 Rigghead, £74 Culdoach, £71.50 Courance, £71.50 Shancastle, £70 Martingirth

375 Cast Ewes – All classes looked firmer

Texel to £129.50, £125.50, £123.50 (x2), £114.50 Castle Hill

Half Bred to £91.50 Hartbush

Mule to £85.50 Waterside Dalry, £83.50 Barr, £77.50 (x2) Martingirth, £76.50 Newbank

Chev Mule to £82.50 Newbank

NCC to £75.50, 371.50 Marwhirn

Blackface to £64.50 Waterside Dalry, £58.50 Brandleys

Rams Texel to £121.50 East Raffles

Blackface to £87.50 Culdoach

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