Dumfries Primestock Report

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 19th August 2015.

87 Prime & OTM Cattle

Prime Cattle very scarce

Heifers Limousin to 233.5p from R Neill, Upper Tinwald to J Hall & Sons Butchers Kirkcudbright, 225.5p from Upper Tinwald to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

OTM Cattle – Fleshier cows sharper whilst leaner types easier

Per Head

Limousin to £1154.75 Meikleholm, £1127.25 Midtown, £1063.35 Catslackburn, £1000.50 Isle of Dalton

Simmental to £1152.30 Meikleholm

Devon to £1137.15, £1115.85 Greenwrae Croft

Charolais to £949.75 Catslackburn

Angus to £943.20 Laught Mains

Holstein to £926.60, £878.70 Trailflat

Fleckx to £915.20 Slacks

Shorthorn to £793.75 Chapelcroft

Bulls Limousin to £1124.55 Cormaddie

Luing to £914.85 Airyolland

Per Kilo

Limousin to 167p Midtown, 149p Meikleholm, 145p, 138p Isle of Dalton, 139p Catslackburn, 133p Pearsbyhall

Simmental to 138p Meikleholm

Devon to 133p Greenwrae

Charolais to 131p Catslackburn

Angus to 131p Laught Mains

Holstein to 128p Whitecroft Mains, 120p Slacks

Fleckx to 128p Slacks

British Blue to 125p Ruthwell

Shorthorn to 125p Chapelcroft

NR to 120p Mortonholm

1699 Prime Sheep

1414 Prime Lambs Forward – All classes in keeping with the national trend were easier

223 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 145.1ppk to 164ppk East Lanegate

Texel to £58.50 East Lanegate, £57.50 Ross, £57.50 Bennan

1083 Lambs (39.1-45Kg) ave 137ppk to 161ppk Eastside

Texel to £68 Eastside, £67.50, £66.50 Compstone end, £64.50 Halldykes, £62.50 Crairieknowe

Beltex to £60.50 Bridgestone, £59.50 Netherton

Suffolk to £58.50 East Lanegate

108 Lambs (45.1-52Kg) ave 130p to 139ppk Newmains

Suffolk to £62.50 Hastingshall, £60 Annefield

Texel to £71 Newmains, £67.50 nether Garrel, £66.50 Dollard, £66.50, £63.50 Compstone end,

285 Cast Ewes – Trade no sharper

Texel to £95.50 Shangan, £92.50 Craigdu, £88.50 Shieldhill

Mule to £66.50 Shieldhill, £66.50 Ross

Chev Mule to £86.50 Marwhirn

Leicester to £75.50 Craigmuie

Blackface to £45.50 Marbrack, £41.50 Burnton

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