Dumfries Primestock Report

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday 23rd September 2015.

119 Prime & OTM Cattle

35 Prime Cattle forward – Best sorts very scarce, more dairy bred cattle forward.

Heifers Charolais to 223.5p from R Neill, Upper Tinwald to R Johnstone & Sons Butchers Annan

Bullocks Luing to 206.5p from Airyolland, Port William to Border Meats Butchers Lockerbie.

84 OTM Cattle – Big proportion of dairy cows today with beef types in short supply

per head

Limousin to £1151.50, £1065.75 Lantonside, £1007.75 Meikleholm, £996.95 Meikleholm

Simmental to £1095, £954.60 Meikleholm

British Friesian to £925.75 Lagganlees

Angus to £859.95 Barnbackle

Holstein to £877.80 Smallholmburn, £826.80 Kerricks, £812.25 Banrbarroch


Angus to £1293.20 Inglestonford

Limousin to £1228.15 Lantonside

Charolais to £1086.75 Muircleugh, £1001 Carterton

per kilo

Simmental to 146p, 129p Meikleholm

Limousin to 145p Meikleholm, 145p, 143p Lantonside, 127p Meikleholm

Angus to 117p Barnbackle

British Friesian to 115p Lagganlees

Shorthorn to 113p Dalswinton

Holstein to 133p, 105p Smallholmburn, 108p New Farm, 106p Slacks, 106p Kerricks, 105p Boreland


Angus to 122p Inglestonford

Limousin to 121p Lantonside

1808 Prime & Cast Sheep forward

1141 Prime Lambs – Trade firmer on the week for a very mixed offering. Sale average 150.2ppk

168 Lambs (32.1-39Kg) ave 150.4ppk to 172ppk North Corrielaw

Texel to £59 (x2) Bennan, £59 Over Abington, £59 Clydeside

Blackface to £53.50 Leeroch

Mule to £52 Over Abington

748 Lambs (39.1-45Kg) ave 150.4ppk to 187ppk Netherton

Beltex to £74.50, £70.50 Netherton

Texel to £72, £70.50, £69 Kiraugh, £71.50 Drumcruilton, £68.50 Belzies

Suffolk to £69.50 Clydeside, £68, £66.50 Longbeoch

Chev Mule to £62.50 Marwhirn

Mule to £59.50 Auchenhessnane

225 Lambs (45.6-52Kg) ave 139ppk to 160ppk Kiraugh Park

Texel to £73.50 Kiraugh, £72.50 Clydeside

Suffolk to £71.50 Springfield, £71 Barnbarroch

667 Cast Ewes & Rams – Trade no worse

Suffolk to £78.50 Meikleholm

Texel to £78.50 (x2), £76.50 Dressertland

NCC to £72.50 Marwhirn, £71.50 Capelfoot

Mule to £70.50 Liscleugh, £69.50 Shieldhill, £69.50 East Polquhirter

Blackface to £56.50 Eastlands, £48.50 Liscleugh, £47.50 Auchencheyne

Cheviot to £51.50 Dressertland


Berrichon to £93.50 Maryfield

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