Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 9th September 2015.

91 Prime & OTM Cattle

23 Prime Cattle met a good demand with buyers actively seeking more cattle.


Limousin to 230.5ppk from D & E Lockhart, Faulding Cleugh to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan, 222.5ppk from Faulding Cleugh, Kirkpatrick Fleming to Mr S Ramsay, Kelso


Charolais to 217.5ppk from Mr I Nelson, Outertown to J Hall Butchers Kirkcudbright

Limousin to 220.5p from J & N Beattie, Woodfield to Border Meats Butchers Lockerbie

68 OTM Cattle – New buyers present, Trade looked sharper for all classes

Per Head

Limousin to £1144.80 Tregallon, £973.95, £972.40 Carsegowan, £962 Denbieyett

British Blue to £989.05 Edingham

Holstein Friesian to £979 Smallholmburn, £943.50 Newhouse

Hereford to £977.90

Angus to £970.90 Woodcroft

Simmental to £866.55 Tregallon


Limousin to £1309.95 Carsegowan

Charolais to £1218.75 Barnbackle

Luing to £1055.25 Wellhill

Per Kilo

Limousin to 148p Denbieyett, 144p Tregallon, 143p, 141p Carsegowan

Angus to 133p Woodcroft

British Blue to 131p Edingham

Hereford to 127p Woodcroft

Holstein Friesian to 115p Shenrick, 115p Kirktonfield, 111p Conheath, 111p Lakehead, 111p Newhouse

British Friesian to 115p Dinwoodie Green


Charolais to 125p Barnbackle

Limousin to 123p Carsegowan

1621 Prime Sheep

1281 Prime Lambs – Trade eased back on the week. Although a very mixed offering forward.

71 Lambs (25.5-32Kg) ave 151.3ppk to 188ppk Gillesbie

Beltex to £60 Gillesbie

Texel to £50.50 Ross

189 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 143.1ppk to 170ppk Carterton

Texel to £58.50 Over Abington, £56.50 St Ringan, £56.50 East Kirkcarsewell

Suffolk to £53 Hastingshall

789 Lambs (39.1-45Kg) ave 144.7ppk to 169ppk Gillesbie

Texel to £72.50 Gillesbie, £69 Kirkton, £68.50 Crairieknowe, £68.50 Cocklicks, £68 Drumburn

Suffolk to £64.50 Courance, £63 Longbeoch, £63 (x2) Crairieknowe

232 Lambs (45.6-52Kg) ave 143.2ppk to 153ppk Hartbush

Texel to £78.50 Terregles Cott, £76 Gillesbie, £74 East Polquhirter, £73.50 Glencrosh, £73 Eastside, £72.50 Midtown, £69.50 Innerfield

Mule to £64 Longbeoch

340 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade no dearer

Texel to £103.50 Druidhall, £96.50, £86.50 Midtown

Mule to £66.50 Druidhall, £64.50 Barbuie, £63.50 Kirkbride

Chev Mule to £76.50 Courance, £69.50 Newbank

NCC to £73.50 Capelfoot

Leicester to £74.50 Druidhall, £71.50 Kirkbride

Cheviot to £62.50 Courance

Blackface to £50.50 Hillbank

Rams Texel to £138.50 Druidhall

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